100+ Funny Dance Group Names For an Endless Laughter!

Let’s face it, if you want your dance group to look the coolest then you are going to need an extraordinary name. For that, why not go for the most uncommon way like choosing a funny dance group name? It is the best way to make your group stand out from the crowd and make everyone smile. Your group name is your identity and it is how everyone in the world will remember you so make sure that it is fun enough to bring smile on everyone’s face.

Funny Dance Group Names | Unique, Classical, Hip-hop, Christian Dance Team Names 

A funny and unique dance group name brings your team together and creates a fun atmosphere within the group. If you think that everyone in your team is cheerful and has a great sense of humor then you definitely need to check out this list. We have listed 100+ catchy names for dance competition and meaningful dance crew names that will spread a cool vibe.

Funny Dance Group Names

Here is a list of hilarious dance group name suggestions that will definitely make your group members chuckle:

1- Spirits In Motion.

2- Revolutionary Moves.

3- Non-rhythmic Battalion.

4- Junk Steps.

5- Stage Rockers.

6- Mad Cows.

7- Never In Sync.

8- Mad Moves.

9- Bass Babies.

10- Hipster Chicks.

11- Salsa n Chips.

12- Kool n Klassy.

13- Girls With Balls.

14- Thrill Moves.

15- Devilish Moves.

16- Pole Queens.

17- Gold Diggerd.

18- Shockwaves.

19- Salsa Attack.

20- Drill Machines.

21- Tomcats.

22- Dancing Rebels.

23- Keepin’ It Wild.

24- Sweet Disasters.

25- Freaky Ballerinas.

26- Twirl Bugs.

27- Always Tired.

28- Feet At Rest.

29- The Twisters.

30- Beat Breakers.

31- Dancing Lunatics.

32- Beer n Cheers.

33- Wild Wings.

34- The Sick Pack.

35- Stage Breakers.

36- Dance Destroyers.

37- Movements In Control.

38- Step Artists.

39- Shooting Stars.

40- Steps Sisters.

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41- Lazy Ballerinas.

42- The Hustlers.

43- The Swingers.

44- Dancing Thunder.

45- The Lawnmowers.

46- Show Stoppers.

47- Funky Fellows.

48- Boogie Babies.

49- Booty Poppers.

50- The Sprinklers.

51- Chicks With Flicks.

52- Stomping Squad.

53- Riders Zone.

54- Flashy Feet.

55- Belly Shakers.

56- Kool Kats.

57- Effortlessly Lame.

58- Lap Dancers.

59- Little Bunnies.

60- Chill Chicks.

61- Flying Potatoes.

62- Stage Shakers.

63- Step Theory.

64- Sneaky Blinders.

65- Lol Steps.

66- Rebellious Moves.

67- Gucci Dolls.

68- Rough Dancers.

69- Step Brothers.

70- Chill Pills.

71- Groovy Kats.

72- Dancing Junkies.

73- Moving Minions.

74- Fatso Dancers.

75- Hot Coals.

76- Sick Steps.

77- Heavy Steps.

78- Lazy Steppers.

79- Dizzy Danvers.

80- Soul Shakers.

81- Wondrous Girls.

82- Dance Force.

83- Pop Princesses.

84- Riding Hoods.

85- Hopping Bots.

86- The Flex Machines.

87- Step In Time, Saves Nine.

88- Dizzy Dancers.

89- Beat Bangers.

90- Gangster Dancers.

91- The Move Makers.

92- Jalapeños.

93- Fusion Artists.

94- Stage Shockers.

95- Screaming Moves.

96- Sleepy Flamingos.

97- Venomous Vixens.

98- Lady Bosses.

99- Destructive Moves.

100- The Hoppers.

101- Jumpy Monkeys.

102- Sore Sisters.

103- Time Bombs.

104- Cheese Cakes.

105- Insane Steps.

106- Big Bugs.

107- The Lame Factor.

108- Jukeboxes.

109- Wicked Limbs.

110- Jumping Jacks.

111- Woozy Movers.

112- Belly Jigglers.

113- Nighttime Crawlers.

114- Tap Kings.

115- Angry Birds.

Guidelines to Create Funny Dance Group Names For Your Squad

These funny and hip hop dance group names will take everyone by surprise and also ensure that your group name is always remembered. So, let’s take a look at these hilarious suggestions. Hopefully with our list of sassy dance team names, you will never face shortage of options. The following guidelines will help you to create a hilarious dance group name:

1- Use Puns:

When it comes to choosing a funny dance group name, a good technique is to think about puns and cultural references. Think about your favourite movies, songs or words and see if you can give them your own creative spell. You can also take inspiration from the names listed above and see if you can swap or play in words to create a funny way.

2- Use Disco Era Technology:

Using retro slang or dancing terminology is a good way to create a fun name that is unique and different than other dance groups.

3- Choose A Name That Describes Your Group Members Collectively:

Think about your group members’ weaknesses or embarrassing moments. Think about the jokes that you guys share or the funniest terms that you use to define each other. Build a name around those words that show the fun side of your team. For example, if everyone in your group is lazy then you can choose a name like Lazy Ballerinas.

4- Take Inspiration From Fictional Names:

You can also take inspiration from from books, lyrics, comics, funny characters or jokes. For example if everyone is your group has a very fun and bubbly personality then your group name can be “The Bubbles” or your group name can be “Babies Got Back”.

5- Choose Rhyming Words:

If you are at rhyming then nothing can stop you from creating a hilarious group name. Just think about your group members’ personality and find something that rhymes with it. For example, Humpty Dumpty, Chicks With Flicks etc.


A funny dance group name helps any dance group to stand out. It helps you to catch attention and give your group a fun personality. It is surely better than the groups with boring names. For that, you can count on his article for hilarious suggestions. The above listed suggestions are best for everyone who love to have fun on dance floors. Hopefully these names will help you to steal the show wherever you go.

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