100+ Derby Names Not Taken [ Vintage, Funny, Latina, Marvel, Anime ]

If you are a roller derby fan then you must know the importance of choosing a good derby name. In the Derby world, a good name is your identity. Once you put on the skates and wrap those pads tightly, nothing can stop you from rocking the ground. But what’s the point of winning if you do not have an identity? No one will remember you if you do not have an outstanding name.

100+ Derby Names Not Taken

1- Derby King.

2- Until The Wheels Fall Off.

3- Unholy Rollers.

4- Rolling Balls.

5- Thrashin’.

6- Whipping It.

7- Derby Dream.

8- Fireballs.

9- Blades Of Glory.

10- Derby Rebels.

11- Queens Of Pain.

12- Free Agents.

13- Kinky Sisters.

14- Devil’s Toy.

15- Hits Happen.

16- Rose Of Roller-girls.

17- Crashers.

18- United Skates.

19- No Speed Limit.

20- Roller Babies.

21- Usually Good.

22- Fully Confident.

23- Gifted Girls.

24- Fearless Girls.

25- Derby Legends.

26- Feet Of Stone.

27- We Skate, We Score.

28- Derby Stars.

29- Running Like The Wind.

30- Towards Victory.

31- Blocking Units.

32- Free Spirits.

33- Jammer Blockers.

34- Fresh Meat.

35- Wild Bees.

36- Derby Rulers.

37- The Initiators.

38- Always Ahead.

39- Hot Laps.

40- Hip Whipsters.

41- Lords Of The Tracks.

42- Road Rash.

43- High Impact.

44- Chillin’ & Jammin’.

45- Lead Jammers.

46- Rockin’ Rollers.

47- Cruisin’ & Bruisin’.

48- Crazy Ladies.

49- Alice In Wounderland.

50- The Hustlers.

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51- Sore Muscles.

52- Chin Up.

53- Killing It.

54- The Bolts.

55- All About The Skills.

56- Skilled Ones.

57- Epic Winners.

58- Rocket Launchers.

59- Rolling Pins.

60- Fast Flames.

61- Kinky Kittens.

62- Dazzling Queens.

63- Bomb Squad.

64- Derby Dons.

65- Savages.

66- Sadistic Queens.

67- Sugarmommies.

68- Murder City Kittens.

69- Gold Diggers.

70- Sweet Cake Rolls.

71- Trollers.

72- Like A Storm.

73- Sleeping Rabbits.

74- Sugarbirds.

75- Scorched Skaters.

76- Always First.

77- Peak Performers.

78- Maximum Potential.

79- Towards Endline.

80- Danger Ahead.

81- Wheels Princesses.

82- Furious Steps.

83- The Ponytails.

84- Country Goats.

85- Destructive Wheels.

86- Jay Kay Rolling.

87- Sweaty Socks.

88- Hermione Danger.

89- Bleeding Wheels.

90- Toxic Raspberries.

91- Crazy Divas.

92- Wheeled Assassins.

93- Brown-Eyed Beauties.

94- Wicked Wheelers.

95- Ruthless & Toothless.

96- Ferocious Cats.

97- Wheels Of Destruction.

98- Chillin’ & Bruisin’.

99- Derby Dolls.

100- Cherry Bombs.

101- Flying Smurfs.

102- Rolling Stones.

103- Grand Slammers.

104- Lazy Squirrels.

105- Nutcrackers.

106- Speed Devils.

107- The Baddies.

108- Alice In Wounds.

109- Slaying Foxes.

110- The Scissor Sisters.

111- Hot Shots.

112- The Chasers.

113- Crazy Skaters.

114- Fast Chicks.

115- Road Rangers.

List of Derby Names Not Taken Before | Cool, Funny, Witchy, Roller Derby Names

Now the question is how do you pick a good name? What are some good names? That is where this article comes in handy. Our list contains 100+ vintage, anime, cute, marvel, witchy and badass roller derby names from the 70s that will make you stand out among others. That is not just it, we have suggestions for feminists too so that you can give charge to your inner warrior and show everyone who is the O.G. here.

Here are amazing derby name suggestions for you to make a lasting impression:

Guidelines to Create Your Own Derby Names

If you want to reflect your nerdy side or your pun side then this list also includes some epic suggestions for you. So without any further delay, let’s take a look at these hippie and badass roller derby name suggestions. Below this list, we have also written some guidelines that will help you to come up with your own derby name.

Create your derby name using the following guidelines:

1- Keep It Short:

No one in the audience will yell “Hyped Up squad” as it is too long. Choosing a long name is the worst decision you could go with. It will just make your name look dull and boring. So keep it short and sweet.

2- Create A Name That Reflects Your Personality:

Your derby name should have a meaning you can relate to; be it a pun, a dark joke or your favourite things. Derby names are not just about being funny or sarcastic. If somethings reflects your personality then own it. Don’t get scared to be you. Choose anything that defines your personality .

3- Be A Badass:

Your name should show that you are not a force to be reckoned with. Choosing a name is like an opportunity for you to live outside of your character and show your inner warrior. Don’t get afraid to go a little deeper. Be a badass and choose whatever you think will make your opponent nervous.

4- Use Synonyms:

If you have some decent options in mind but you find them too casual then search for their synonyms. This will give perfect alternatives to create your own team name.

5- Do Not Choose Casual Names:

Jokes come and go. Memes get old and boring after sometime. So make sure that the name you are choosing is not an outdated one. Choose unique words that make you stand out among others.

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It is easy to strap on skates and start racing on tracks. The difficulty lies in choosing an epic derby name because the name you choose represents your potential and personality. It helps you to get noticed in the crowd. Hopefully after reading the above list, you will not have trouble finding a good name anymore.

Derby Names Not Taken

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