Best Badminton Rackets under $100 | Reviews & Buyers Guide

To find a balance between the budget & the best quality of a badminton racket, is somewhat a great challenge that the new players often face.

If you are looking for the best budget badminton racket that does feel lighter on your pocket, while keeping the quality, durability & optimum performance, simultaneously, we have just reviewed here the list of best badminton rackets under $100 that you can buy in 2023.Though the advanced level players may also buy from this budget friendly list but that will depend on their playing habits and priorities.

Be it badminton, ping pong or any other racket or paddle game, what you have in hands decides the course of play.  Though the skill of player also matters. That mean, you needed the jack like skills to strike hard on the court. Let’s head on and start reviewing each one by one with product features, unbiased reviews and expert advice as to which badminton racquet suits you needs.

Best Badminton Racquets Under $100 in 2023

Coming to the talk of what is the best badminton racket for you, there are ideally countless to go with. For an experienced and seasoned players, there are heavy quality products with a good price range up to a few hundred dollars.

The beginners, however, can start their game from highly affordable and relatively fine badminton racquets in the list. Being a beginner or medium level badminton players you don’t really need a too expensive racquet. Instead, you can get the one that really falls under you budget and needs.

Keeping your concern in mind, I have prepared a thorough review and buying guide for the best badminton racquets for you under $100. Let’s explore more.

1. Yonex Badminton Racket Muscle Power Series with Full Cover

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This badminton racket is ideally wonderful for power strokes with tight strings. With this in hands, you hit as hard as you want without the worry of weak strings.

There are some rackets that are suitable for one purpose only like for beginners or senior players. In contrast to that,  Yonex Badminton Racket Muscle Power Series is suitable for all kind of players with versatility of shots and fun playing.

The material and make is indeed superb. This is is durable and can hold you for years, in your badminton plays. It is an excellent design with its head of round shape and the box shape frame gives it a unique and aesthetic feelings. In order to help you hold it tightly, there is anti slip tape that makes the Yonex stick to your grip with maximum flexibility and comfort. It shall not tire your hands.

You will feel comfortable with the strong grip. The next things it caters is that it its super tight strings. They are loaded with a high power repulsion that helps you hit the shuttle hard. This way you achieve maximum focus and precision of hit. And in all, you get the finest shots, hits, serving and drives in the court confidently and clearly with this all purpose best badminton racket in the hands.

  • Flexible and comfortable shots. Finer strings with maximum repulsion Best for medium level player & smasher.
  • Not suitable for advanced level players


Final Words

If you are looking for a finer product with maximum flexibility and durability for a beginner to medium level playing, this one comes for you. It would definitely give you the best badminton racket playing experience.


2. YONEX Nanoray Light 18i Graphite Badminton Racquet (Black)

If you are looking for the best product with reasonable price, YONEX Nanoray Light 18i comes for you.

YONEX Nanoray Light 18i Graphite Badminton Racquet (Black), best badminton rackets under $100

Looking at the specification, YONEX Nanoray Light 18i Graphite is ideally made for beginner and medium level badminton players. You can literally have the fastest playing experience while you smash, hit, play offensive or defensive games.

The aero box frame is air friendly. The air can pass smoothly across the curved surface leaving minimum impact or resistance while you hit on the court.

This gives you more power and speed of play. It is weight friendly. You can easily keep it under the grip for hours without feeling your hand tired or otherwise. It is excellent This is an ideally best light head product in the list.

  • Extremely light weight Best hits, smashes & for shots control. Maximum control & Flexibility. Affordable
  • Change the factory fitted strings to your style and tension Recommended for Beginners & medium level playing only.

Final Words

As per the expert reviews, you would literally enjoy the fastest swings, easiest defending smashes, accurate shots, the great flexibility and shuttle control on the go.


3. Li-Ning G-Tek 80 Muscle Ii Badminton Racquet

Li-Ning G-Tek 80 Muscle Ii Badminton Racquet, best badminton rackets under $100

If you are looking for a decent product to enhance your badminton experience, the Li-Ning G-Tek 80 Muscle Ii Badminton Racquet comes for you with maximum flexibility, control and affordability.

When you land on the court, the first thing that hits your mind, is your excellent performance. Rest assured with Li-Ning G-Tek 80 Muscle Ii Badminton Racquet gives you the maximum performance as compared to all other related racquets in line.

It provides a lot of gears with the ability to play all the shots with this racquet in your hands. The grip is maximized so that you won’t feel it heavy on your hands. The other finer thing it does by enhancing your control and speed of play in the game.

The strings are tight and well made. They help you in enhancing your shot experience with great power and balance. The strong tight strings with a high tension makes the game and effortless and pleasing experience. Above all this one is really a good item in the list for beginners and intermediate players.

  • Highly affordable Strong Strings & Great tension Powerful Smashes Durable & Lightweight
  • For suitable for Advanced Level Playing

Bottom Line

With all the finer things the Li-Ning G-Tek 80 Muscle Ii Badminton Racquet is the must have thing in your equip-bag. It really deserves every single penny you used for.


4. YONEX Nanoray 7000I G4-2U Badminton Racquet

YONEX Nanoray 7000I G4-2U Badminton Racquet, best badminton rackets under $100

If you are looking for a quality product for defensiveness and all round game with durable strong strings, YONEX Nanoray 7000I G4-2U Badminton Racquet here comes for you.

Ideally built for beginners and intermediate level players, YONEX Nanoray 7000I G4-2U, is the best valued product in Nanoray series. It features aluminum head with graphite shaft and weighs about 90grams.

It is highly lightweight and decreases the pressure on your shoulders so that you can play for long hours. The isometric shape and strong guts make it best racquet for fast smashes and drops. You would literally like its guts or string tension for light shots and smashes only.

However, for the power smashes you can change the original gutting with any li Ning or Yonex for enhanced performance. Above it is definitely a great value product for Yonex Nanoray series.

  • Durable & Well Structured Design Weightless for Painless playing Isomeric Head, Good Grip & String Tension Highly affordable
  • Not suitable for Expert level playing. Strings may become weak after heavy level playing

Final Words

The Yonex Nanoray is a wonderful and value added product. It gives you best badminton playing experience without making you to shell tons of money. In short it is the best value added product, especially for beginner level players.


5. YONEX Badminton Racket Carbonex Series

YONEX Badminton Racket Carbonex Series, best badminton rackets under 100

If you are beginner and preparing to land into the badminton for the first you got YONEX Badminton Racket Carbonex Series for a smooth badminton playing experience of first time.

It comes with a well structured design and tight strings. The YONEX Carbonex Series is highly durable standard level badminton racket that can last for good period of time. Coming to the strings, they are tight, strong and engineered to stay long with maximum performance. The Carbonex comes with round shape head. The grip has been ensured against slippage.

Apart from that you can use Yonex anti slip grip along with it, for maximum hand control. You can literally play hard shots and smashes with great accuracy and precision. The Yonex Carbonex has ensured that you racquet stays with you during the advanced level heated badminton games. In all, you could have literally an amazing playing experience with it.

  • Efficient & Durable.
  • Best for Beginner Play
  • Great Grip & Maximum Control.
  • Good for heavy shots.
  • A little heavy, not suitable for long hours play

Final Words

With all given features YONEX Badminton Racket Carbonex Series is definitely worth buying a racquet to enhance you badminton experience to the next level.


6. YONEX Badminton Racket ARCSABER Series

YONEX Badminton Racket ARCSABER Series, best badminton rackets under 100

If you are looking for an affordable and all rounder racquet with maximum power and balance, this one YONEX Badminton Racket ARCSABER really comes for you.

The racquet like this is a pleasing experience. It is extremely lightweight, easy to handle and play shots. You shouldn’t feel stress on your shoulders while playing with this for longer hours. Additionally, the good grip makes you to hold it for hours. The smooth well structured design make it go for high speed shots and smashes.

The frame is highly elastic and durable.  You would literally feel wonderful shots with good placement control. With super tight strong strings that are engineered to hold maximum power for efficient shots, you would feel the real joy of playing.

If ever, for the competitive plays on the court, you can get the custom strings to enhance its functionality and power. While hitting, it gives a smooth and calm experience, with no noise or hurdle whatsoever Above all, this one is really a nice item in the list for an efficient badminton play

  • Finely structured and highly durable
  • Lightweight.
  • Excellent for powerful smash shots.
  • The great grip and control.
  • Accurate and excellent shots.
  • Less string tension suitable for Intermediate level players

Final Words

If you are looking for a highly durable and lightweight best badminton racquet for beginner or occasional playing, this one is really worth buying item on the list.



Badminton is the game of stamina and energy. It is critical game for healthy life by bringing thorough benefits of eye hand coordination, muscles toning, joints pain and weight-loss. For many new level players it is basically more a recreational game rather than being professional. Well, in all, badminton is indeed a smooth, safe and secure sport. Ideally for the new beginners level players, it is well recommended to have the racket that does fit all the needs, i.e it should be lightweight, grip tight, cheap, comfortable and budget friendly.

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