101+Harry Potter Group Names [ Slytherin, Gryffindor, HufflePuff ]

Who isn’t a fan of Harry Potter series? It has been an amazing part of everyone’s childhood. The entire series is loaded with so many amazing quotes, scenes and characters that true Potter heads can never forget. If you and your group also consider yourselves true potter heads then why not give a tribute to the series and name your group after the famous characters of the series?

Choosing a unique Harry Potter inspired group name will surely help your group to stand out in the crowd. It is a great chance to reminisce your favourite movie scenes with your friends. Though you might not get admission in Hogwarts but it is surely a good way to express your love for the series and become a part of Harry Potter club.

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After taking inspiration from Harry Potter houses and wizards, we have listed 101 good, funny, and cool Harry Potter group names for friends. If you also have ideas in mind that you think will make great group names then just read the tips listed below as they will help you to create an epic cool name in no time.

Potter Group Names

Now without any delay, let’s explore this world of witchcraft. Here is the list of magical Harry porter group name suggestions:

1- Roaming Muggles.

2- Trollers In Dungeon.

3- DumbleAdore.

4- Hogwarts Graduates.

5- Wizards In Disguise.

6- Hogwarts Wildcats.

7- Snapes In The Group.

8- Mighty Nargles.

9- Wild Wizards.

10- Prisoners Of Azkaban.

11- The Snitches.

12- Yellow & Black.

13- Sleazy Weasleys.

14- The Hat Picked Us.

15- Gracious Warlocks.

16- Moody Moony Club.

17- Avada Kedavra.

18- Wandering Dobby.

19- Wand Care Takers.

20- Chocolate Frogs.

Harry Potter Team Names Slytherin

21- Magic Believers.

22- Mischief Makers.

23- Pure Blood Supremacy.

24- Weasley Quadruplets.

25- Mud-Bloods United.

26- Rubber Ducks.

27- Dark Lords.

28- Royal Slytherins.

29- Sniffin’ Nifflers.

30- Fatal Basilisks.

31- The Gaunt Fathers.

32- Sirius White.

33- Masters Of Dark Arts.

34- The Cunning Serpents.

35- Death Eaters Reunion.

36- The Cursed Children.

37- Blood Brothers.

38- Fantastic Beasts.

39- Hairy Potters.

40- Lockhart Fans.

41- Dark-Wizards Catchers.

42- Anti-venomous.

43- Great Wizards.

44- Faceless Muggles.

45- The Saints.

46- Riddikulus Muggles.

47- Regulars Of butter beer.

48- Hogwarts Head Boys.

49- Professors Og Hogwarts.

50- Free Elves.

Harry Potter Team Names Gryffindor

51- Evil Fairies.

52- Hogwarts Rejects.

53- The Queens Of Serpents.

54- Flying Car Owners.

55- Wandering Spirits.

56- The House Elves.

57- Butterbeer Club.

58- The Sea Serpents.

59- The Abominations.

60- The Charmers.

61- Defense Teachers.

62- Dangerous Grangers.

63- Wandering Dementors.

64- Fire In Us.

65- Dark Lord’s Army.

66- Proud Mud Bloods.

67- Potter’s Army.

68- The Chosen Magicians.

69- Mighty Magicians.

70- Gryffindor Falcons.

71- Dumber Dorks.

72- Muggles Chasers.

73- The Dumberdwarfs.

74- Gryffindor Goofballs.

75- Knights Of Hogwarts.

76- Lovely Myrtles.

77- Witty Beyond Measure.

78- Harry’s Classmates.

79- Battle Winners.

80- Brainless Bimbos.

81- Malfoy’s Groupmates.

82- Rise Of Phoenixes.

83- The Wandbearers.

84- Hungry Blood Princesses.

85- Ravenclaw Eagles.

86- The Healers.

87- Giant Slayers.

88- Gryffindor Prides.

89- Hogwarts Toppers.

90- Witches Of Hogwarts.

91- Redheads Association.

92- Harry Scooters.

93- Evil Sorcerers.

94- Hufflepuff Underdogs.

95- The Granger Zone.

96- Amorous Sorceresses.

97- Marvellous Gryffindors.

98- Deadly Omens.

99- Spell Pros.

100- Crazy Redheads.

101- The Group That Shall Not Be Named.

Guidelines to Create Harry Potter Group Names

The following guidelines will help you to create a Harry Potter inspired group name:

1- Take Inspiration From Wizard World:

You do not need to look for inspiration anywhere else, Harry Potter itself is the best source of inspiration to create an epic group name. Think about the characters that inspire you, think about their best spells, actions and traits and use them in your team name.

2- Choose An Impactful Name:

The wizard world is so amazing and mesmerizing that it would be wrong if you end up with a dull or boring name. The characters in novel are so strong that they have left a strong mark on everyone. So you need to make sure that your group name is also impactful and creative. Choose strong characters use them in your group name.

3- Be Creative:

You just need to get a bit imaginative and creative to create your own group name. You can give your group name a magical touch by choosing fantasy-sounding names. For example, The Lockharts, Potterheads or Pure Bloods.

4- Use Harry Potter Terminology:

If you are a true Potterhead then you definitely remember a lot of spells and terminologies used in Harry Potter. If you still need some inspiration then do a google search or Harry Potter terminologies and make a list of words that you like.

5- Take Suggestions From Your Group Members:

Do a brainstorming sessions with your group mates and ask about their favourite parts in Harry Potter series. After that, ask each member for their opinions and finalize the name that gets maximum votes.


Even though most of us have read Harry Potter books in childhood but even after so many years, we just cannot get this magical world out of our minds. Choosing a Harry Potter inspired name is surely the best way to keep that spirit of Hogwarts alive and relive the memories of childhood. We have listed best names in the list for all HP enthusiasts. Hopefully our suggestions will add more magic to your group.


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