Top 5 Best Speedminton Complete Sets For 2023

The best thing about Speedminton/ Crossminton set is that it is played without net so it allows you play anywhere . It is very easy to set up and usually takes about 5 minutes.

You can easily play in singles, doubles or freestyle which makes the sport more attractive. The speedminton is thereby, an innovative and more facilitating sport that combines the features of Badminton in it.

The sports, as you know, need to stuff to play. Therefore, the speedminton is not an exemption. What you needed the best Speedminton stuff like Speedminton rackets etc. With you while you hit your opponent down. However, If you are confused regarding which Speedminton set is the best, so you are at the right spot.

Best Speedminton/Complete Badminton Sets 2023

Ediror’s Pick
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Speedminton S600 Set
  • Windering for stability.
  • No net needed.
  • Wind and waterproof.
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Runner’s Pick
Speedminton S900 Set


Speedminton S900 Set
  • Comes with 5 different birdies.
  • Sturdy rackets for long lasting performance.
  • U-profile to improve hit accuracy.
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Best For Baby
Speedminton Junior Set


Speedminton Junior Set
  • Perfect for beginners.
  • Rackets are easy to handle for kids.
  • Ideal for kids between 6 to 12 years
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Speedminton Super 10Speedminton Super 10
  • 10 fun player set.
  • Includes 10 speeders.
  • Ideal family set.
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Speedminton SM01Speedminton SM01
  • Perfect starter kit for beginners
  • Grip size is suitable for kids and adults.
  • Rust and wind resistant.
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We have arranged some of the best sets for you which are worth buying and you will definitely like them.

1. Speedminton S600 Set

Speedminton S600 is definitely an ideal racket sport and an outdoor game for you without the need of net. It is an advancement of s600 and best for indoor/outdoor games. It comes with a racket bag with easy to carry shoulder strap.

Speedminton S600 Best Speedminton Set

The speed of the birdie makes it a fast paced game which can give you hours of entertainment with your family and friends. Moreover, the Ultra light aluminum rackets provide great handling and reliability.

You can rely on this product when it comes to quality as its quality is far better than most of the typical badminton products.

Main Features of S600

  • It includes 2 rackets,3 speeder ,2 windring and 2 speed-lights which lasts approximately 3 hours.
  • Comes with a racket bag with easy carrying shoulder strap.
  • Rackets are made of hardened aluminum ensuring long lasting performance.
  • The windring provides more stability to the speeder.
  • Birdies come in a set of three with attachable night light.


  • Good solid construction.
  • High Quality
  • Water Proof
  • Rackets are durable and sturdy


  • Not as easy as it looks.
  • It requires focus and balance.

Final Words

This set comes with everything that you need to play right away. I like the fact that this set comes with a racket cover that can hold both rackets with protection. It is really fun and birdies are far better than the regular ones. These heavy birdies allow you to play even in windy weather and do not go in opposite directions. It is very easy to pick up and play. Overall, it is a good family set for holiday fun and you should definitely give this one a shot.

2. Speedminton S900 Set

Speedminton s900 is a professional set for speed badminton. This innovative racket sport combines tennis , squash and badminton to a new sport without requiring net.

If you compare this with other badminton rackets, then this racket has a short carbon composite frame with Mega power zone to ensure great strength and U-profile to increase your hit accuracy.

Speedminton S900 Best Speedminton Rackets Sets

You can stop worrying about playing in windy weather now because this set comes with a windring to weight the speeder which provides perfect stability in wind.

Even if you want to play in dark then it is also no problem because 4 speed-lights are available with this set.

Main Features of S900 Set

  • Includes 2 speed rackets made of carbon composite.
  • 5 birdies for different distances making it easy to play in dark also. These include; 1 fun speeder, 2 match speeder,1 cross speeder and 1 night speeder.
  • Fun speeder is for beginners and children and an absolute fun.
  • Match speeder is an competitive birdie for faster games.
  • Cross speeder is heavy and wind resistant .It is perfect for outdoor sports.
  • Night speeder allows you to play in dark with speed-lights which fit perfectly in the speeder.
  • Comes with 1 racket bag with shoulder strap.


  • Portable.
  • High quality product.
  • Wind and waterproof.


  • Bit Pricy!

Final Words

Everything in this set is pure quality. You can completely rely on this product for high quality. The birdies and rackets are a top notch. I really like how the manufacturers have managed to provide all versatility in speeders. It is really fun and an entertainment package for whole family.”

3. Speedminton Junior Set

Speedminton junior set should be on your priority list if you want to teach your kids how to play Crossminton. The two junior rackets are made up of durable aluminum and weigh 160 grams which is perfect to handle for your kid.

Speedminton Junior Best Speedminton Set

It comes with two fun speeder which have fast progress for indoor and outdoor games. It will be very easy for your kid to learn Crossminton with this amazing set.

This set consisting of shortened shaft for easy handling and isometric head to increase the striking area is especially designed to meet your child’s need. A high quality cover bag ensures that your kid can carry it anywhere easily. This set is best for kids between 6 to 12 years and distances of 5m to 20m.

Features of Speedminton Junior Set

  • Includes 2 shorter and durable quality junior rackets, made up of aluminum.
  • 2 fun speeders allows beginners to enjoy the game.
  • Comes in a set bag with easy carrying shoulder strap.


  • Lightweight and sturdy rackets.
  • Perfect for beginners.
  • Doesn’t Require Net
  • Easy handling for kids.


  • Birdies are a bit smaller but that does not effect the Game play.

Final Words

It is an amazing set for whole family. If you are searching for something to surprise your kid then you should definitely give this one a shot. This set is especially designed to meet your kid’s demand and has perfect racket size for a kid to carry well. You can use speedminton night accessories to even play at night. I think this is a perfect set for kids upto 12 years and best way to learn Crossminton. Overall, this set is well made and will definitely stick with you for a longer time.

4. Speedminton Super 10 Player Fun Set

With speedminton super 10 fun player set, you can take the game right away to the field for fast paced twist. It is a fun twist without the need of net and can be a perfect addition to any school or organization physical fitness program.

Speedminton Super 10 Players Set

It comes with heli speeder which allows you to play short distances of 20-30 feet in wind or limited spaces with a large number of people.

The speed-lights add light to heli speeders so you can easily continue your game in dark as well. You can easily set your game in park, beaches or streets with this set.

Features of Speedminton Super 10 Player Fun Set

  • Includes 10 speedminton rackets of high quality.
  • These fun rackets are smaller as compared to conventional rackets and have a length of 48.5cm.
  • 10 heli speeder.
  • The speeder is especially designed for outdoor play so it is wind resistant.
  • 2 speed-lights.
  • 1 classy and easy carrying bag with strap.


  • Wind resistant.
  • Easy set up.
  • Doesn’t Require Net


  • Bit Pricy yet worth every penny!

Final Words

It is a great set with all the equipment you want for your everyday game. You can easily set this game up with your family and have lots of fun. The best part is that it comes with 5 heli speeders and 5 fun speeders so you can easily long entertainment hours with your family. It is a fun way to improve your hand eye coordination and physical fitness. Overall, it is a good family set that you must buy for whole family fun

5. Speedminton SM01 Fun-10 Fun Set

Speedminton SM01 Best Speedminton Set

This innovative set requiring no net is last but not the least option for you to consider. This fun set is best for short distances and ideal for family and beginners. It is very light and smaller than a normal speedminton racket so it is perfect for beginners because normal racket might be heavy for them to start as a beginner.

It comes with everything to start your game right away. Rackets are well made and grip size is suitable for kids as well as adults. It is a perfect alternative to badminton and beach ball which requires no court or net.

Features of Speedminton SM01

  • 2 speedminton rackets made of aluminum which are shorter and provide easy grip.
  • Includes two birdies; 1 heli speeder and 1 fun speeder.
  • Heli speeder is smaller and heavier than usual birdies which guarantees fun even over short distance.
  • 2 Speedlight allowing you to play at night and can last for approximately 3 hours.


  • Good family pack.
  • Rackets are not heavy.
  • Rust and wind resistant.


  • Bit tiring!

Final Words

It is a perfect starter kit for those who want to try speedminton and is perfect for children and adults. The birdies really help with the wind for a fun knock around and rackets are not to heavy for a kid to handle. Also, the rackets are sturdy enough for squash or tennis balls. It is easier than badminton and better in breezy weather. Overall, It is a good family pack and a good choice for good and reliable Crossminton set.


From the above mentioned sets, you can choose any set according to your needs. These sets are easy to set up and made to last. They do not tear or rust. You can also try speedminton super 10 fun player set.

This set has innovative features and definitely worth buying for whole family. However, every set described above has its own ideal features to choose from.

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