100+ Scrum Team Names [ One Word, Funny, Agile ] List-2023

Honestly, the scrum world is a bit boring. Though you get pro with time but you definitely get bored at some point and it looks as if you are in a time loop doing same things again and again. That is why you and your team members need an epic scrum team name to add some fun in your office time.

Choosing a fun and great scrum team name is a good way to motivate your team members and boost their morale. It is a good way to enhance your bond with team members and encourage them to grow and connect more in future.

Your scrum team name should be unique, epic and something that show your skills otherwise it you will never stand out in the crowd. That is why we have listed 100 funny kanban team names, scrum master team names, agile team names for developers and scrum team names based on movies for all those who are film enthusiasts. We have also written one word scrum team names for all developers who prefer short and relevant names. Hopefully these names will inspire your team members to give their best in every task. So, without any delay, let’s get started!

Team Names 

Below is the list of best scrum team names that will give your team a sense of belonging and fellowship:

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1- 9 To 5 Survivors.

2- Cells At Work.

3- Legends Of Tomorrow.

4- Scrummin’ n Killin’.

5- Coffee Addicts.

6- Perfection Personified.

7- Working Minions.

8- Sleepworkers.

9- Scrum n Chill.

10- Working Girls.

11- Real Deal.

12- Company Men.

13- Eat, Work, Repeat.

14- The Handlers.

15- The Social Network.

16- Goal Chasers.

17- Work Beanies.

18- Workload Experts.

19- Focused.

20- The IT Crowd.

21- Task Dominators.

22- Innovation Station.

23- Workday Warriors.

24- Number One.

25- Standup Comedians.

26- Scrum & Coke.

27- Ideas 24/7.

28- Scrum Addicts.

29- Design Pros.

30- Byte By Byte.

31- Product Owners.

32- Bottleneck Solvers.

33- Clear Mindset.

34- Working Cells.

35- Sprint Goals.

36- Corndogs.

37- Extreme Programmers.

38- Cross-functional Forces.

39- Scrum Masters.

40- Exponents.

41- The Right Way.

42- End Game.

43- Working Ducklings.

44- The A Team.

45- Task Doves.

46- Mean Girls.

47- Red Bull Gave Us Wings.

48- Work Wonders.

49- Deadly Bunch.

50- High On Adrenaline.

51- Path Makers.

52- Work 24/7.

53- Sanely Insane.

54- No Time To Waste.

55- The Brain Drain Squad.

56- Water Cooler Gossipers.

57- Uncanny Strategists.

58- Making It Possible.

59- Problem Solvers.

60- Nothing We Can’t Achieve.

61- Byte Me Baby.

62- Sneaky Coders.

63- Team Spirit.

64- Scrummed Up.

65- Glorious Developers.

66- Project Dominators.

67- The Scrumbledores.

68- Visionary Workers.

69- Top Scrum Agents.

70- The Optimisers.

71- Leaders In Action.

72- Take Notes.

73- Vindicators.

74- Scrummy Cats.

75- Scrum Pros.

76- Working Divas.

77- That’s How You Work.

78- Unstoppable Achievers.

79- Project Power.

80- Scrumshines.

81- Scrum Supremacy.

82- Slay Machines.

83- Mad Cows.

84- Scrum Sparkles.

85- Scrummy Bears.

86- Seat Cows.

87- Scrumdog Casseroles.

88- Algorithm Beasts.

89- Braindead Zombies.

90- Our Time Has Scrum.

91- Geeks In Action.

92- Super Attentive.

93- Cyber Army.

94- Bros With Codes.

95- High Performers.

96- Ride With The Achievers.

97- The Last Ones Working.

98- Office Rats.

99- The Extraordinary Gang.

100- Power Of Geeks.

Indian Scrum Team Names:

1. Dream Crushers – “Making Dreams Come True”

2. High Flyers – “Reaching New Heights”

3. Star Trackers – “Achieving Stellar Results”

4. The Mavericks – “Leading the Way”

5. The Stormers – “Conquering Challenges”

6. The Titans – “Rising Above the Rest”

7. The Eagles – “Soaring to Success”

8. Phoenixes – “Rebirth and Renewal”

9. Wind Riders – “Exploring New Horizons”

Funny Kanban Team Names

1. The Seagulls – “Carrying the Load”

2. The Sharks – “Attacking the Projects”

3. The Turtles – “Making Slow but Steady Progress”

4. The Penguins – “Moving Forward Together”

5. The Bumblebees – “Working Hard and Playing Hard”

6. The Roadrunners – “Outrunning the Competition”

7. The Coyotes – “Adapting Quickly to Changes”

8. The Owls – “Staying Alert and Reactive”

9. The Larks – “Up and At ‘Em Early”

10. The Kangaroos – “Bouncing Ahead of the Pack”

Agile Team Names for Developers:

1. The Architects – “Building the Future”

2. The Coders – “Writing the Code of Success”

3. The Tinkerers – “Inventing and Improving”

4. The Wizards – “Creating Magic Solutions”

5. The Builders – “Constructing Solutions”

6. The Hackers – “Finding Solutions Fast”

7. The Designers – “Making Things Beautiful”

8. The Inventors – “Bringing Ideas to Life”

9. The Makers – “Brewing Innovation”

Agile Sprint Names:

1. The Accelerators – “Speeding Towards Results”

2. The Runners – “Taking it to the Finish Line”

3. The Explorers – “Venturing Beyond the Status Quo”

4. The Trailblazers – “Charting a New Course”

5. The Navigators – “Finding Your Way Through Challenges”

6. The Trail-finders – “Uncovering New Possibilities”

7. The Innovators – “Pushing the Boundaries”

8. The Pioneers – “Leading the Way”

9. The Challengers – “Supplanting the Old with the New”

10. The Problem Solvers – “Finding Solutions and Making Things Better”

Guidelines to Create Your Own Scrum Team Name

The following guidelines will help you to create epic scrum team names:

1- Decide A Theme:

The first thing you should do it to choose a theme for your team name. You can choose any theme that you like and it does not necessarily have to be work related. You can choose puns or jokes. You can also use your favourite animals, movies or books to take inspiration.

2- Think About Your Team:

What is the role your team? Are you guys Facilitators, Scrum masters, Convergent thinkers or blue print makers? Think about the role of your team members because this will help you to minimize your list of options. Also, it will help you to choose a relevant name.

3- Choose A Unique And Meaningful Name:

Unique and meaningful names are easier to remember. Also, they add a sense of belonging to your plan. So make a list of words that show your team’s purpose and dedication.

4- Use Rhyming Words Or Alliterations:

You want a name that is memorable, unique and catchy, right? Using rhyming words or alliteration in your scrum team name is the best way to make it stand out. Also, it makes your team name look so cool. It is a good way to boost your team’s excitement and energy.

5- Take Suggestions From Your Team:

Taking suggestions and including your team members too in this process will not just strengthen your bond but also encourage them to work with dedication. So make sure that you take suggestions from other team members too. It will save your time and help you to get plenty of unique ideas.


Though it is not mandatory for you to choose a name for your scrum team but it is the best way to bind and motivate your team right from the start. Also, it is good way to create a fun atmosphere in your team. Hopefully our list will help you to choose a suitable and relevant name for your team. Just make sure to take feedback from your team members too as it will keep your team united and energetic.


What are some catchy scrum team names?

Here are some catchy scrum team names

  1. Scrum-didlyumptious
  2. Sprint Superstars
  3. The Agile Avengers
  4. Backlog Bandits
  5. The Sprint Ninjas
  6. Planning Pirates
  7. The Retro Rebels

What is a Good Scrum team name?

  1. The Daily Standup Crusaders
  2. The Sprint Saviors
  3. Agile Aces
  4. Epic Product Owners

What is another name for agile Team?

  1. Agile Squad
  2. Scrum Team
  3. Sprint Pod
  4. Development Task Force

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