100+ Cool Discord Names to Stay Cute, Anime & Aesthetic Always!

Since Discord is a gaming chat application, it is important that you choose an appropriate and cool name to create a good impact on other players. However, let’s face it-the struggle to find a cool discord name is real. Just a quick look of your name gives people an idea of what conversation to expect from you. Besides, your name also shows your personality and attitude.

Cool Discord Names | List of Cool & Cute Discord Names For You in 2022

For your inspiration, we have listed 100+ cool, funny, anime, cute and cool discord names that will help you to show your cool personality and make great friends. This list includes every possible category that you might be interest in. You will find cool short, funny, emo and naruto discord name here too. So, go ahead and see if you like any. You can also add your own spin to the names you like.

Here is a list of cool discord name to create a lasting impression on other users:

1- Big Bang.

2- Sweet Talker.

3- Spice Girl.

4- Pink Beauty.

5- Gossip Queen.

6- Shining Star.

7- Mysterious Talker.

8- Up Level.

9- Real Baddie.

10- 50 Shades Of Love.

11- Cupcake.

12- Funny Bunny.

13- Cotton Candy.

14- Shining Brighter.

15- Smiley Face.

16- Sweetpea.

17- Dreamer.

18- Black Beauty.

19- Nightmare.

20- Black Rose.

21- Chubby Bear.

22- Cereal Chiller.

23- Couch Potato.

24- Rules Breaker.

25- Always Sleepy.

26- Rebellious Lover.

27- Not A Nerd.

28- Cyber King.

29- Secret Lover.

30- Warm Heart.

31- Sugar Baby.

32- Cherry Berry.

33- Love In Heart.

34- Energy Boost.

35- Ultra Legend.

36- Smarty Pant.

37- Silly Goose.

38- Lucifer.

39- Bean.

40- Ken Adams.

41- Big Potato.

42- Happy Meal.

43- Cat Woman.

44- Cupid.

45- Jack Sparrow.

46- Crispy Patty.

47- Funny Dude.

48- Lost Soul.

49- Anonymous.

50- Fab Kitty.

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51- Little Muffin.

52- Careful

53- Love Guru.

54- Hakuna Matata.

55- Mac n Cheese.

56- Beauty Goddess.

57- Miss Sparkle.

58- Ice Heart.

59- MemeGod.

60- Lost Bunny.

61- White Wolf.

62- Happy Pill.

63- Fashionista.

64- The Ambivert.

65- Miss Sunshine.

66- Cold Queen.

67- Sanely Insane.

68- The Boss.

69- Ecstasy.

70- Oddball.

71- Tickle Monster.

72- Anti-Social.

73- Troll King.

74- Sweet Tooth.

75- Sweet Soul.

76- The Savage.

77- The Coolest One.

78- Bold n Beautiful.

79- Sincerely Yours.

80- Choco Unicorn.

81- The Slayer.

82- Tasty Meat.

83- Choco Lava.

84- Casanova.

85- Choco Looks.

86- Hot Sauce.

87- I’mVegan.

88- The Flicker.

89- Midnight Crisis.

90- Fruit Salad.

91- Dark Shadow.

92- The Perfection.

93- Heartless.

94- Complex Player.

95- Living Art.

96- Discord Queen.

97- Bit Crazy.

98- Not So Decent.

99- Outlaw.

100- Sassy Stuff.

101- Rotten Egg.

102- Sugar Lips.

103- Blonde Princess.

104- Sweet n Sour.

105- Good Karma.

106- Daydreamer.

107- Epic Disaster.

108- Dimple Queen.

109- Romeo.

110- Crazy Stuff.

111- Hairy Potter.

112- Genius Mind.

113- Discord Pride.

114- Born To Troll.

115- Upper Case Guy.

Guidelines to Create Cool Discord Names

So, if you really want to show your cool personality then make sure that your username shows it. Luckily, you have landed at the right spot because this list is never going to disappoint.
If you are an active discord user then you might know that you can use different names on every server. It is a great opportunity for you to choose option that is perfect for that particular server.

The following guidelines will help you to create cool discord usernames:

1- Use Your Interests:

Do you have any interests or traits that your friends attribute only to you? This method can set you apart from the rest and help you to create an epic impression on other users. People love creativity so if your name has something that is unique then it is a good chance for you to increase your followers count. Whatever your interests or traits are, just do a brainstorming session and write them down and see which one is good enough to use in your username.

2- Make Sure Your Name Conveys Right Tone:

The first thing people notice in your profile is your username. Whether you want to convey humour or you want to show your creativity just make sure that your name looks cool and unique.

3- Merge Your Favourite Things:

The simplest method to create a unique username is by using your favourite thing or making a list of your favourite things and then merging them together. This way you can create a one-of-a-kind username. For example, if you are a big foodie then you can choose name like Chocopie or if you perfect an edgy name then you can choose name like KillerBee.

4- Choose A Distinctive Username:

If you want to look the best in discord then choose a username that is different than other profiles. You can choose words that are bit quirky or funny to stand out. Do not choose words that can be misconceived. Furthermore, you can use your name and merge it with cool words to create an epic username.

5- Make It Memorable:

You need to make sure that your username is memorable. Memorable usernames are more likely to enhance your engagements and followers count. You can use different techniques to make your username memorable. You can play on words, use alliteration or rhyming words to create a unique username. Always remember that a little creativity goes a long way. You just have to get creative.

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If you manage to choose a name that is cool enough to make others follow your profile believe me, you have won the discord game. So make sure that you choose your username wisely. Be as cool and creative as you want and show your personality through your name. Hopefully the above listed suggestions will get your creative juices flowing and help you to create the coolest name on discord.

Cool Discord Names Listed

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