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Valorant is a unique shooting game in which the players are divided into teams of 5. You get the choice to choose a character and use him in the match against others. This game offers ton of excitement so in order to match the level of game, we have arranged this list of 150 dating and strong name suggestions to make your gameplay more amazing.

Good Valorant Names

1- Pro Shooter.

2- Through The Skull.

3- Shooter Fate.

4- High sun Spirit.

5- Aesthetic Guy.

6- Thunder Boy.

7- High Thoughts.

8- Deadly Shots.

9- Avenger.

10- Phantom.

11- Deadly Lullaby.

12- Insane Guy.

13- DonWorry.

14- Free Shots.

15- Killer Vibe.

16- Across Your Heart.

17- Intoxicator.

18- Serial Shooter.

19- Dreams Killer.

20- Like A Pro.

21- Basically The Best.

22- Depressed & Well-Dressed.

23- Gladiator,

24- Disastrous.

25- Masked Man.

26- Lone Wolf.

27- The Conqueror.

28- Big Daddy.

29- Insensitive Boy.

30- Wonder Bullets.

31- Living Dead.

32- Night Wolf.

33- Sky Lord.

34- Head Hunter.

35- Your Karma.

36- Revengeful Beast.

37- Target Achieved.

38- Egocentric Dude.

39- Slayer.

40- Checkmate.

41- Killer Spree.

42- Queen Bandit.

43- Beyond Limit.

44- Delusional Killer.

45- Disciple Of Funk.

46- Fireball.

47- Ghost Rider.

48- The Barbarian.

49- Gun Mafia.

50- Smooth Shooter.

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51- Ariana Grenade.

52- Unfriendly Fire.

53- Savage.

54- Beauty Bomb.

55- Devastating Diva.

56- Real Attacker.

57- No Mercy.

58- The Gamer Girl.

59- Bunnyhopper.

60- Entry Fragger.

61- Surprise Element.

62- Out For Hunt.

63- Insomniac.

64- Demigod.

65- Blood Shooter.

66- Past Life Sheriff.

67- Range Expert.

68- The Dumping Guy.

69- Sorry, It’s Game.

70- No Protection.

71- Game Lagging.

72- Untameable Soldier.

73- The Ripper.

74- Wow Factor.

75- Trigger Boy.

76- Crazy Cat.

77- Dora The Killer.

78- Die Hard Soldier.

79- Forgive But Not Forget.

80- Right On Point.

81- Speed Slayer.

82- Ice In Veins.

83- Jaw Destroyer.

84- Victorious.

85- Lethal Bullet.

86- Skull Crusher.

87- Death On Spot.

88- No Sympathy Killer.

89- Alpha King.

90- Deja vu.

91- Self Defence Expert.

92- Complex Personality.

93- AxeWhyZed.

94- Meteor.

95- Target Locked.

96- You Can’t See Me.

97- Illegal Action.

98- Power Shooter.

99- Last Guy Standing.

100- Sky Smoker.

101- Joy Killer.

102- Phoenix.

103- Danger Zone.

104- Combat Hero.

105- Lit As Lightening.

106- Strikeforce.

107- Final Champion.

108- Unkillable Monsters.

109- Unstoppable.

110- Wonderguy.

111- Kill Rush.

112- Wallbanger.

113- Wallhacker.

114- Showstopper.

115- Aftershocker.

116- One Shot Wonder.

117- Famous Flanker.

118- Lit & Wit.

119- Flawless Killer.

120- Gun Lord.

121- Bullet Machine.

122- The Punisher.

123- Straight Outta Prison.

124- Jailbreaker.

125- Massive Damage.

126- Gunslinger.

127- Head Shooter.

128- Cold Blood.

129- Cold-hearted Shooter.

130- Killing Machine.

131- Living Legend.

132- Ninja Assassin.

133- Corrupt Soul.

134- Bounty Hunter.

135- Anything For Vp.

136- Chaotic Fighter.

137- Riot Maker.

138- Queen Cleopatra.

139- Dragon Emperor.

140- Deathstalker.

141- The Real O.G.

142- Bullet Attack.

143- Mystical Eagle.

144- High Standard.

145- Valorant Villain.

146- Billy The Destroyer.

147- Blue Whale.

148- Bulletproof.

149- Darkside.

150- Aiming For The Head.

List of 150+ Good Valorant Names | Cool, Best, Sweaty & Matching Valorant Usernames Ideas For Your Squad!

Choosing a good name is not to hard. You just need to find one that fits your gaming style. These following list will help you to finalize your choice. So go ahead , pick from this list and show your enemies what they are up against.

Here are some good Valorant name suggestions for you:

Guidelines to Create Your Own Good

Valorant Names

Choosing a good name is very important to show your game power and dominance. Your name is something that defines your character and attitude. You might be the strongest or smartest but if you do not have a good name then your personality is next to zero in the game. Imagine winning the match with legendary moves but having a common name that everyone forgets after a while. Disappointing, right? That is why you need a name that stays in players’ minds for a long long time. Create your own valorant name using the following guidelines:

1- Take Inspiration From Game:

The game includes so many unique weapons, characters and locations to take inspiration from. Before finalising your name, make sure that it is not already in use. If you like a specific character or name then search for its synonyms or alternate character and then create a name.

2- Choose Relevant Words:

Your name should be relatable to the audience. It should reflect your personality and make sense when others read it. Do not go for names that includes real life characters as it will just confuse other players.

3- Choose A Powerful Name:

Your name should show your skills and strengths. Try to choose words that show your dominance in the game and create fear in your enemy’s mind.

4- Go For Easy Names:

Do not complicate your name. Do not add digits or extra characters in your name as it will just confuse others. This make it difficult for other players to find your account. Keep it short. Simple and unique.

5- Use Fight Related Words:

The best names are those that serve two purposes: make enemies nervous and boost your spirit. Use words like battle, fighter, warrior etc. make sure that your name is not just tough but also the right fit for your gaming style.

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Valorant’s exceptional gameplay and characters has attracted players all around the world. Every player tries to come up with a best name considering it is their first impression in the game. Hopefully the above listed names will help you out in this. Good thing is that you can change your name unlimited times so you have tons of options to choose from.

Good Valorant Names

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