Badminton Laws

Badminton is the super sport played, whether indoor or outdoor, requires you follow the rules and regulations to play it effectively.

Apart from all necessary skills and equipment what you need is to get a mastery over all the new rules of badminton to play it effectively in 2022.

Whether you are beginner or advanced player, playing badminton singles or doubles, you must look at the core basics of badminton laws.

The professional player do not compromise over thoroughly understanding all the badminton rules. They know badminton drills, shots, fouls, lets, skills & strategies. A professional player knows how to smash or make serve, types of smash or serves, badminton faults, skills & techniques etc.

Therefore, our detailed badminton players guide would definitely help you to thoroughly understand the badminton rules and regulations in detail.

badminton exercises for beginners

Top 13 Exercises for Beginner Level Badminton Players

Badminton is the game of speed, agility, swift movements and high energy bursts. Developing the required sort of physique is, however, essential to sport high while you are on the court. Far from the routine exercises, these top 13 Badminton exercises shall go a long way in improving you game, strengthening your upper and lowery …

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Badminton smash, Smash types & techniques

Badminton Smash | Types & Drills For Smash, How to Smash

The following understandable players guide discuss in depth about badminton smash, its varying types and techniques to be followed for a beginners to expert level badminton playing. Smash Shot in Badminton | How to Play Smash Shots, Types & Techniques | Players Guide A shot that is played with powerful hit with fast and aggressive …

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