Friends’ Trivia Team Names for an Effortless Win!

After an exhausting week of work, you really need a break from all work frustration and what better way to release the stress than organizing an epic trivia night with your friends? It is surely the most memorable and fun thing you can do on weekends. But wait, have you decided what are you going to name your team? Since it is a night with your friends, why not take inspiration from famous sitcoms of all times? Yes, we are talking about F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Friends’ Trivia Team Names

People still cannot get over Rachel’s fashion sense, chandler’s sarcasm or joey’s goofiness. If you and your team members see yourselves a bit in every star too then may be it’s time to name your trivia team after your favorite show.

Honestly the show includes such amazing content that you can never run out of ideas. Still if you need some inspiration then you can count on our list for some amazing suggestions. We have listed 44 friends themed business names, stylish group names and funny quiz team names. We have created this list after taking inspiration from all the little details in the season so you can feel pride in knowing that your team is going to look the best among others. Let’s get started now!

Here is the list of best and fun friends trivia team names:

1- Buffay Sisters.

2- They Don’t Know That We Know.

3- The Seven Club.

4- Mr. heckles Kids.

5- The Palaeontologists.

6- The Bings.

7- Hammered Harmonicas.

8- Girls Gotta Eat.

9- Joey Doesn’t Share Answers.

10- Power Of Unagi.

11- Moo Point Gang.

12- Dr.Drake Ramoray Fanclub.

13- Fake Monicas.

14- The Bananahammocks.

15- Ugly Naked Guys.

16- Joey’s Intelligence.

17- Big Butts Club.

18- The One Where Everyone Knows Answers.

19- Could It Be Anymore Trivial?

20- The Lobsters.

21- The Crapbacks.

22- Thanksgiving Pants Club.

23- Purple Framez

24- Fun Bobbies.

25- Joey Trivianis.

26- Who Ate My Sandwich?

27- Naked Thursdays Alliance.

28- Hopeless Singles Like Gunther.

29- The One With Trivia.

30- Clueless Bobbies.

31- Smelly Cats.

32- Hand Twins.

33- Chicks & Ducks.

34- Holiday Armadillos.

35- Newyork Citizens.

36- I Hate Rachel Green Club.

37- The Scientist Guys.

38- Rachel’s Beef Trifle Tribe.

39- Red Ross Club.

40- Going Yemen After This.

41- The Transponsters.

42- Meat Sweats.

43- Doctors Not Mathematicians.

44- The Gellars.

Guidelines How to Create your own Friends’ Trivia Team Names

The following guidelines will help you to create the best friends trivia team names:

1- Take Inspiration From Show’s Plots:

Think about the locations used in show or places the characters have visited frequently like The Central Perk, Bloomingdales, London, Newyork Apartments, The Fountain etc. You can incorporate these names in your trivia team name.

2- Use Famous Lines Used In Friends:

If you are big fan of the series then you must know a lot of famous words in friends like how you doin’ , O My Gawd, We Were On A Break etc. Think about the words you find epic isn’t the series and use them in your team name.

3- Think About Your Favourite Episodes:

The most fun thing about friends season is that each episode has a different plot. If there are some episodes that you like more than others then you can take inspiration from them to create your team name. Just think about your favourite episodes and use words that describe what happened in those episodes- it can be anything like your favourite words, locations, characters or title.

4- Choose Words That Describe Your Team Members:

May be your team has a good sense of humour like Chandler or may be your team is a cleanliness freak like Monica. All you need to do is think about your team members and take inspiration from the character you think relates with your team members.

5- Play On Words:

Get creative and play on words to give your own little spin to your team name. For sample, Joey triviani, Roschel Club, The Mondlers etc.


The Friends series has been off air for more than a decade but it is still the most popular series worldwide. With your best buddies, you might win the game but if you do not have a killer name then you won’t be able to create an epic impressions on others. That is why we tried our best to give you plenty of inspiration to create your team name. These names will surely make your trivia night memorable and amazing.


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