100+ Popular, Cool & Clever DJ Names Not Taken! [ List-2023 ]

Do you think it is time to start your career as a DJ? Do you also adore DJ Khaled, DJ RDB or Marshmallow? These are the greatest Djs of this era. You might have noticed that their DJ names have an element of fun. Fun is the best way to set your mark in the music industry.

100+ Dj Names Not Taken

1- Breaker.

2- Tempo.

3- Big Daddy.

4- Mad Genius.

5- Twist.

6- Jam.

7- Spin.

8- Scratch.

9- Groove.

10- Flash.

11- Warrior.

12- Wild.

13- Rebel.

14- Voice.

15- Salem Lord.

16- Loud.

17- Moondust.

18- Magician.

19- Venom.

20- Next Level.

21- Hyped.

22- King.

23- Wanderer.

24- Wrecker.

25- Whisker.

26- Disco.

27- Storm.

28- Jazz Ee.

29- Airwolf.

30- Viper.

31- Fusion King.

32- Panda.

33- Star.

34- Lemon.

35- Hit.

36- Remix.

37- Panther.

38- Turn It Up.

39- Sixer.

40- Jazzy Jeff.

41- Sixer.

42- Boom.

43- Rock.

44- Happy.

45- KAT.

46- Big Ben.

47- Big Willie.

48- Beast.

49- Sunshine.

50- Drowsy.

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51- Wolfman.

52- Apollo.

53- Bliss.

54- Dazzling Queen.

55- Spinner.

56- Blazer.

57- Atom.

58- Trackstar.

59- Proton.

60- Wild West.

61- Wanderer.

62- Mixer.

63- Punk.

64- Jazzy Beat.

65- Spirit.

66- Notorious.

67- Fusion.

68- Sweet Beats.

69- Anonymous.

70- High Energy.

71- Quick.

72- Trix.

73- Snake.

74- Shadow.

75- Trickster.

76- Bob.

77- Black.

78- Bravo.

79- Cheetah.

80- Stereo Love.

81- Night.

82- Unforgettable.

83- Bomb.

84- Phantom.

85- Mad Man.

86- Crazy.

87- Untameable.

88- Pro Max.

89- Minion.

90- Dark.

91- Bang.

92- Basher.

93- Versatile.

94- DJ Next Door.

95- Beat King.

96- Epic.

97- Slayer.

98- Moodsetter.

99- Vibe.

100- Bombastic.

101- Crackhead.

102- Matrix.

103- Joyking.

104- Bear.

105- Skipper.

106- Cobra.

107- Bubble.

108- Lost Frequency.

109- Keeper.

110- Sparkle.

111- Rocker.

112- Walker.

113- Hardwell.

114- Marshmallow.

115- Rehab.

List of 100+ Dj Names Not Taken that are Ultra Cool, Funny, Creative Untaken DJ Names For Boys & Girls

Your DJ name should reflect your personality. It is a chance for you to show your creativity and talent. In this article, we have listed 100+ perfect suggestions for boys and girls. Whether you want a DJ company name, duo name or a house DJ name, we got you covered.

We have written some pretty badass, funny, cool and popular DJ names that are unique and not taken. They will surely make you stand out among others. So go ahead and make your name legendary.

Guidelines to Create DJ Names

If you have a catchy or fun name then there are high chances that you will get famous within days. But not all fun names are catchy! You need to choose your Dj name wisely otherwise it will only get negative publicity. That is why we have written this article to give you some inspiration to create your own DJ name.

Create your DJ name using the following guidelines:

1- Take Inspiration From Existing DJs:

For starters, search about the existing DJs and look at their names to get your creative juices flowing. This will give you an idea about how your name should be.

2- Choose An Appealing Name:

Make sure to choose words that are appealing to your audience. People will be attracted to you on the basis of your name. It will be the first think they hear so make sure that name is catchy and attractive.

3- Use Alliterations:

A cool way to create an epic dj name is to use alliteration. This will make you name catchy, easier to spell and remember. You can use any word that defines your personality and merge it with any descriptive word to create a cool name that describes your personality while being aesthetic.

4- Capitalise Words:

Capitalising certain words will give your name a very cool look. It will help you to stand out among ordinary names. It will also make your trademarking bit easier because it will be different than others.

5- Play On Words:

Another popular method that most Djs use is to remove vowels from their names or change letters to create a unique name. For example, BTSDRP, STNDRD.

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A good DJ name is unique, cool and creative. A right name can tell a lot about your personality and the vibe you can create through your music. So if you want everyone to remember you and book you for their events then make sure to choose an ideal name. Hopefully the above names will help you to create the the best vibe at your events.

Djs Names Not Taken

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