50 Disney Trivia Team Names for an Unbeatable Win!

Having a trivia night with your friends but need some inspiration to choose a theme? We are sure that characters like Captain Hook, Elsa, Queen Of Hearts or Mulan still mesmerize you so why not revive your childhood memories by choosing a Disney inspired trivia name? All of us have spent our entire childhood watching Disney and even still if we get the chance to watch Disney, we never miss the moment. So honestly, choosing a Disney trivia team name is the best way to make your trivia night more exciting and memorable.

Luckily you do not even have to spend hours on internet to find a perfect name because we have already done this work for you. We have listed 41 funny, clever, funny, creative and fun Disney trivia team names.

This list includes all Disney villain trivia team names and Disney princess team names so we are sure that your are going to find a relevant name here. All the names in our list are perfect for your every mood, be it magical, creative, exciting, thrilling or unique. These names will surely make your trivia team look the best and coolest. So without any further delay, let’s start!


Here is the list of best Disney inspired team names:

1- Evil Queens.
2- Flying Carpet Riders.
3- Wicked Stepsisters.
4- Fairy Godmothers.
5- Walt Quizney.
6- Disney RePUNzels.
7- The Lame Quackers.
8- Witty Dwarfs.
9- Beauties & The Beasts.
10- Mischief Makers.
11- Never Letting It Go.
12- Dwarfs United.
13- The Lost Answers.
14- Ugly Ducklings.
15- Queens Of Hearts.
16- Winter Sisters.
17- Stinkerbells.
18- Looking For Glass Slippers.
19- Day Dreamers.
20- Alice In Trivialand.
21- Mermaids United.
22- Walternative Plans.
23- Moana’s Ancestors.
24- The Good Fairies.
25- Long Hair Magic.
26- Triton’s Trivia Troupe.
27- Quack Of Dawn.
28- The Trivia Kings.
29- Mystical Aura.
30- Mean Genies.
31- Stinkybells.
32- Finding Answers.
33- Long Hair Battalion.
34- The Robinsons.
35- Oliver & Company.
36- The Aristocats.
37- We Wermaid To Win.
38- The Petrifying Rascals.
39- Flying Forces.
40- Mad Nemo.
41- Andy’s Toys.


The following guidelines will help you to create mystical and epic Disney trivia team names:

1- Use A Word That Comes To Your Mind While Thinking About Disney World:

Make a list of words that come to your mind when you think about the world of Disney. For example, Magic, Fantasy, Spells, Witches etc. If you find these words too basic then you can search for their synonyms too. This will give you plenty of options that you can use in your team name.

2- Choose A Name After Your Favourite Disney Character:

Who is your favourite Disney character that you relate with? Use his name or traits in your team name. If your team members also have other options in mind then you can decide through votes. After that merge the name with a cool descriptive word.

3- Use Interesting Disney Facts:

For inspiration, read interesting Disney facts on google and we are sure that you will get plenty of unique ideas to create your team name. Narrow down the fact that you like to just a word or two and create something unique and cool.

4- Choose Cool Words:

Trivia competition is a very exciting challenge so do not let this excitement and gaming spirit die by choosing a dull name. You need to make sure that your name sounds unique and also includes a touch of Disney world.

5- Use Disney Quotes:

Some people are worth melting for! If you feel the same for your team members then take inspiration from famous Disney quotes to create your team name. If a quotes is too long then find a way to make it short. Just get creative!


Mirror, mirror, on the wall….we know our list is the best of all. So, Have you also found the name you were looking for? We believe that you have. From all animated movies to mesmerizing Disney songs, our article includes an ocean of content that is unique enough to make your trivia night memorable. Simply finalize your name and show everyone who’s a die hard Disney fan.


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