100+ Self Help Group Names [ Support, Therapy, Recovery ]

No matter how strong we say we are, there will always be a little thing in our life that we need help with. That is the purpose of self help groups. They provide motivation and inspiration to people who are going through hard times. If you are also thinking of establishing such support group or even if you are thinking of writing a blog regarding the importance of self help then the first thing you need is a good group name. Without a good name, you will never be able to inspire others.

Self Help Group Names | List of Self Support, Therapy, Inspiring Group Names Ideas

For your inspiration, we have listed 100+ creative mental health and self love names for recovery and discussion groups. We have also listed some guidelines below this list that will inspire you to create your own group name. Here you go: Here is a list of good self help group names:

1- Moving Forward.

2- Lifting Each Other.

3- Nothing You Can’t Do.

4- Best Is Yet To Come.

5- We Will Be Okay.

6- Not Dependable.

7- Been There, Done That.

8- Taking Small Steps.

9- Independent n Proud.

10- Nothing Is Impossible.

11- Winning Mind Battles.

12- Stress Slayers.

13- Self-Improvement.

14- It’s Okay Not To Be Okay.

15- Love Yourself First.

16- Self-Love Priority.

17- Fully Focused.

18- Desire n Achieve.

19- Reshaping Thoughts.

20- Calmed Spirit.

21- Not Ordinary.

22- Stress Free Life.

23- Beautiful Minds.

24- Good Things About Me.

25- Never Back Down.

26- Making Life Easier.

27- Restoring Happiness.

28- Happy Feelings.

29- I Will Thrive.

30- No Time For Drama.

31- You Can.

32- Sound Mind n Body.

33- No Judgements.

34- Happy Life.

35- Free Birds.

36- FinerMinds.

37- Health Matters.

38- Satisfied Me.

39- Inner Peace Guidance.

40- I Love Myself.

41- Mind Peace Above All.

42- Self Love.

43- Obsession With Myself.

44- I Can & I Will.

45- Staying Strong.

46- Calm Heart.

47- Soul Satisfaction.

48- Gentle Care.

49- Mind Over Matter.

50- Relaxing Phase.

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51- Gratitude.

52- Me Above Everything.

53- Self Care In Focus.

54- Serendipity.

55- My Personal Space.

56- Good Inside.

57- Self Love Zone.

58- Bold n Beautiful.

59- Glorious Soul.

60- Calm Storm.

61- Stress Release Centre.

62- My Well-being.

63- Mending Minds.

64- Refreshed Mind.

65- Self Maintenance.

66- You Do You.

67- Super Strong.

68- Rejuvenation.

69- Healing Soul.

70- You Are Enough.

71- Free Minds.

72- Nurturing Souls.

73- Gracious Hearts.

74- Positive Vibes Only.

75- Inner Beauty.

76- Stress Specialists.

77- Self Help Coaching.

78- Spiritual Bliss.

79- Stress Busters.

80- Stress Detoxification.

81- Right Life.

82- Relaxing Mood.

83- Pamper Yourself.

84- Towards Better Life.

85- Hello Dear Me.

86- Improvising Life.

87- Angelic Care.

88- Top Life.

89- New Year, New Me.

90- Happy Me.

91- Personal Excellence.

92- High Standards.

93- New Way.

94- Start Of New Journey.

95- Personal Growth.

96- Optimistic Squad.

97- Efficient Life.

98- Self Strive.

99- Self Development.

100- Life Done Right.

101- Making Improvements.

102- Stillness Is Key.

103- Making Our Own Path.

104- Dreamers n Achievers.

105- Revolutionised.

106- We Slay.

107- Power Bees.

108- Grace n Grit.

109- Happiness Is A Choice.

110- Believe n Achieve.

111- H.O.P.E

112- Reshaping Lives.

113- Positive Change.

114- Everything’s Possible.

115- In This Together.

Guidelines to Create Your Own Self Group Name

A good group name inspires and gives hope to people. It encourages them to share their traumas and learn from other people experiences. So, if you are searching for a good name then go for the one that has an inspiring tone and reflects your group’s goals and purpose. It will get easier for you to spread your message to maximum audience if you choose a name that is simple and relatable. 

The following guidelines will help you to create self help group names:

1- Make A List Of Inspirational Words:

Firstly, make a list of words that you find inspiring. Note down whatever comes to your mind when you think about self help groups and motivation. This is a good way to get your creative juices flowing.

2- Think About Your Group’s Purpose:

Think about your group’s purpose. Are you focusing on specific type of support? If yes, then make sure that your name reflects your purpose. This way, it will get easier for people to find you and understand your vision.

3- Choose Inspiring Words:

The purpose of self help groups is to inspire and motivate people during life crises. So never…never go for funny or sarcastic words. You never know whose feelings you might be hurting. Choose words like strength, power, positive, smile or healing. These type of words will life spirit and give hope to new members.

4- Be Unique:

Don’t go for words that are too complicated as it will get difficult for people to remember your group name. Choose a unique word that they feel connected to. Keep it easy and simple to create a sense of unity and motivation among them.

5- Take Feedback:

Since it is a sensitive topic so choose your name wisely. When you are done choosing a name, ask your friends or group members for feedback. This will encourage group members and they will feel equally important in the group.

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Self help group names are motivational and positive. They give hope to new people that they are welcome in the group and the group will help them to face their problems. This is how much power a name holds. Hopefully the above listed suggestions will help you to create an inspiring and unique name.

Self Help Group Names

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