Badass Jeep Names [ Cool, Beach, Military, Female, Gray ]

If you are a jeep lover then you can understand the importance a jeep holds in a person’s life. It is everyone’s first love. Nowadays the concept of choosing a name for jeeps is getting bigger all around the world and why not, every jeep deserves a personalized name.

If you also think that your jeep needs a badass name that perfectly describes its features then you are at a right place. To help you give your jeep a badass touch, we have listed 100+ black jeep names, badass white jeep names, jeep wrangler names and military jeep names.

Badass Jeep Names | List of Cool, Creative, Boy, Girl Jeep Name Ideas 

If you want to keep things light and fun then we have also listed some funny jeep names for you. Also, we have added some epic female jeep names for female jeep owners to show their girl power.

Hopefully by the end of this article, you will know what to name your jeep. So without any delay, take a look at these names and make your jeep more desirable by giving it a badass name. Here is the list badass and unique jeep names

1- Reaper.

2- Supernova.

3- Gorilla.

4- Powder Black.

5- Steamroller.

6- Hurricane.

7- Wildcat.

8- Fearless.

9- Explorer.

10- Red Bull.

11- Vicious.

12- Lucifer.

13- Leopard.

14- Bolt.

15- King.

16- Sizzler.

17- Precious.

18- Crawler.

19- Wave.

20- Rebel.

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21- Dawn.

22- Warrior.

23- Spooky.

24- Cynical.

25- Phoenix.

26- Night Rider.

27- Dexter.

28- Dark Print.

29- Black Widow.

30- Alien.

31- Virus.

32- Chaos.

33- Invincible.

34- Legend.

35- Leprechaun.

36- Buddy.

37- Alligator.

38- Abigail.

39- Stabber.

40- Black Panther.

41- Beast.

42- Lion.

43- Red Gaze.

44- Smasher.

45- Sassy.

46- Wild.

47- Hawk.

48- Speedy.

49- Rockstar.

50- Eagle.

51- Black Moon.

52- Thunderbolt.

53- Firebird.

54- Smokey.

55- Dodger.

56- Mad Max.

57- Bloody Mary.

58- Furious.

59- Typhoon.

60- Hazard.

61- Road Ranger.

62- Terror.

63- Optimus Prime.

64- Night Bird.

65- Thunderbird.

66- Hulk.

67- Iron Fist.

68- Spartan.

69- Punisher.

70- Phantom.

71- Black Beauty.

72- Terminator.

73- Mystic.

74- Black Rose.

75- Dracula.

76- Jaguar.

77- Black Pearl.

78- Wild Storm.

79- Godzilla.

80- Thrasher.

81- Wolf.

82- Incubus.

83- Raven.

84- Bloodsucker.

85- Assaulter.

86- The Mighty.

87- Threat.

88- Vulture.

89- Buzzard.

90- The Chaser.

91- Exterminator.

92- Bummer.

93- Casanova.

94- Ice n Fire.

95- Bumblebee.

96- Christine.

97- Daredevil.

98- Blackthorn.

99- Ginger.

100- Birdy.

101- Black Beast.

102- Speedster.

103- Code Red.

104- Black Bee.

105- Hell’s Ride.

106- Gladiator.

107- Red Riding Hood.

108- Ice Cold.

109- Royal.

110- Victorious.

111- Dementor.

112- Jaws.

113- Vecna.

114- Hot Rod.

115- Quicksilver.

Black Jeep Names

1. Black Mamba – Strikingly Stealthy

2. Shadow Hunter – Darkly Daring

3. Midnight Stalker – Mysteriously Malevolent

4. The Phantom – Sinisterly Silent

5. Eclipse Beast – Dangerously Dark

6. Rogue Ranger – Fearlessly Fierce

7. Dark Steel – Boldly Brave

8. Shadow Sabre – Heavily Hazardous

9. Onyx Outlaw – Aggressively Agile

10. Void Viper – Venomously Vicious

Unusual Jeep Names

1. Trail Blazer – Fearlessly Forward

2. Mountaineer – Courageously Climbing

3. Renegade Racer – Recklessly Racing

4. Off-Road Rebel – Aggressively Adventurous

5. Sandstorm Surfer – Daringly Dashinig

6. Wildcat Wrangler – Unapologetically Untamed

7. Rocky Roadrunner – Courageously Charging

8. Maverick Marauder – Adventurously Audacious

9. Desert Drifter – Fearlessly Frolicking

10. Trailmaster Trooper – Boldly Blazing Trails!

Female Jeep Names

1. She Wolf – Fearlessly Fierce

2. Lady Maverick – Daringly Driven

3. Amazon Adventurer – Courageously Confident

4. Diva Driver – Wildly Winning

5. Princess Pathfinder – Eloquently Exploring

6. Femme Fatale Fury – Dangerously Dynamic

7. Glamorous Gambler – Boldly Betting Big

8. Rebel Rose – Unapologetically Untamed

9. Trailblazer Temptress – Mysteriously Magnetic

10. Maverick Maiden – Vengefully Victorious!

Military Jeep Names

1. Desert Sentinel – Vigilantly Guarding

2. Force Field Fighter – Powerfully Protecting

3. Armoured Avenger – Heavily Hazardous

4. Combat Commander – Courageously Charging

5. Battle Bronco – Unstoppably Unyielding

6. Frontline Fury – Fearlessly Forward

7. Warlord Wrangler – Aggressively Agile

8. Field Marshal – Daringly Decisive

9. Jungle Jeepster – Wildly Winning

10. Recon Ranger – Strategically Seeking!

Guidelines to Create Badass Jeep Names

Your jeep name is the first thing that makes it unique as compared to other jeeps. A badass name makes it even more voguish. The following guidelines will help you to create a badass jeep name:

1- Take Inspiration From Pop Culture:

You can use various pop culture or historical references to create your jeep name. You can use your favourite colour, your favourite badass character or any word from the song that you like. If you are not into pop culture then you can also use historical references like your the leader you like the most or any historical event that fascinates you.

2- Your Name Should Reflect You:

Your jeep name should definitely be something that you love. Think about the things that are memorable to you and are funny and memorable. You can also make a list of words that come to your mind when you think about your keep and then create a name.

3- Be A Badass:

Whether you have a badass personality or your jeep gives badass mileage choosing a badass name is the best way to show your dominance and power of the jeep. So think of the most badass words and then use them in your name.

4- Think About Its Features:

A jeep is the most reliable vehicle you can own. To create your jeep name, you can think about its special features like its power steering, engine, maximum power or body type. Thinking about these rings will give you plenty of badass ideas and get your creative juices flowing.

5- Think About Your Interests:

Think about your hobbies and interests like your favorite hangout place or your favorite sport. You can choose any name that reflects your lifestyle.

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Choosing a badass jeep name is the best way to show your passion and love for your jeep. It even makes your vehicle stand out among other vehicles and look the coolest. That is why we have listed the most badass suggestions for you. Hopefully the above listed jeep names will give the most badass vibes and tell everyone why they should not mess with the jeep and its owner.


1. What are some Cool Jeep Names?

– Desert Rose, Wildfire, Maverick, Black Magic, Iron Maiden, Bad To The Bone, Xtreme Revolution and Trailblazer.

What is the Most Badass Jeep?

The Jeep Wrangler Rubicon is one of the most badass Jeeps out there! It’s designed to be an off-road warrior and comes with plenty of features that make it a great choice.

What is the Famous Jeep?

– The Jeep Wrangler is one of the most iconic and famous Jeeps around. It’s been a staple for off-roaders for decades, with its rugged design and powerhouse engine making it a popular choice.

What are some Good Jeep Names?

– Bronco, Renegade, Wildcat, Outlaw, Rough Rider, Big Chief, Rebel, Maverick and Trailblazer.

What are some Unique Jeep Names?

– Badlands Bandit, Dirt Demon, Swamp King, Grunt Machine, Bushwacker, Rocky Road Warrior and Thunder Trooper.

Badass Jeep Names

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