55+Darkest Dungeon Team Names [ Witty, Strong, Character Inspired ]

Planning to form a strong and fearless team in darkest dungeon? Make sure your team name reflects that too. You all might be the greatest players in Darkest Dungeon but no one is going to remember you if you do not have a unique team name.

Playing in a team that has no unique identity is pointless. Your team name is your identity and especially in a game like Darkest Dungeon where you face professional players and horrifying monsters. Your name is the first thing that can increase your chances of winning because it shows your potential, courage and gaming skills.

List of Darkest Dungeon Team Names | Witty, Strong, Character Inspired, Victory Oriented, Funny & Unique

Choosing a team name is a delicate process because it is your team name that encourages you to face any danger-Are you getting bewildered already? Well, do not worry! We got your back. We have listed 55 Darkest Dungeon best party combos, team comps and some dark fantasy team names that will make your opponents nervous. Feel free to pick any of these unique names and show everyone that your team is ready for some action. We have also listed some tips below this list that will help you to create your own team name. Hope you like them!

Dungeon Team Names

Here is the list of wild darkest dungeon team names:

1- Frontline Soldiers.

2- Noxious Finishers.

3- Inspiring Killers.

4- Plague Doctors.

5- Head Hunters.

6- Grave Diggers.

7- Team Glory.

8- Damage Alert.

9- Point-blank Shooters.

10- Piece By Piece.

11- Crusaders.

12- Well-Known Hunters.

13- Breaking Barriers.

14- Blood Sniffers.

Dark Darkest Dungeon Team Names

15- High Damage Potential.

16- Gracious Stabbers.

17- Reapers Pack.

18- Dark End.

19- Bloody Brotherhood.

20- Bad Karma.

21- Soul Takers.

22- Hellraisers.

23- No One Leaves Alive.

24- After Each Soul.

25- Bad Intentions.

26- The Shallows.

27- Death Ringers.

28- You’re Next.

29- Flawed.

30- CandyMen.

31- Nature Freaks.

32- Poltergeists.

Strong Darkest Dungeon Team Names

33- The Creeps.

34- Serial Killers.

35- Creatures From Black Lagoon.

36- Body Snatchers.

37- Damned Souls.

38- Devil’s Backbones.

39- The Wicker Men.

40- Shieldbreakers.

41- Bad People.

42- Tigers Are Never Afraid.

43- Bloodsuckers.

44- The Invisible Men.

45- The Abominations.

Witty Character Inspired Darkest Dungeon Team Names

46- The Trappers.

47- Cannibalistic Eradicators.

48- The Outcasts.

49- Mad Eyes.

50- Death Chasers.

51- War Howls.

52- Crimson Court Jesters.

53- Chaos Makers.

54- Death Escapers.

55- Cursed Sorcerers.

Guidelines How to Create Darkest Dungeon Team Names

The following guidelines will help you to create witty and strong darkest dungeon names.

1- Take Inspiration From The Game:

Darkest Dungeon is a challenging game where you fight against famine, evil forces diseases and many spine-chilling characters. So for starters, taking inspiration from the game is the best way to create a new name. You can take inspiration from the wild characters, weapons or diseases and use them creatively in your team name.

2- Use DD Terminologies:

If you are pro in this game then you might have a lot of game terms in mind but if you are a newbie then doing a google search about DD terminologies will give you so many unique ideas. You can use the terms or change the phrases by giving them your own little spin. You just need to get creative to create an epic team name.

3- Be Cool:

In this game, you must be the best if you really want to win and for that you need a really cool team name because it is your first impression on your opponents. Choosing a cool team name will increase your chances of winning.

4- Choose Strong Words:

Strong words like Hunters, Chaos, Knights, Darkness can make excellent DD team names. Since the game is all about battles and tactics, you need to make sure that your name looks the strongest to create a strong impression on your opponents.

5- Take Feedback From Your Team Members:

After deciding your team name, do take feedback from your team members and consider the points they suggest. They must have a lot of ideas too that so make sure to ask for their opinion.


Darkest Dungeon is a thriller game that gets more exciting if you choose a cool team name. This game is played by strongest players from all around the world so choosing a strong team name is the only way to make yourself prominent in this unforgiving and soul-stirring world. Hopefully our names will help you to shake your opponent’s confidence and create a strong impression in the game.


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