Zume Badminton Set review

If you need a portable badminton set Zume will be best option for you. Here I am posting my personal review of Zume Badminton Set. This product is featured as amazon’s choice in Badminton complete sets.

If you and your family or friends love to play badminton but don’t have any badminton ground nearby. Zume badminton set will be your first choice. because it is portable you can place any where without using any type of tools.


Dimension in Inches137 x 13.3 x 68
Weight in Pounds8.82
Shipping weight in Pounds10.3

Why you should buy Zume Portable Badminton Set

Zume Badminton set is available with freestanding base, it takes no time for installation. you can place it inside your house without any hustle. Here are few reason you should buy it.

Instant Assemble

With zume portable set You can play badminton every where. You can play badminton at the beach, at the tailgate, or in the parking lot. Zume gives you the freedom to play badminton from anywhere.

No Tools Required

The installation can be done without any tools such as a hammer, nails, screwdrivers, etc. Zume portable badminton set includes a freestanding base that will ensure easy set-up without the need for stakes to be driven into the ground or time consuming assembly.

It can be easily moved from one location to another without any problems.

2 – 4 Player set

You whole family can play on this. There are 2 green rackets and 2 red rackets with 2 shutter stocks included in this portable badminton set. You can also use it as 04 player badminton set.

This set also included with a carrying case. This will provide your family with a ton of fun using it.

Easy to Take Down

It is easy to install and take down this set. The set has two telescopic poles that easily extend and contract, a simple slide-on net, making setting up & taking down the badminton set a breeze for everyone in the family.

Base can be used as a carrying case when traveling. in that case, it can hold the complete badminton set and you can take it with you wherever you go.

Zume Badminton Set Pros and Cons

Easy to InstallThe net does not comply with regulation sizes
Light weight easy to carryYou will need to use some force to
pullout polls from the base

Few Useful Customer reviews

Works great. Some reviewers mention the difficulty of placing the poles into the base. I have not had that issue. Take your times and twist them in slowly and don’t force it or you may break it. If used properly, this set is awesome, fast and works great anywhere. I do recommend a sand bag to keep inside the case at all times in case you are in windy conditions or placing on grass.

★★★★★ by Sarah+Anthony

Love the design of the net. A little stiff the first time around to set up, but worked great. After using two rackets for only an hour both of them started falling apart for completely different reasons. The handle started disintegrating on one, and the other broke multiple strings. We were not playing overly hard in any sense. They say they have a 90-day warranty, but I would have to pay for shipping. Not sure if it’s worth paying for shipping if they’re going to break again. However I’m very happy with the net. I’ll probably invest the money that would go to shipping in the return for the broken rackets to get higher quality rackets to pair with this net set up.

★★★☆☆ by MelBergInk


After reading Zume badminton set review you may have made your mind. But in my last words I will suggest you to buy it. If you will use it carefully this product will be very useful for you.


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