150+ Couple Names in ML [ Mobile Legends Couple Names ]

Couples that play together, stay together. Yes, this is the rule if you want to spice things up in your relationship. Mobile legends: bang bang is a free to play multiplayer arena game. The game gets much exciting when you play with your partner. But there is not fun in playing if you do not have a unique name.

Couple Names in ML

1- The Precious Duo.

2- Made For Eachother.

3- Hyped Up.

4- Wicked Eyes.

5- Yin Yang.

6- Fallen Geeks.

7- The Professionals.

8- Power Of Two.

9- Fire & Water.

10- Sweet n Sour.

11- Skeptical Smile.

12- Crazy n Lazy.

13- We Are One.

14- Brew Magic.

15- Duo Power.

16- Roommates.

17- Me & Mine.

18- War Beasts.

19- Power Rage.

20- Warbirds.

21- Two’s A Charm.

22- One Plus One.

23- We Fight Together.

24- The Strong Ones.

25- Jack n Jill.

26- Two Opposites.

27- Magic Pair.

28- Together As One.

29- Sharing Weapons.

30- Checkmates.

31- Mind Benders.

32- Online Attackers.

33- Party Throwers.

34- Spoiled Couple.

35- Silent Killers.

36- Freeze Goblins.

37- Clueless Players.

38- Savage Attackers.

39- ML Addicts.

40- Slay Baddies.

41- Shining Divas.

42- Ferocious Warriors.

43- Trend Setters.

44- Backstreet Demons.

45- Social Freaks.

46- The Pros.

47- Weapon Masters.

48- Style Mafia.

49- The Original Gangsters.

50- Cushion Wrestlers.

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51- Fearful Nightmare.

52- Killing Machines

53- Sudden Death.

54- The Subtle Slashers.

55- The Wanderers.

56- Sweet & Salty.

57- Weekend Warriors.

58- Better Halves.

59- Sugar Babies.

60- Silent Finishers.

61- Gamer Guys.

62- The Rockstars.

63- Silver Bullets.

64- Hot Sauces.

65- Wild Power.

66- Heaven Sent Angels.

67- Bubbles & Squeak.

68- Snap & Crackle.

69- Gummy Bears.

70- Two Mistakes.

71- Improvised Gangsters.

72- Loose Characters.

73- Blood Suckers.

74- Happy Pills.

75- Gentle Killers.

76- Slaying Duo.

77- Duo Attack.

78- Cereal Killers.

79- Zealous Force.

80- Wild Beasts.

81- Two Square.

82- Furious Strikers.

83- Snipe The Hype.

84- Frenzy Ninjas.

85- Blood Bashers.

86- Game End.

87- Epic Fighters.

88- Bang Bang.

89- Crazy Lovers.

90- Gun Mafia.

91- Kill n Steal.

92- Killing Addicts.

93- Real Chillers.

94- Retro Monsters.

95- Tilted Stabbers.

96- Thug Life.

97- Knockout Pros.

98- Living Dead.

99- Mighty Thugs.

100- The Stalkers.

101- Home Feels.

102- Iron fists.

103- The Cupids.

104- Mighty Trollers.

105- Love and War.

106- Winter Babies.

107- Dead Show.

108- Bloody Mary.

109- In The Blink.

110- Noob Killers.

111- Grim Hunters.

112- Victorious.

113- Fuzzy Gangsters.

114- Sweet & Psycho.

115- Dynamo.

116- The Outlaws.

117- Strong Two.

118- Wonder Couple.

119- Wild Crashers.

120- Two Lattes.

121- Double Trouble.

122- Two For All.

123- Twinnies.

124- Copy Paste.

125- Even & Odd.

126- Old School Lovers.

127- Crazy Penguins.

128- Tequila Tales.

129- The Escapists.

130- The Extroverts.

131- Tantrum Throwers.

132- Making War, Not Love.

133- Winning Pride.

134- War Monsters.

135- Arena Winners.

136- Toxic Rippers.

137- The Wild Attackers.

138- Fred & Daphne.

139- Love In The Air:

140- Killing Vibes.

141- Peace Lovers.

142- On A Break.

143- Not A Fairytale.

144- You Are Next.

145- Skilled Warriors.

146- The Strategists.

147- Power Couple.

148- We Stand Together.

149- Stronger Together.

150- The Lobsters.

List of 150+ Couple Names in ML that are Matching, Paired, Nicknames 2022

Your couple name gives you a chance to show off your style and skills. It should be comedic or unique and should reflect the coolest vibe that you give off as a pair. For your inspiration, we have listed 150 epic suggestions that you are your partner are definitely going to love. Pick any name from this list to show everyone how competitive you both are and why your couple is the best. 

Guidelines to Create Your Own Couple Names in ML

ML is not just any random game. It is the most challenging game where you fight against real human opponents. So choosing a good name becomes much important thing to do if you want to stand out among other players. We understand that choosing one perfect name gets difficult especially when you two have your own preferences. However, with this list, you do not need to worry anymore. Create your own epic game name using the following guidelines:

1- Use Words That Describe You Both:

Make a list of words that you think best describe your partner. You can use several words or one descriptive phrase, anything that describes you both as a couple.

2- Take Inspiration From Your Favourite Duos:

You can take inspiration from your favourite movies, comics, cartoons, foods or real life couples. For example, Rachel and Ross or Batman and Robin.

3- Use Game Characters:

You can also take inspiration from game features, characters, locations, weapons and moves.

4- Take Suggestions From Your Friends:

Taking suggestions from your friends is the best way to generate variety of options. Ask your friends to describe you as a couple. Taking an outside perspective will help you to create many unique options.

5- Merge Your Names:

Remember Roschel, Brangelina, Mondler or other celebrity couple names? Take inspiration from them and merge names with your partner to create a corny but creative option.

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Every couple should have a good ML name according to their preferences to differentiate their pair from other gamers. Hopefully your search for a good couple name will end here. We have tried to list best couple name suggestions that no one is going to forget in a long long time.

Couple Names in ML

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