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March Madness is arriving soon. Honestly, winning NCAA tournament without an extraordinary name will not be easy this season. But you do not need to feel the pressure of the game, you just need one extraordinary name to look the best in the game. And for that, why not consider going for a funny bracket name? It is surely the best way to stand out among other teams and capture everyone’s attention.

Funny Bracket Names Listed | Crazy, NCAA, March Madness, Clever, Tournament 

For your inspiration, we have listed 100+ funny tournament bracket names. No one is going to forget about your team in a long time after these names. If you have a good sense of humor and you have some puns in mind that can make great bracket names then checkout the tips below this list to create your own name. Here is the list of funniest bracket names:

Funny Bracket Names

1- Bamba Blues.

2- The Real Beals.

3- Metta World.

4- Shmoe Bros.

5- Lonely Granger.

6- Back Door Men.

7- 50 Shades Of Granger.

8- Gang Luka.

9- Your Bracket Sucks.

10- Point Lords.

11- BOAT: Bracket Of All Times.

12- Bracket Coaches.

13- Danger Zone.

14- Ash Kickers.

15- Our Bracket Will Make You Cry.

16- Wild Club.

17- Wieners.

18- Risky Team.

19- A Few Good Men.

20- Noobs Attack.

21- Tragic Noah.

22- Tall Guys.

23- Jordan Rules.

24- Gobert Or Go Home.

25- Pretty In Pink.

26- Fultz In Our Stars.

27- That’s How Your Throw.

28- Take Notes.

29- Dragic End.

30- Sleeper Cells.

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31- Troll Kings.

32- Men On Fire.

33- Watch n Learn.

34- Too Smart For All.

35- Backstabbers.

36- Beer After This.

37- Bed Heroes.

38- Potatoes.

39- No Energy.

40- Beer Bros.

41- Lazy Bunch.

42- Think Before You Throw.

43- Ball Hunters.

44- Clean Slayers.

45- Sleepy Devils.

46- Ball Grabbers.

47- The Spoilers.

48- After Your Ball.

49- Wildcats.

50- Polar Bears.

51- March Badness m.

52- Flop Throwers.

53- Bracket Bros.

54- The Scoregasms.

55- Bracket Story.

56- Mad Men.

57- March Sadness.

58- The Busters.

59- Trying Jordans.

60- Metal Brackets.

61- Return Of The Noobs.

62- Loose Balls.

63- Hoops! Out.

64- Rookies Of The Year.

65- 50 Shades Of Losers.

66- Pink Party.

67- Bracket Megatons.

68- Bros On Track.

69- Harms n Fouls.

70- Losing Is A Charm.

71- Thugs.

72- The Hunks.

73- Wild Catchers.

74- Rocket Launchers.

75- Praying n Throwing.

76- Wild Guessers.

77- Premature Ejaculations.

78- The Shockers.

79- Lucky Winners.

80- Known Cheaters.

81- Game Of Throws.

82- Throw Kings.

83- Ball Attackers.

84- No Look Policy.

85- Cheesy Balls.

86- Curry Recipe.

87- Crazy Throws.

88- Ingles All The Way.

89- Getting Jiggy With It.

90- Ball Cruise.

91- Nash N Dash.

92- The Bullets.

93- Wake n Fake.

94- Curry In Hurry.

95- Show Stealers.

96- High Voltage.

97- Metaphysics.

98- Osama Bin Bracket.

99- The Bangers.

100- Beer Bunch.

101- Lucky Throwers.

102- Breezy Conditions.

103- Bracket Bolts.

104- The Bobcats.

105- Fab Four.

106- Court Stormers.

107- Magical Shots.

108- Court Jesters.

109- TyTy Much.

110- Sneaky Wheels.

111- Hoops! Did It Again.

112- Bracket Obama.

113- Duck Faces.

114- Flying Wheels.

115- Ball Movement.

Guidelines to Create Funny Bracket Names

You can never go wrong with a funny name. It not only creates a fun atmosphere but also makes your team attractive. There is a chance that you might not win but it is okay because you can still dominate the court with a funny name. Choosing a funny name and getting everyone’s appreciation is surely the perfect consolation prize. The following guidelines will help you to create a funny bracket name:

1- Take Inspiration From The Game:

Honestly watching your favorite game is the best way to get your creativity flowing. Watch the game or inspiration or search about previous matches and see if you find any hilarious story about any match or player. You will be surprised to see how many ideas are there.

2- Use Pop-Culture Reference:

To make the best and then epic bracket name, you can use pop culture reference. You can take inspiration from famous basketball players and see if you can use them creatively in your bracket name.

3- Create Puns:

A good use of puns or witty wordplays in your bracket name are the best ways to create hilarious names. It might seem a simple way but honestly it works wonders. It will make your name look unique and creative as compared to others. For example, Curry in a hurry or Kareem and Cookies.

4- Use Humor:

If you and your guys have good sense of humor then it would not take much time for you to think of the best dark jokes. Also, is there any hilarious moment that happened with your team? You can use your funny words, memories or jokes to create your bracket name:

5- Take Suggestions From Your Friends:

Taking suggestions from your friends is the best way to generate lots of unique ideas that no one can think about. With enough options and feedbacks, the right name will definitely come to you. It will also encourage your team members to give their input and full dedication.

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Choosing a funny bracket name is the best way to make the most out of the moment. It will not just make you look the coolest but also the smartest. And honestly who will think about supporting other teams when your team is there to capture their attention, right? You might not win the game but you will surely create a fun atmosphere in the game by using a hilarious name.

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