10 Top Performing Best Badminton Shoes in 2023 – Reviews & Buyers Guide

Are you tired of badminton shoes that have failed to provide better traction, cushioning, maximum ankle support & prevent feet injury or legs and joints pain?

You can’t defend or smash the shuttle back to the opponent until you have worn the best badminton shoe for the winning performance on court. The badminton requires you the speed & agility of movements, swift changes or lateral movements on the court. Therefore, what you need the best badminton shoes for maximum comfort with lighter footstep, durability and feet security.

List of Top 10 Best Badminton Shoes in 2023

Following are the best badminton shoes that you can buy in 2023

 1. ASICS Gel-Rocket 9 Shoes

ASICS Gel rocket 9 is the best addition in line of ASICS rocket shoes. With an excellent design and variety of color options, the sneaker has proved quite lightweight, well wearing, comfortable, durable and economical.

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You can literally beat up the game with swift easy movements for amazing shots on the court. You stand aided by the best grip and anti slip rubber made sole of your shoes.

This sneaker is quite lightweight and has been added with superior interior structure that keeps your feet safer from multiple bruises and burns while your wear for the longer hours, if needed.

You feel quite secure and overjoyed while you jump and move on the court during the intense gaming experience. ASICS comes with not so high price. Its durable and would hold up nicely for an optimum period of time.

  • Lightweight and offers Good Traction.
  • Comfortable cushioning and slip protection on the court.
  • Great Price and multiple color variation.
  • Shoe Lace holes not thick enough.
  • Needs breaking in time for best performance.

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2. ASICS GEL-Rocket 7

Playing up the beginner shots of Badminton! Find the best value with ASICS Gel for a comfortable and smart play. The ASICS has been designed as a shoe especially with great grip, fine cushioning and an excellent arch support with a wider toe box.

 2. ASICS Men’s GEL-Rocket 7 Shoes

Its a perfect choice for all indoor games let alone badminton only. The stiff non skid and slip resistant out-sole helps strengthen your grip on all court surfaces.

The sole is a little stiff at first, but it never hurts your feet during the hours of continuous practice. The shock absorbing features help you while lateral movements in badminton. Above all, the fit and feel of ASICS is worth every penny you pay for!

  • Comfortable & Lightweight
  • Forefoot Gel Cushioning system helps shock absorbing.
  • Trusstic System to make it lightweight.
  • Grip on all surfaces.
  • Indoor Play Shoes, not suitable for outdoor activities.
  • Suitable for beginners and New Badminton players only.
  • Stiff and hard-sole

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3. Adidas Performance Men’s Barricade Club

One of the wonderful choice in our list is Adidas Barricade Club Shoe. For the faster badminton plays, you would definitely need the shoe that helps in swift, agile, comfortable and confident moves across the court.

Adidas is built with Pure and slightly water proof textile. It helps players channelize their energy for the right shot with smooth and stable movements. Adidas shoes is branded with agility, breath-ability, durability and affordability. The hard rubber sole at the end with thick material, gives you the good grip and fantastic traction on any court whether it be wood, composite or asphalt court.

3. Adidas Men’s Barricade Club Shoes

These shoes are comfortable from the beginning and need no or a little break in time for excellent performance.

In addition to that, this shoe prides in fine ankle support and the thick and flexible sole outside. They are well ventilated with good balance and the reasonable weight. With these added functionalities you feel no worry with acceleration, turning or stopping while playing badminton.

The shoe comes with very attractive colors and fine variation to choose from. With all of these proven features this pair of shoes is ideally for you to have without shelling a tons of money!

  • Pure textile made with extra breath ability Good traction and Fine ankle support
  • Thick and flexible sole for maximum grip on every court
  • The sole is glued in yet removable
  • Less breaking in time required.
  • Laces style not suitable for narrow feet
  • Rubber sole with pattern may get small rocks or sand in between.
  • Pure cotton made need good maintenance or washing

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4. ASICS Women’s Upcourt 3

ASICS remains unbeatable in terms of bringing you the quality, comfort, color and multiple design variation of  shoes. You can wear out these shoes without feeling a tinge of discomfort, snug or heavy feet.

4. ASICS Women's Gel Up-court  Badminton Shoes

Loaded with synthetic leather overlays, upper mesh and the Gel Cushioning system ASICS Gel Up court, not only provides you the comfort while you play but has the shock absorption capability that helps you swim swiftly across the court for the confident badminton shots!

They are more streamlined, cooler and command good grip on every court. With non marking solid gum rubber out-sole, ASICS Gel up-court offers you the excellent slip resistance ability .

They have the fantastic fit and fill with comfortable and roomy toe box for an improved accuracy and experience. Above all, these are solid, remarkable, sturdy and comfortable with excellent sole surface and lateral support. And, at the end, they are very budget friendly and you get the comfort for every penny your pay for it.

  • Breathable, comfortable and well ventilated
  • Synthetic leather with gum rubber out-sole for excellent grip and movements
  • Rear feet Gel Cushioning system
  • Stylish, colorful and available in multiple designs
  • Caution for narrow feet for size issues

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5. PUMA Men’s Invicto Sala Shoes

One of the major point that none would probably miss is the shoes brand. Puma is a well known and has consistently remained the ultimate product choice due to its credibility and the correct value of product.

5. PUMA Men's Invicto SALA

This pair of shoes, Puma Invicto Sala,  is made up with natural suede leather and mesh insert for the greater comfort and breath-ability. Wearing out the Puma sneakers is a thrilling experience in itself.

One of the fine things about these sneakers is that, they feature non marking rubber out-sole. Apart from being extremely lightweight, its extra flexibility offers a great grip on the court.

With the fine traction and excellent grip you can play freely on all court surfaces. Since, Puma is ideally built for soccer, it offers a fine rubber toe reinforcement insole construction. It adds an extra layer to your foot safety as well while you play badminton

Given the comfort of color variations, cost and care that Puma offers, this should be definitely one of best shoes in your list. It can successfully withstand the wear and tear of the longer and successive wearing.

  • Well cushioned and finely fit.
  • Leather made with excellent rubber made out-sole.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Lacks proper arch support.
  • Size issues for wide feet (come a little smaller than mentioned size

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6. HEAD Men’s Grid 2.0 Low

Head men’s Grid 2.0, with an out wittingly aesthetic appearance,  are the multi-sports use shoes. They are preferable with tennis, badminton and racquetball.

HEAD Men's Grid 2.0 Low Badminton Shoes Shoes (Non-Marking)

The synthetic material and the leather upper makes it strong and durable. It can easily hold up for good period of time while retaining the maximum comfort and quality.

The rubber made non marking out-sole assures the maximum grip and guarantee to you for playing confidently and smartly over the any court. The air mesh upper makes you feel relaxed and cool while you wear it during hottest game chase!  You can move freely in any direction without any stress.

The better point, the shoe provides the excellent lateral support with maximum shock absorption capability. It is laced with maximum traction, good ankle support and foot security from any possible sport injury.

  • Fit as fine, comfortable & ideal for indoor gaming.
  • Maximized breath ability with fine air mesh upper.
  • Good traction and fine grip with non skid, and non marking rubber made out-sole
  • Foot-bed/insole not removable
  • Improper ankle support.

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 7. LI-NING Saga Lightweight

The LI-NING  shoes right before you here, make up a suitable choice in the list of best badminton shoes. They are simple yet impressive in appearance.

7. LI-NING Men Saga Lightweight Badminton

The air mesh upper fabric inside makes you feel cool and comfortable while you hit the best shots in the game.

During the game intensity, the anti skid non marking rubber sole gives the good grip while you swim on the court to hit the opponent down. The inside, front and the toe area is protected with an extra layer to prevent you from sport injury.

In addition to that, the flexible sole does the best to maximize the productivity and safety of your shoes. One fine option that you wouldn’t probably find in any other shoe, is the ease of tightness in LI-NING shoes. You can adjust the tightness up to your needs or knots.

  • Well fit and well tight with comfortable exquisite appearance.
  • Loaded with excellent cushioning for a smooth and smarter play.
  • Have good grip for durable and long plays.
  • Caution in size for narrow feet.
  • Not suitable for outside use. The fabric might get dirt or anything on it

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8. Mizuno Wave Lightning RX2

If you are a beginner to badminton shots and looking for an affordable yet .he best badminton shoes, the Mizuno comes for You!

8. Mizuno Wave Lightning RX2 Badminton Shoes

Mizuno shoes are ideally fit for beginners badminton play. They are stylish, comfortable and well ventilated. They offer an excellent ventilation system to prevent perspiration and bad odor while long plays. These shoes are ideal for all running sports, making you run faster, jump higher and win larger.

Wearing the Mizuno is the sky exploring experience. They are extremely lightweight, comfortable and cool shoes. Mizuno require a little break in time at the time of first wear before the serious play.

They are fit for even long hours wear, without the worry of causing any pain or bad odor to your feet. They are stable, durable and come with fine cushion and maximum traction. They help you play freely and move confidently.

Mizuno doesn’t weigh more on your pocket. With the price of some around 80 dollar, an investment that is worth to go for a serious club play, high school or college level badminton chase. Though they come fit to every feet but keep in mind while ordering online,  they are a half size smaller!

  • Highly comfortable and lightweight.
  • Well ventilated, fine cushion and good traction.
  • Stable, durable and ideal for long hours play
  • Affordable
  • Squeaky at first and need a little break in time before best performance.
  • Ideal for the beginners play only.

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9. YONEX SHB 65 Z Men’s New Badminton Shoes

Yonex is the finer choice as the top best badminton shoe for the variety of reasons. What it prides in is a powerful power cushion insole with 25% plus shock absorption, enhanced footwork repulsion by 12% with added stability, alacrity and enjoyment during a heated badminton play.

Yonex SHB 65z Power Cushion Badminton Shoes

It helps improving you gaming experience to an extra level by reducing stress and discomfort to your feet with soft super leather made upper area inside. It blesses maximum foot protection from any sport injury or hot bruises. Moreover, in case of knee injury, it provides the needed relax and comfort.

The mid sole of shoe features Power Graphite Sheet to ensure the stability and foot security while you play. The outer sole is made with superior quality rubber to ensure maximum grip on every floor.

The Yonex features variety of sizes, width and design patterns, including the breath taking navy Patten. Rich in all, Yonex is extremely lighter, smarter and superior shoe choice for all badminton enthusiast. What more! it is one of the favorite shoes among sports star, including the leading Singles player Viktor Axelsens

  • Highly Adoptable with maximum cushion and enhanced shock absorption capabilities.
  • Cool, comfortable and light wear.
  • Provides stability and greater grip on the court.
  • New design on heel has a little less grip issues.
  • Be cautious for size else you may end with a little tight pair in your feet

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10. ASICS Men’s Gel-Tactic 2

One of the credible choice for Badminton player in ASICS GEL series is GEL Tactic 2. This is slightly modified version of its predecessor, ASICS GEL Tactic (2016).

ASICS Men's Gel-Tactic 2 Badminton Shoe

It prides in better construction, comfortable wear, being lightweight with an excellent traction and a greater grip on the court. Fit as fine, ASCIS Gel Tactic provides relatively stronger grip to let you play the finer shots on the court.

The improved cushioning helps you the smooth and effortless play on the court without any sport injury. The GEL tactic system relieves your foot from the shock impacts during heavy game play. You hit the shuttle confidently in the face of your opponent with the confidence and care brought to you by your shoes.

The upper man made mesh and synthetic fabric fills the comfort and coolness inside your feet while you jump or run around the court. The natural rubber out-sole fills the enhanced traction. The toe guard fills the safety and enhances the durability and age of your shoe.

The padded collar provides the maximum ankle protection. With all of these, this pair of shoe is definitely the best go in your list for best badminton shoes.

  • Durable, comfortable and come with efficient cushioning.
  • Fine grip and added traction to help you play confidently on the court.
  • Lightweight and true to its size
  • Wide fitting issues.

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NOTE: Our list of brand recommendation of best badminton sneakers include best Nike, Yonex, head, Mizuno, Asics, Adidas & puma produced good badminton shoes. Though these brands are branded as producing top quality badminton wear but the honorable mention includes the names such as, Babolat, Reebok, Diadora, shuttle badminton court shoes as well. 

Best Badminton Shoes Buyers Guide: Criteria For Evaluation

Well, the market is flooded with many types of badminton shoes but, by following only a few guidelines, you may find the well fit badminton boot for you.

Best Badminton shoes buyers Guide, tips While staring with uncertainty, let me tell you, the following points shall help you to get the right thing in your hands. You search for best badminton shoes should include the following points in mind.

  • What you wear, should be Light weight and make you feel happy and comfortable.
  • Remember your should hold you tightly on all court surface.
  • Should you stumble or slip, not only your game is gone but you might end being injured. Your shoe must have the finer traction and stronger grip.
  • Badminton requires quick movements in all direction on the court. Your shoe aid you in your run on the court. Thereby, your shoe must have the finer cushioning so that you foot doesn’t feel tired, overworked or injured in any way.
  • The good traction lightens the burden, absorbs the shock and add safety and support
  • Since you foot works with you, make sure it is breathing inside the shoe! Your shoe should support ventilation to add extra foot breath-ability.
  • Other additional factors that you must look is whether you shoe is economical in line with your budget or if it is multi-sport use shoe. These are the added factors that you might look at.

All of these mentioned factors have been explained in detail with additional information so that you enjoy the best buyers guide on badminton shoes in 2021

1. Light Weight & Comfortable

What if that you wear the shoes that come with the wings in them! They will definitely lift you a step higher and you will shot correctly and confidently while you swim on the court.

That’s be said, the lightness of shoes matter the most. There are some shoes that carry you and the other that you need to carry and bear simply because of their weight. With lots of options being added to create the comfort and cushion of foot, what not to be forgotten is the weight of shoes.

The foot you wear, shouldn’t tire you or make you angry and wearisome while you walk. Heavier the shoes, harder the steps and tougher the game would be! Shoes that you select, should be extremely lightweight, with best grip, traction and comfortable cushioning.

The light footwear is all that we like in our everyday life, let alone the sports. The lightness and comfort is the first ever thing to be judged for a best shoe to wear.

The comfortably of a shoe depends upon various factors including lightness, fine traction, cushioning, the material inside, the grip, shape and size of shoe. In terms of shape, it is however recommended that the shoes with ergo shape provide the stability, flexibility and maximum foot protection during heated game play.

2. Traction & Grip

Badminton is the game of firmness and sound resolve. If you control you can carry it through. You might have the dual challenges on the some of the courts.

On one hand you need to eye at every move of your opponent, on the other, you shoe has to work holding you firm with good grip on slippery and hard court surfaces. That’s to say, the shoe can make or break the game. The grip is what that helps you prevent slippage or injury on the court.

Since, every move defines the game, you would need to jump, move forward, backward or into any direction with agility and swiftness.

Here comes the good grip that makes you stand or move confidently and quickly. Should you slip or stumble your game is gone! The court surfaces are not always smooth. Hard wood, cement made, tiled or other court floors slip so often.

The good shoes provide the excellent traction. They help reduce the friction between the sole and floor. Therefore, for having the shoe with excellent traction, a few points must be taken care of. The best slip resistant shoe contains;

  • Sole (type & made)
  • Sole design & Patterns

The sole is all that interacts with your court. It withstand your weight, pressure and helps you move quickly in any direction without the worry of slippage or foot injury during the defining game moments.

Should you slip or slide a little not only your game is gone but also you may get injured. The sport injury whether small or otherwise, no one would definitely like.

Based upon the construction material the sole is of two types:

  • Sole made with pure Synthetic rubber/rubber sole
  • Gum rubber made soles.

The rubber made sole are excellent use on hard cement made court surfaces whereas, for the court surface made with wood, Gum rubber soles are an ideal pick. The sole is the soul of shoe

Another must have thing in mind is the sole design or pattern. It adds a fine addition in the grip and traction of shoes on the court surface. Different soles come with different patterns like smooth, hexagonal or other patterns sole surfaces.

The smooth surface sole does a little less in grip and traction while the patterned soles do the best job in preventing slippage on the court surface.

Based upon that, whatever you wear must stand with you. Your shoes must be slip resistant and offer a fine traction on the court. With no worry on the mind you jump higher and move in any direction to hit or knock your opponent down on the ground.

3. Feet Ventilation

Breathlessness and bad odor kill not only your foot health but the goodness of game as well. Feet ventilation is very necessary to keep the foot cool while it does the work on the court. Shoe breath-ability is therefore the essential choice for a better performing badminton shoe.

Not only it prevents bad smell and sweating but also maintains the health of your feet. Foot health is all for an athlete. Wearing shoes that are non airy, breathless and unfriendly, would lead foot achenes, rashes, bruises or hot-spots or other foot diseases for a longer continuous wear

Choosing the shoes with right fabric and excellent upper mesh material provide the maximum breath-ability and foot freshness. The upper might be made of variant materials intended to provide freshness, prevent sweating, bad odor and foot diseases.

4. Cushioning

One of the prime thing that an ideal shoe features, apart from grip and well ventilation, is the comfort of cushioning. The fine cushioning is what you move forward, backward, jump or swiftly land back, you fell no shock or pressure on your feet.

Simply the shock or your weight pressure is evenly distributed on the foot. That’s the shock absorption capability of your shoes.

You feel quite relaxed. Every part of your foot, toe, ankle, arches etc share the adjusted balance equally. It reduces the stress on your joints and frees your ankle and knee from any sort of pain whatsoever.

The fine cushioning is attained with fine material and technology used in making footwear. It provides the maximum comfort and fills you with energy, freshens and optimism when you shot the shuttlecock!

Thereby, the solid cushioning is what an excellent shoe provides. However, in some case, it has been observed that too much of cushioning disturbs the size of shoes. Sometimes, it makes you search for hours to find a shoe with optimum cushioning and correct size for your feet.

5. Affordability

The affordability is another concern to keep while going for best yet economical shoe choice. There are various affordable yet best variants available online. Every penny has a worth. Choose the one,  the best and suitable that you get without shelling a tons of money for that. 


1. How do I choose a badminton shoe?

Well, choosing the best badminton shoe depends up to your choice, playing style, needs or pattern. For achieving the maximum court traction and grip, on wood, PU or cement court, you can buy shoes that are laced with gum rubber soles. They hold you tight and prevent from accidental slippage or feet injury. Apart from that, look out the shoe that fits well, doesn’t cause blisters or feet injury.

And, in all, the best badminton shoe is one that helps frustration free swift lateral movements across the court. That be said, your game wholly depends upon the efficiency and ability of shoes. Therefore, choose wisely.

2. Can badminton shoes be used for walking?

It depends upon personal choice but ideally, you should not take badminton shoes as your routine causal wear. You can, for sometimes. But, it is well recommended that, for playing badminton, you must have specific badminton shoes. However, you can wear badminton shoes for other sports like volleyball, soccer etc. Therefore, your traditional causal wear should be different.

3. Should badminton shoes be tight?

NO, You should only wear shoes that are well fit, not light nor loose. Else you might get foot injury or pain.

4. What are no mark shoes?

It is well obvious and certain that Non marking shoes are one that do not leave mark or traces on the court, during indoor play. The soles are so structured as to leave no mark on the playing court.  


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