Harry Potter Fan Names [ Pet, Baby, Girl, Slytherin, Private ]

Fans of Harry Potter series are called Potterheads. If you are also a big fan of the series and just cannot get over the magical world then this list is for you. You might not get an acceptance letter from Hogwarts but with these names, you can surely add some magic in your lives. You can show everyone that no one is a bigger fan of the series than you. In this magical universe of Harry Potter, there are no common names, every name you find on this list is magical.

List of Harry Potter Fan Names

1- Granger Danger.

2- Pretty Pixie.

3- Fantastic Beast.

4- Holyhead Herpies.

5- Lord Of Witches.

6- Chosen Warrior.

7- Free Elf.

8- Golden Snitch.

9- Potter’s Right Hand

10- Dementor.

11- Snake Charmer.

12- Perfect Percy.

13- Dark Lord.

14- Dark Wizard.

15- Heir Of Slytherin.

16- Parsalmouth.

17- Professor Of Witchcraft.

18- Mocking Wizard.

19- Last Potter.

20- Potterhead.

21- Hogwarts Founder.

22- Proud Muggle.

23- Pure Blood.

24- Hogwartian.

25- Wise Harry.

26- Marauder.

27- The Keeper.

28- Son Of A Snitch.

29- Scarhead.

30- Harry Puker.

31- Aurora.

32- Bloody Baron.

33- Fat Friar.

34- Scar Boy.

35- Buckbeak.

36- Fawkes.

37- Ginny In The Bottle.

38- Nymphadora.

39- Hedwig.

40- Longbottom.

41- Donald Weasley.

42- Bagshot.

43- Hermione Ginger.

44- Potion Master.

45- The Binns.

46- Harry Shooter.

47- Ronald Duck.

48- Sirius White.

49- Orion Black.

50- Kingsley.

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51- Susan Bones.

52- Godric Gryffindor.

53- Old Mrs. Figg.

54- Half-Blood.

55- Cho Chang.

56- Dumbledore.

57- Aberforth.

58- Goyle.

59- Squib.

60- Death Eater.

61- Brainless Nick

62- Muggle Dork.

63- The Chosen Lord

64- No1 Potterhead.

65- Squibhead.

66- Happy Myrtle.

67- Whacky Warlock.

68- Magic Man.

69- Knight Of Hogwarts.

70- Pinhead.

71- Horned Serpent.

72- Granger In Anger.

73- Hufflepuff Warrior.

74- The Deluminator.

75- The Quibbler.

76- Always Sirius.

77- Slytherin Slayer.

78- Professor Snake.

79- Dumb Bull Door.

80- Bloody Moron

81- Enchanting Angels.

82- Free Dobby.

83- The Lovegod.

84- Wild Cat.

85- Wind Bender.

86- Gummy Bear.

87- The Prefect.

88- The Wrecker.

89- House Elf.

90- Pure Blood Magician.

91- Furious Filch.

92- Knight Of Gryffindor.

93- Dumber Dwarf.

94- Wandering Norris.

95- Triwizard Champion.

96- The Saint.

97- Expecto Sexo.

98- Nearly Headless.

99- Talking Owl.

100- Talking Hat.

101- Albus Dumberdoll.

102- Holyhead.

103- Half-Blood Prince.

104- Noseless Beauty.

105- Tom Riddle.

106- Slytherin Serpents.

107- Sea Serpent.

108- Wand Bearer.

109- Magic Perfectionist.

110- Smart Beyond Measure.

111- Lame Malfoy.

112- King Weasley.

113- Azkaban Prisoner.

114- Crazy Myrtle.

115- Hogwarts Graduate.

Names for Harry Potter Fans |  Funny, TikTok, Insta, Creative, Dog, Cat, Private Harry Potter Fan Names For Your Squad 2022

We have written 100+ epic, funny and cute name suggestions for all Harry Potter fans-from classic Harry to friendly Hagrid. If Hogwarts also feels like a second home to you then you are definitely going to love this list. We have also listed name suggestions for all the users who are looking for suggestions for their Instagram, Facebook or tiktok accounts. Here are the best suggestions for all Harry Potter fans:

Guidelines to Create Names for Harry Potter Fans

This is not it, you will also find dog names, cat names and baby names here. So grab your wand and broomstick and let’s dive into this magical world of Harry Potter. You will find better and unique name here. You are surely going to enjoy this trip to Hogwarts. These guidelines will help all the crazy fans of Harry Potter to create epic names.

1- Take Inspiration From Harry Potter’s Mythology:

The Harry Potter universe is full of terminologies that are enough to get your creative juices flowing. Search for Harry Potter’s terminology and note down the ones you like or create your own Harry Potter series inspired magical phrase.

2- Use Your Favourite Character:

You can use your favourite Harry Potter character as a starting point. Though all the characters are charming but everyone always has one favourite character. If there is someone from the series that you also adore the use his name or traits to create your name. May be you are smart like Harry or you have sarcastic humour like Hermione, whatever your choice is, he/she can be the perfect inspiration to create an epic name.

3- Go Wild With Puns:

You can create a humorous or a witty name using the words that explain what happened in your favourite scenes. Narrow it down to one word so that your name stays catchy and unique.

4- Use Interesting Disney Facts To Create Your Name:

You can use a fact about Harry Potter series’ characters or even quotes. If the fact you like is too long then be creative and narrow it down.

5- Use Words That Come To Your Mind:

You can also use the words that come to your mind when you think about Harry Potter. Try to use terms that describe the love you have for Harry Potter. Make a list of those words and you will get lots of options to choose from.

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Harry Potter is the most iconic series to ever air. It is loved worldwide. Even after years it has not lost his charm. The above list is dedicated to all Harry Potter fans. This list is jam packed with fun and creative names that are perfect for every HP fan. Hopefully you will find that one name here that you have been searching for.

Harry Potter Fan Names

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