91+Escape Room Team Names for an Invincible Escape

The best thing about escape room is that it gives you a unique and memorable experience. It is designed in such a way that it gives every person a chance to show his brilliance. However you need to work as a team otherwise you may never be able to escape the room within the given time. You can make your experience more exciting by choosing an epic name for your team.
Choosing a good name is an important step that brings a sense of unity and fellowship among team members. It allows your team members to connect with each other and have fun while solving puzzles.

Escape Room Team Names | Funny, Alice in Wonderland, Clever, Epic, Christmas             [ List-2023 ]

For your inspiration we have also listed some suggestions and a few tips that will help you to come up with your own name. Our article includes 91 funny and clever escape room names. Hopefully our funny puzzle team names will never make your team’s atmosphere dull. Now your do not have to go for bland names like ‘Team Escape’ because this list includes the best suggestions. We hope these names will make your escape room adventure a success. Now go ahead and see if you find anything that relates with your team members.

Room Team Names

Here is the list of unique escape room team names:

1- Riddles Experts.

2- Launching Codes.

3- Mystery Men.

4- The Phantoms.

5- Wise Crackers.

6- Lock Experts.

7- Freedom Fighters.

8- Sherlock & Company.

9- Wtf: Where’s The Finish.

10- Weekend Getaway.

11- Exit Experts.

12- Mission Freedom.

13- The Irregulars.

14- Army Of Escapists.

15- Bolt For Freedom.

16- The Brainiacs.

17- Central Intelligence Department.

18- The Fugitives.

19- Cryptic Coders.

20- SherUnlock Holmes.

21- Midnight Express.

22- Bad Boys.

Funny Escape Room Team Names

23- Escape From Reality.

24- Breakout Experts.

25- Minds At Work.

26- Boys Gone Wild.

27- The Winning Crew.

28- The A-Team.

29- Code Crackers.

30- Public Figures.

31- BoogieMen.

32- Mean Machines.

33- Sharp Instincts.

34- See You In A Minute.

35- The Mentalists.

36- Too Easy To Solve.

37- Solving Agency.

38- Mission Breakout.

39- Alice In Wonderland.

40- The Escape Force.

41- Master Minds.

42- Maze Runners.

43- The Excavation Man.

44- Escape Goats.

45- The Unlock Experts.

46- See You In A Bit.

47- The Great Planners.

48- The Rescuers.

49- Killer Instincts.

50- Escape Room Artists.

Clever Escape Room Team Names

51- Clue Experts.

52- The Strategists.

53- Escape Keys.

54- Loaded With Plans.

55- Escape Dolphins.

56- Breakout Buddies.

57- Puzzle Masters.

58- Most Wanted Masterminds.

59- Locked Up Soldiers.

60- Habitual Winners.

61- Prison Breakers.

62- Hopeless Noobs.

63- Problem Solvers.

64- Puzzling Away.

65- Dead Trying.

66- Making Ways.

67- The Great Escapists.

68- Escape Knowledge.

69- Gone In Minutes.

70- Escape Hour.

Escape Room Group Names

71- Locked Noobs.

72- Break Away Heroes.

73- Mission Get Out.

74- The First Timers.

75- Daring Escapists.

76- Alpha Planners.

77- Boys On A Mission.

78- Epic Escapists.

79- First Time Is Hard.

80- Secret Scientists.

81- Average Guys.

82- Time Masters.

83- Mystery Maniacs.

84- Noobs On A Mission.

85- Final Countdown Escapists.

86- Deathtrap Escapers.

87- Clueless Guys.

88- Fleeing Birds.

88- Escape Express.

90- Riddling With Riddles.

91- Kings Of Riddles.

Guidelines to Create an Escape Room Team Names

The following guidelines will help you to create great escape room team names:

1- Take Inspiration From Movies:

Your team name does not necessarily have to be related to escape room. You can choose any word that you think describe your team members. For that, you can take inspiration from your favourite movies, shows and comics.

2- Think About Your Team Members:

Think about your team’s personalities and their strengths. Do you believe that everyone in your team is a nerd and quick thinker? Then you should definitely go for names like ‘The Master Minds’ or ‘The Escapists’. But if you think that everyone in your team is a humour enthusiast and loves to make jokes then go for witty and funny names like ‘The Great Noobs’ or ‘The Escape Of Jokers’.

3- Use Synonyms:

You just need to get a bit creative to create your team name. If you want to choose unique words then just search for the synonyms of the word thy you like and you will find lots of unique options. For example, if you want to use the word escape but you think it is too basic then use its synonyms like Getting Away, Breaking out etc.

4- Use Humour:

Escape rooms are challenging but surely fun if you work as a team. We believe that choosing a humorous name is a good way to boost your team’s morale and motivate them. After all there is nothing better than having a good laugh with your team members even if you get stuck at some point. Using puns and jokes is a great way to keep the atmosphere light and fun in your team.

5- Take Suggestions From Your Team Members:

Taking suggestions from your team members itself is an experience. It is a good way to strengthen bond with your team members. This is a good way to get unique ideas that you wouldn’t have thought of otherwise. Also, it is a great way to know about the interests and preferences of your team members. After that choose the name that gets everyone’s vote.


A lot is going to happen in the escape room. You might even think about giving up at some point but if you all work as a team then there is nothing that can stop you from unlocking those doors. To make your work easier, we have listed best and unique team name suggestions that will give your team a sense of belonging and inspire them to give their best. Hopefully you will find this list helpful!


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