7 Best Portable Badminton Sets 2023 | Expert Recommendations

There are many types of badminton sets and if you plan to take up the sport, it’s important to get yourself a reliable racket with good quality. here is unbiased reviews of best portable badminton sets. Badminton sets come in different designs and qualities with different and amazing features.

If you choose a wrong set of badminton for yourself, it’ll make the game boring so it’s important to choose a right one but it’s really difficult to choose a right one when you have so many options available in a market.

There is always some happiness, excitement and anxiety in badminton. People usually play badminton for fun, you can play badminton on beaches, on picnics or wherever you like. Don’t worry here is a proper guidance for you all so that you can pick a right set for yourself.

Best Portable Badminton Set – Reviews 2023

All the badminton sets that are included in this list consists many interesting and different features but the sets which offers the best purpose are our favorites so here’s a list of badminton sets which we personally like:

Editor’s Choice: Best Portable Badminton Set 

These are the best badminton Portable Net Set, however, if you are in a rush, you come quickly at our Editor’s choice Best Portable Badminton Set

class="wp-block-heading">1. Baden champions volleyball Badminton combo Set:

This 2 in 1 set is a bit expensive but one should never compromise over quality. This set can easily transform from badminton to volleyball set. It contains good quality net. This set is long-lasting so you won’t regret buying this one.

2. Yonex leisure Badminton Set

This set is amazing for beginners plus it consists of high quality rackets which should be your priority while buying a badminton set and if you are looking for a cheap badminton set with good quality rackets then go for this one.

1. ZUMA Games Portable Badminton Set With Freestanding Base (Editors Pick)

If you are looking for a portable badminton set for your lawn and to have fun on beaches then you should definitely go for Zuma games portable badminton set.

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This set contains two red and two green rackets, two shuttles, a free-standing net and a case. This set can be placed on any surface and you can install it within seconds. This set is highly recommended for picnics, gatherings or small parties. You can easily put this set in your car’s trunk and take it wherever you want.

It comes with a carrying bag which have 2 handles so that you can easily carry it. No stakes or tools are required to set up the net as it comes with free-standing base which is the best part about this set.

  • Easy to transport
  • Good quality equipment bag
  • Shuttlecocks are of A-one quality Poles are light in weight 
  • Rackets are heavy in weight Poles are difficult to install

Final Words

Franklin sports badminton set is for all age types. This set can be used by beginners as well as professionals. Its easy to transport so you can take it wherever you want to play badminton. The shuttlecocks are of good quality so you don’t need to buy new one early. You can play badminton with this set in windy season as well as the quality of the net is satisfying.

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2. Franklin Sports Badminton Starter Family Professional Sets

Franklin sports badminton set contains everything you need to play badminton in your garden or lawn. You can set up this badminton set in 15 minutes. The net this set contains can be used in all seasons or weathers. The net is about 20’×2’×1.5”.

The diameter of the poles is 1.5’’. These poles have PVC instead of aluminum which makes them lighter in weight but these poles are difficult to set up.

The rackets are made up of steel and their grips are softly-padded. The equipment bag contains a good space to keep everything easily.

  • Easy to transport
  • Good quality equipment bag
  • Shuttlecocks are of A-one quality
  • Poles are light in weight
  • Rackets are heavy in weight Poles are difficult to install

Final Words

Franklin sports badminton set is for all age types. This set can be used by beginners as well as professionals. Its easy to transport so you can take it wherever you want to play badminton. The shuttlecocks are of good quality so you don’t need to buy new one early. You can play badminton with this set in windy season as well as the quality of the net is satisfying.

3. Baden Champions Volleyball Badminton Combo Set

If you are a lover of volleyball and badminton both then you should go for this one. You can use this set for badminton as well as volleyball.

This 2 in 1 set comes with adjustable steel poles which are easy to setup. You can install this game within short time. This is a long- lasting set which comes with steel poles, durable nylon rope with waterproof edges. The set include;

  • (1) 3’ x 32’ regulation size nylon volleyball and badminton net,
  • (2) heavy duty steel poles,
  • (2) Guylines with quick tension pull-down handles and 10” stakes,
  • (1) high-quality Baden volleyball,
  • (4) badminton racquets,
  • (3) shuttlecocks, (1) 30’ x 60’ volleyball boundary line that can easily converts to 20’ x 44’ badminton court,
  • (1) durable carrying case which is best for storage and transportation. The durable carrying bag is weather resistant and comes with YKK zipper.
  • Can be setup in little or no time.
  • Easy to transport & Highly durable
  • Long-lasting
  • It’s quite expensive

Final Words

If you want to enjoy your game with no hitches at all then you should definitely spend your money on this durable set. This set is long-lasting so your money won’t be wasted at any cost. It’s easy to setup so you can easily install in your backyards, lawns or anywhere you want.

FBSPORT Portable Badminton Net Set

If you are searching for a cheap and portable badminton set then FBSPORT portable badminton is a good option to consider. It is made up of durable material which consists of carbon fiber, polyester, PU and stainless steel. It contains durable net and solid metal hooks.

If you compare it’s net to the traditional badminton net then it is more portable, fold-able and lighter in weight. The package size is about 60cm when it is closed while when it’s opened the size is about 300cm into 150cm. You can easily set this up indoor as well.

Just place a heavy stone or water bottle on its surface after you finish installing to avoid the shaking or disturbance during the game.

  • Available at cheap rates.
  • Good for indoor games.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Not long-lasting
  • Not for professional badminton or volleyball game practice

Final Words

FBSPORT portable badminton set is a good gift item for your kids. This set is more suitable for indoor games. If you are in search of portable badminton set for your small kids then this will be a right thing to buy. They can easily set this up on their own plus it’s easy to carry.

5. Park & Sun Sports Portable Indoor/Outdoor Badminton Net System

If you want to play a pro-level badminton game then park & sun is a good option for you because this set contains rackets that are sturdy and durable.

You can easily enjoy a game of badminton and perform all your cool stunts without any hurdles with the help of this set. The frame and shafts of rackets are made up of steel which made them strong so that you can easily play with them.

The shuttles are of very good quality, you can easily play with full pressure with these shuttles. It consists of 3piece aluminum poles and push-button pole locking mechanism which offers a good and speedy game without any disturbance

  • Rackets are of pro level
  • Sturdy poles
  • Easy to setup
  • Not a good quality net

Final Words

This set is good for professional level badminton. You should def look for a good quality of rackets while buying a badminton set and this set offers you an amazing quality rackets. You won’t regret after investing your money in this product. You can enjoy good quality game with park & sun portable badminton set.

6. Boulder Portable Badminton Set

Boulder portable net set is light in weight and can be folded easily. All parts of the net are joined together with a bungee cord so you can easily set it up and take it down in 3 to 4 minutes.

You can put this set in your car’s trunk and take it to beaches, family gatherings or wherever you are interested to do these fun activities. This is perfect for camping.

It is made of good quality nylon to avoid tearing due to windy weather or anything else. The poles are made up of rust-resistant steel which is 50% thicker than the other sets. It’s very easy to setup. You can place it inside your gyms too.

This set is ideal for many types for sports such as pickle ball, soccer tennis and kids’ volleyball. You can easily transform it’ s height from high to low. The maximum height of it’ s net is 5ft 1”.

  • Easy to put together Bag comes with good design
  • Best for all types of season Very affordable 
  • Not for professional level volleyball.
  • Rackets are not of very good quality

Final Words

This product is perfect for camping, parties and family nights. You can easily set this up, it takes only few minutes. This set is easy to carry and very tough against the winds. You don’t even need to read the instructions to put it together even your kid can do it.

7. Yonex Leisure Badminton Set

This set is really amazing for casual badminton game. A racket is expected to be strong to handle all the pressure and this set provides you strong and durable rackets.

This set comes with 4 rackets and 2 shuttles. If you have just started playing racket then YONEX leisure is for you as it can helps you in playing easily and smoothly.

As a beginner, you really need good quality rackets which can tolerate all the roughness as no one is a skilled player in the beginning. This set is highly affordable, you don’t have to empty your pockets while buying this one.

  • Good quality rackets
  • Comes with a storage bag Very affordable
  • Shuttles are not long-lasting Rackets are heavy in weight

Final Words

If you want to learn badminton then buy this set without even thinking because this set offers you a good quality rackets which is very important for the beginners. The rackets are made up of steel and have a very nice feel. You’ll def enjoy badminton while playing with their rackets.


Buyers Guide; Best Portable Badminton Set

To enjoy the game of badminton, you need a quality equipment. You need to keep these things in mind before buying your badminton set.

1. The Quality of Racket

The weight of a racket should be balanced properly, it shows the good quality of racket. This is the first thing you should consider while buying a set of badminton.
There are basically three categories of balance.

The first one is a head-heavy racket, this racket has more mass towards the head of racket. These type or rackets are more suitable for games which are played in the court.

The second one is a head-light racket, this racket is easier to use and it offers a lot more speed so you can easily kill a game with this one.

The last one is a even balance racket. If you want a racket to play casually or you are just starting out this game then this racket is the perfect option to start with.

To know about the type of a racket, place your finger slightly below the head of racket and then see which way the racket bends.

2. Weight 

This is the second most important thing you should consider while searching for a good badminton set.

Light weight badminton rackets are highly recommended for beginners as such rackets are easier to control. The weight of rackets is denoted by “U”.

The smaller the number, the heavier the weight of a racket. The weight of a good racket is usually around 80g to 100g.

3. Badminton Grips

The size and the type of badminton grip matters a lot. Bigger grips are for players who prefer a tighter feel to generate more power while playing and if you want to use the employ of deception in your game then you should consider smaller grips.

There are two types of badminton grips. Tower grips are softer and their sweat absorption ability is good while synthetic grips have poor sweat absorption ability.

4. Complete Badminton Set

Instead of buying rackets separately, you should always opt for a complete badminton set. A complete set comes with racquets, shuttlecock, and net as well as poles.

Apart from that, there are certain sets with which you can play volleyball and other games other than badminton. It is ideal for parents to buy a complete set for their kids.

5. An Affordable Choice

The cost should always match the quality of your set. You can find badminton sets at lower prices, but the question you should be asking is, is it worth the price?

Most sets with low quality rackets and shuttles end up being worn out early. So if you want to have spontaneous and hassle- free games, go for one that is of high quality and is reasonably priced.


Badminton is a sport that is liked by both kids and adults. As long as you have a perfect badminton set, you could be able to play badminton to wherever you like and whenever you want.

Hope this buyer’s guide will help you in buying a good badminton set according to your needs and choices. Happy shopping!


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