150+Innovative Mobile Legends Squad Names Not taken Before!

Squad means a community of players who play and work together to take their rank to next level. Mobile legend is a multiplayer battle game that allows you to either join or create your own squad. If you want to win this game then you need a thing called cooperation between players. Another thing that you need is a good squad name.

MLBB- Mobile Legends Squad Names

1- Heartthrobs.

2- Adrenaline Rush.

3- The Dudes.

4- Deathwishers.

5- Sugar Daddies.

6- Lazy Rascals.

7- Hawk Eyes.

8- The Ramblers.

9- Brutal Forces.

10- Chill Vibes.

11- Enraged Bullets.

12- Volcanic Eruption.

13- Supernatural Humans.

14- Savages.

15- Battle Buddies.

16- Trojans.

17- Awesome Blossoms.

18- The Hazardous Crew.

19- The Embarrassments.

20- Jaws & Claws.

21- Living Legends.

22- The Furious Kitties.

23- Annihilation.

24- Mighty Asteroids.

25- Power Surge.

26- Cut The Shit.

27- The Fierce Army.

28- The Terminators.

29- Flash Boys.

30- Guardians Of Galaxy.

31- The Anonymous.

32- Undefeated Champs.

33- Elite Warriors.

34- Born Winners.

35- Aliens From Mars.

36- Flawless Finishers.

37- Kids From Side-block.

38- We Flock Together.

39- Resident Evil.

40- Eat, Fight, Repeat.

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41- Cowboys.

42- Famous Nerds.

43- The Rebels.

44- Explosion Squad.

45- Dream Crushers.

46- Drop Dead Gorgeous.

47- Barriers.

48- Creepy Monsters.

49- Balls Bashers:

50- Unbeatable Warriors.

51- Raging Hunters.

52- Starving Fatboys.

53- Noob Attackers.

54- Jumping Jacks.

55- Pure Blood.

56- The Muggles.

57- Eternal Success.

58- Secret Circle.

59- Blood Shedders.

60- Peaceful Kittens.

61- That’s How It’s Done.

62- Epic Finishers.

63- Bad Company.

64- Stronger Together.

65- Undead Army.

66- Wipeout Punks.

67- Mad Max.

68- Sigma Rules.

69- Slaughterhouse.

70- Ambassadors Of Violence.

71- Gold Diggers.

72- Executioners.

73- Lame Talkers.

74- Punching Bags.

75- Violent Stabbers.

76- Raised Bitches.

77- Hell Fire.

78- The Gladiators.

79- Chosen Ones.

80- Jae Breakers.

81- Skull Crushers.

82- Superior Brotherhood.

83- Bobcats.

84- The Wolf Pack.

85- Team Alpha.

86- Lady Killers.

87- Soaring Eagles.

88- Peak Performers.

89- Original Gangsters.

90- Fist Partners.

91- Backbenchers.

92- Real Gems.

93- One Hit Wonders.

94- Thunderstorm.

95- White Walkers.

96- Rule Breakers.

97- Gluesticks.

98- Spartans.

99- Negative Forces.

100- Punch Buddies.

101- Serial Killers.

102- Soul Takers.

103- The Intimidators.

104- The Barbarians.

105- Evil Knights.

106- Endzone Warriors.

107- Last Punchers.

108- Final Strikers.

109- Brave Hearts.

110- Baby Sharks.

111- Wandering Troops.

112- Living Nightmare.

113- Underworld Mafia.

114- Golden Wings.

115- Iron Fists.

116- Living Disasters.

117- The Presidents.

118- Exiled Knights.

119- Damage Controllers.

120- Obstacle Breakers.

121- Petite Troops.

122- Fallen Angels.

123- Cold-Hearted Villains.

124- Nerd Tribe.

125- Living Dorks.

126- Banished Angels.

127- Venomous.

128- Demon Community.

129- Noble Stars.

130- Black Panthers.

131- Damaged Souls.

132- The Wise Guys.

133- House Of Dragons.

134- Beat The Heat.

135- Death Symphony.

136- Red Scorpios.

137- Everyone’s A Loser.

138- Destructive Weapons.

139- Storm Raiders.

140- Trained Ninjas.

141- Bomb Troop.

142- Slangs Attack.

143- Red Posse.

144- Six Packs.

145- Night Owls.

146- Kitty Club.

147- Playing With Pride.

148- Friends Matter.

149- Trash Talkers.

150- Baby Spice.

When you start playing in squad, the first thing that bothers the most is to choose a good squad name. Though adding pro players increases your chance of winning but it is a squad name that will make you team look attractive.

List of 150 MLBB Squad Names | Cool, Unique, Powerful Mobile Legends Squad Names

However, we understand that finding a good name that captures people’s attention is a difficult task. That is why we have written 150 suggestions that are unique and cool and will help you to stay dominant in the game. We have also listed some guidelines at the end of this article that will help you to create your own squad name in no time.

Here are some amazing squad name suggestions:

Guidelines to Create MLBB Squad Names For You

An ideal name is very important to keep your team’s willingness towards the game. It keeps your team motivated and positive throughout the game. Also, it is your first impression on your opponent because he sees nothing first except your game name.

Create your own epic squad name using the following guidelines:

1- Use Competition-Related Words:

Brainstorm a list of words that reflect competitiveness. If you like a certain word but find it mainstream then search for its synonyms. This way you will get plenty of unique and fresh options.

2- Be Fun

The purpose of your squad should be victory but that does not mean that you cannot have fun while playing. So try to use fun words in your name too. Use puns, play on words or use jokes to create fun squad names.

3- Set Your Tone:

Your squad name sets your identity so it is up to you what you want your name to reflect. Whether you want an intense name or a funny name, deciding your tone will help you to narrow down your list of options.

4- Set Theme:

Is there something common between you guys? All males? All females? beginners? Pros? Best shooters? If you find that one common interest, it will get easier for you to pick a team name.

5- Take Suggestions:

Take suggestions from you friends. More minds will generate more unique ideas. Once you get all ideas, narrow down the best ones and finalize the one that gets that gets maximum votes.

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When you are the best player playing the best game then why should your squad name lack behind? It should be as unique as your gaming style. Keeping this in mind, we have listed best suggestions for you. Hopefully they will help you to get you squad the attention you deserve.

Mobile Legends Squad Names

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