100+ Badass Squad Names to Win Every Game!

As soon as you enter the battlefield, each player forms an image about you. A sweet name makes them think that you are just a noob while a badass name creates a dominating and strong impression in the game. So, if you think that everyone in your squad is strong, a rebel and a mastermind then you just need to find a relevant and unique squad name that matches this description.

Badass Squad Names |  [ Amazing, Funny, Unique, Cool ] List-2023

To make your squad look the best, you can trust this list of 100+ badass squad names for friends and cool girl squad names for all the lady bosses to show their power. We have also listed best squad names for free fire and badass squad names for Mobile Legends so we have faith that this list might include the names you have been dreaming to find.

So without delay, let’s checkout these squad name ideas to make your opponents fear you. Below is a list of badass and strong squad names:

1- Trouble Makers,

2- Firepower.

3- Men In Suits.

4- Soldiers On Mission.

5- Outcasts.

6- Immune To Bullshit.

7- Nothing Is Impossible.

8- Poker Princesses.

9- The 8th Wonders.

10- Stage Rulers.

11- Horsepower.

12- Super Beings.

13- Viking Raiders.

14- The Usual Suspects.

15- Bad Vibes Only.

16- Big Time Gamers.

17- Uncivilised Gentlemen.

18- Party Animals.

19- Heart Breakers.

20- Record Setters.

21- Trendy 24/7.

22- Go-Getters.

23- Doppelgängers.

24- Prickly Bees.

25- City Kings.

26- Above You.

27- Fantastic Finishers.

28- Unbelievably Good.

29- Pumped Up.

30- Made In Heaven.

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31- Job Masters.

32- Glorious Winners.

33- The Controllers.

34- Real Talent.

35- Men On Mission.

36- Collective Skills.

37- Space Takers.

38- By Hook Or By Crook.

39- The Executors.

40- Four Brothers.

41- Until Death.

42- The Finishers.

43- The Punishers.

44- Death Wave.

45- Hard Boiled Eggs.

46- Violent Fire.

47- Rebellious Gen.

48- Road Warriors.

49- Counterfeit Citizens.

50- Black Belt.

51- Bad Bunch.

52- Disorder Restored.

53- Radioactive.

54- Grave Diggers.

55- Rules Breakers.

56- Dirty Dogs.

57- Mean Bunch.

58- Wrong Doers.

59- Bones Breakers.

60- Organised Rebels.

61- Kill In Mind.

62- Crazy Heads.

63- Antagonists.

64- Problem Makers.

65- Chainsaw Killers.

66- Main Villains.

67- No Time For Bullshits.

68- Torture Machines.

69- Say Again?

70- Deceitful Forces.

71- Peace Destroyers.

72- Frontline Warriors.

73- Revenge Takers.

74- The Rulers.

75- Four Horsemen.

76- Rough n Tough.

77- We Hold Grudges.

78- Apocalypse Bringers.

79- Throne Earners.

80- Country Foes.

81- We Make Rules.

82- The Thrashers.

83- Trend Setters.

84- 5 Mistakes.

85- Ambassador Of War.

86- Music Mafia.

87- Bad Deeds.

88- In Sync Killers.

89- Deal Breakers.

90- Evil Tribe.

91- True Leaders.

92- Out Of The Box.

93- Change Makers.

94- The Masterminds.

95- League Of Extraordinary People.

96- Spilling Facts.

97- Puppet Masters.

98- Centre Point.

99- Showstoppers.

100- Game Changers.

101- Bad Soldiers.

102- Winners Tale.

103- Wicked Demons.

104- Amazing Avengers.

105- Riot Starters.

106- Brutal Defenders.

107- Classic Outlaws.

108- Destructive Weapons.

109- Marksmen.

110- Mighty Divas.

111- Flawless Shooters,

112- Savage Killers.

113- The Hustlers.

114- Badasses Collaboration.

115- White Walkers.

Badass Squad Names for Gaming

1. The Sky Wolves – “Ready to conquer the sky”

2. Iron Vanguard – “Where gaming power is reborn”

3. War Mongers – “Fearless and strong”

4. Nemesis Warriors – “Taking down the competition one by one”

5. The Slayer Clan – “Destroying the opposition”

6. The Dark Knights – “Ruling the battlefield with no mercy”

Badass Squad Names for Free Fire

1. The Warlords – “Winning battles with finesse”

2. Battle Breakers – “Breaking all barriers of the game”

3. Fire Seekers – “Surviving and thriving through the fire”

4. Fearless Flames – “The heat is on!”

5. Night Roamers – “The shadows will protect us”

6. The Unstoppables – “No one can stand in our way”

Unique Squad Names

1. The Untamed – “Unleashing our true potential”

2. Blood Brothers – “Bound together in a brotherhood of power”

3. The Victors – “Victory is always on our side”

4. Iron Eagles- “Showing the world what we can do”

5. The Unconquerables – “Undefeatable in every way”

6. Elite Assassins – “Fearless and precise”

7. the Gods of War- “The masters of battle”

8. Fire Avengers – “Our mission is justice”

9. The Unleashed – “Breaking free from the chains of defeat”

10. The Mercenaries – “We have no masters, only goals”

11. Phoenix Fighters – “Rising from the ashes of destruction”

12. Outlaws – “Defying all odds”

13. The Legion – “Strength in numbers”

14. Savage Warriors- “No one stands a chance against us”

15. The Predators – “Ready to hunt our prey”

16. Wolf Pack – “A force to be reckoned with”

Guidelines to Create a Badass Squad Names

Choosing a badass squad name for gaming is the best decision you can make for your squad as it is the first thing that is going to help you in winning. It shows your winning attitude and helps to distinguish your squad from the crowd. The following guidelines will help you to create a badass squad name:

1- Take Inspiration From Fiction:

You will find plenty of inspiration from fiction. Movies like taken or fast and furious are the perfect examples. Or you can also use your favorite badass character for inspiration. Whatever you choose, just make sure that it is tough enough to make your opponent nervous while competing you.

2- Choose A Catchy Name:

Your name is something that is going to stick in your opponents’ minds for a long long time so make sure it is catchy and equally badass.

3- Search For Synonyms:

Badass names are strong-willed, sweaty, non-comforting and rebellious. So make a list of badass and strong words that comes to your mind. You can also search for the synonyms of badass to get wide range of inspiration.

4- Merge Your Ideas:

If you like two words that sound super badass then you can use both of them too. Merge the words that you like to create a unique name. When you think you have landed on an option then say it aloud. This will help you to decide if the name is a pervert choice or not.

5- Take Suggestions:

Involving your squad too in this process will surely be a fun experience for everyone. Ask each of them to submit the best badass name they have in mind and then take a vote.

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If you want a name that shows how rebellious and brave your squad is then you need a badass name. After all, how cool would it be to make your squad look the best and most powerful in the game, right? The above listed suggestions will help you to create a strong impression in the game. Honestly, no one’s going to forget about your squad in a long long time.


What are some cool squad Names?

Some cool squad names include: The Squad That Rocks, Kings of the Game, Squad Goals, The Elite Beasts, Team Domination and Badass Avengers.

What are some Powerful Group Names?

Some powerful group names include: Super Soldiers, The Untouchables, Power House, Fearless Warriors, Titans of Power and The Mightiest Force.

Badass Squad Names

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