70+ Unique Cycling Team Names [ Biking Squad Names ]

Biking is an amazing healthy sport and you are on right track if you are planning to add this sport to your daily life. However the first thing that you need to motivate and inspire your team members is a good biking team name. Forming a biking group is certainly easy, the hardest part is when you have to decide a name for your biking group. But do not worry; if biking is your passion and you love to make biking plans and spend time with your friends then you are going to love this list of amazing cycling team name ideas.

A good name encourages your team members and enhances the sport spirit. It is a good way to inspire them and fuel their riding passion. Besides, a team without a good name looks so dull.
Whether you are looking for motivational names or humorous names, we got you covered. We have listed 77 funny peloton team names, funny cycling names and mountain bike team names that will make your team stand out among others. These names are perfect for all biking enthusiasts. So what are you waiting for? Finalize your team name, forget your worries and just ride!

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Here is the list of best biking team names for you:

1- When In Doubt, Pedal Out.

2- Wheel Thrill.

3- Pace Makers.

4- High On Wheels.

5- Pedal Magic.

6- Road Warriors.

7- Inspired To Ride.

8- Perfect Peddlers.

9- The Davidsons.

10- Biking Away.

11- Rush Hour.

12- Hell On Wheels.

13- High Spirits.

14- Flying Men.

15- Speed Demons.

16- Chasing Stars.

17- That’s How We Ride.

18- Dope Style.

19- Breaking Away.

20- Real Deal.

21- Bros In Action.

22- The Pesky Wheel Club.

23- Swift Action.

24- Always In Action.

25- The Wheel Gang.

26- Bikers Club.

27- Pedal Handlers.

28- Pedal Dancers.

29- Epic Finishers.

30- Riding Till The World Ends.

31- Pedal Partners.

32- Always on Tracks.

33- No Pain, No Gain.

34- Maximum Potential.

35- Till The End.

36- Scrambled Legs.

37- Limitless.

38- Sore Legs.

39- Pedal In Action.

40- Breaking Barriers.

41- Road Demons.

42- Mountain Bikers.

43- Speed Matters:

44- Wheeling Bunnies.

45- One Wheel Wonders.

46- Ghost Riders.

47- Slow Boiss Union.

48- The Grease-lies.

49- Storm Troopers.

50- Born To Ride.

51- Driven To Ride.

52- Riding Craze.

53- God Speed.

54- Riding Like Wolves.

55- Ready To Ride.

56- Pushing Limits.

57- Road Beasts.

58- Firecrackers.

59- Riding For The Gram.

60- Dream Chasers.

61- Free Riders.

62- Wheel Suckers.

63- Weekend Warriors.

64- The Neo-Pros.

65- Go With The Flow.

66- Sprinters On A Mission.

67- Track Missiles.

68- Going Wild.

69- Wheel Masters.

70- The Chasers.

71- Track Beasts.

72- Undefeated Riders.

73- Wild Winners.

74- Once Upon A Ride.

75- Wheels On Fire.

76- Track Lords.

77- Restless Riders.

Guidelines to Create Your Own Biking Team Name

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The following guidelines will help you to create epic biking team names:

1- Think About The Purpose Of Your Team:

Your name can be as funny or serious as you like. If everyone in your team is a professional biker then choose a name that shows your dedication and if you are biking just to relax your soul then choose a fun name. Just think about the purpose of your team and then choose a name accordingly.

2- Use Biking Terminology:

Search about biking terminologies and you will see so many options to consider. You can use them as it is or give them your creative spin to create more better options. If you are pro and you already know about all the biking terminologies then take your time and make a list of terms that you find interesting. This is the best starting point to get creative biking ideas.

3- Take Inspiration From Your Favorite Things:

If you and your team members have any favourite things like movies, songs, places, foods or favourite bikers then you can take inspiration from them too to create your team name.

4- Merge Adjectives:

Be as creative as you want. Think about the coolest adjectives and merge them in your name. It is not necessary for you to choose a biking related name, you can choose any word outside the biking terminology too.

5- Choose A Catchy Name:

Only the name that is attractive can help you to get attention. No one will cheer for your team if you do not have an outstanding name. So, whatever you choose, just make sure that it is unique and new. While deciding your biking team’s name, a good way is to say your team name aloud and see if it sounds cool. This is a good way to make sure that your name sounds catchy.


You team name is something that sets the vibe of your team. We have listed some amazing suggestions with a perfect blend of uniqueness and fun that will surely add more fun to your sport. So feel free to choose your name but do not forget to take feedback from your team members so that they feel equally important too.

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