100+ Extremely Funny Harry Potter Usernames Rarely Found!

There is no denying that J.K. Rowling has created a fascinating history. Harry Potter series has a massive fan following. You will never find ordinary characters in the magical universe. The series includes many unique characters-from funny Ron to smart Hermione or helping Dobby. Even a decade later, people are still cannot get over the series. Some of them are even using Harry Potter inspired usernames. If you are also interested in picking a fun username that makes everyone chuckle then this list is for you.

Funny Harry Potter Usernames

1- Ron On Voyage.

2- Snapechat.

3- Dobby’s Twin.

4- Professor Snake.

5- BroomMate.

6- Why So Sirius?

7- It’s A. Granger Thing.

8- Snape Attack.

9- Espresso Patronum.

10- Wand-erer.

11- Sleepy Myrtle.

12- Bad-Eye Moody.

13- Ron’s Hair.

14- Avada Kedavra.

15- Dumbledork.

16- Noob Muggle.

17- Dumblewhore.

18- Nagini.

19- Ginny Pig.

20- Volt-demort.

21- Quit-itch.

22- Nobody’s Nose.

23- Cursed Child.

24- Hairy Potter.

25- Hogwarts Expelled.

26- The Bludger.

27- The Chocolate Frog.

28- The Fat Lady.

29- Mad Booty.

30- Headless Nick.

31- Hogwarts Star.

32- Fluffy Cat.

33- Hiss Queen.

34- Crazy Potter

35- Wise Niffler.

36- House Elf.

37- Steady Phoenix.

38- The Mandrake Root.

39- Powerful Squib.

40- Brain-Eating Slug.

41- Scoundrel Plus Saint.

42- Badmouth Falcon.

43- Ron Cheesy.

44- The Sleepy Hallows.

45- Nimbus Broomstick.

46- Winged Cat.

47- Cloaked Magician.

48- Harry Potato.

49- Malfoy’s Attitude.

50- Magic Minister.

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51- Knight Of Hufflepuff.

52- Gryffindor Reject.

53- Blind Squib.

54- The Patronus.

55- Severus Shake.

56- Slaying Dwarf.

57- Filthy Filch.

58- Gryffindor’s Nerd.

59- Mrs. Norris.

60- Suspicious Pureblood.

61- Moody Dobby.

62- Fudge Cake.

63- Rolly Molly.

64- Spell Maker.

65- Harry Puker.

66- Lame Slytherin.

67- Serpent King.

68- Sleepy Prince.

69- Goblet Of Ice.

70- Deluminator.

71- Sneaky Owl.

72- Hagrid’s Beard.

73- Bathroom Ghost.

74- Shadow Monster.

75- Happy Malfoy.

76- Angry Filch.

77- Partial Muggle.

78- Professor Dumbus.

79- Secret Leaker.

80- The Confused One.

81- Azkaban Guard.

82- Charming Squib.

83- Melodious Myrtle.

84- Precious Ron.

85- Sea Serpent.

86- Prison Guard.

87- Anaemic Prince.

88- Dancing Spider.

89- Sirius Moon.

90- Slytherin Snake.

91- Wand Maker.

92- Hermione Ranger.

93- Magic Professor.

94- Furious Crab.

95- Light Force.

96- Bloody Sorcerer.

97- The Sneaker.

98- Angry Gargoyle.

99- Picky Ron

100- Weasley In Rush.

101- Long Haired Raven.

102- Snitch Dragon.

103- Poor Hermione.

104- Golden Snitch.

105- Luna Lover.

106- The Pimply.

107- Snitch & Ditch.

108- Scarheadef Ghost.

109- Dumb Bull Dog.

110- Daily property.

111- Son Of A Snitch.

112- Harry’s Zone.

113- Your Friend From Hogwarts.

114- Winged Horse.

115- Mean Malfoy.

List of Funny Harry Potter Usernames | Funny Harry Potter Related Nicknames, Usernames [ Rare, Slytherin, Clever ]

For you, we have listed 100+ suggestions after taking inspiration from funny Harry potter characters, funny Harry Potter spell names and funny Harry Potter movie names. This list also includes Harry Potter names for gryffindor, hufflepuff, ravenclaw and slytherin so you are definitely going to find something epic here. So go ahead and keep the magic alive by choosing from the following suggestions.

These funny usernames will definitely you chuckle:

Guidelines to Create Funny Harry Potter Usernames

Choosing a funny username is the best way to get noticed on social media. People do not show interest in dull profiles. They will follow you for sure if your profile has an element of fun. Creating a funny Harry Potter username is not difficult. You just have to get creative and play on words smartly.

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Create a hilarious Harry Potter username using the following guidelines:

1- Use Humor:

Get creative and turn the characters’ names into funny names. If you have any jokes in mind then you can also merge them in your team name.

2- Search About Fun Facts Of Harry Potter:

You will find so many fun facts about Harry Potter series on internet. For example, all the spells are in Latin or Harry Potter was supposed to wear green contacts in the film. You can take inspiration from these facts, merge it with creative words and create a cool and fun Harry Potter username.

3- Be Unique:

Do not copy from others. Users will lose interest in your profile if they notice that your username is a copied one. Be original and unique. You can look at other profile for inspiration and then use creativity to create your own fun username.

4- Use Puns:

If you want a funny Harry Potter username then you can never go wrong with puns. Some examples include ‘Harry Looter’, ‘Hermione Ginger’ or ‘Don Weasley’. Whatever name you choose, make sure it’s something that other users will remember for a long time.

5- Turn Harry Potter Spells Into Your Username:

Think of the spells you find interesting. You can add descriptive words or phrases to it to make it more exciting and fun. For example, Abra cadabra, Has Ta La Vista.


Harry Potter has a separate huge fan base. Choosing a funny Harry Potter username will definitely make your profile much more attractive and fun. Hopefully the above listed names will help you to come up with something really amazing. Just make sure that whatever you choose really stands out among others and make others smile as soon as they see your profile.

Funny Harry Potter Usernames

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