Epic Game Names Not Taken Before [ Fortnite, Cool, Sweaty, Tryhard ]

As the gaming obsession is growing, choosing a name for gaming profile is getting more and more difficult. Everyone wants a name that is unique but also strong enough to make opponents nervous. However, it is not as easy as it looks since all of the names you find on internet are either common or taken. Luckily, this article will make your work easier.

100+ Epic Girls Names Not Taken

1- Skull Crusher.

2- Devil’s Right Hand.

3- Chick With Kick.

4- Evil Hunter.

5- Optimal Aces.

6- Insane Killer.

7- Lone Ranger.

8- Known Hunk.

9- Serviceman.

10- Fuzzy Thug.

11- Tom On Cruise.

12- Scar Maker.

13- Blood & Sweats.

14- Final Attacker.

15- Babysitter.

16- Devil’s Chick.

17- Mad Doctor.

18- Witty Officer.

19- Weapons Expert.

20- Hungry Bird.

21- 6 Packs Of Awesomeness.

22- Lone Warrior.

23- Not A Quitter.

24- The Strategist.

25- One Man Army.

26- Hidden Player.

27- Mad Man.

28- Heroic Moves.

29- Evil Mummy.

30- The Mentalist.

31- Trouble Creator.

32- Shadow Monster.

33- Snowman.

34- Straight Outta Asylum.

35- Too Skilled To Kill.

36- The Eliminator.

37- Brutal Ninja.

38- Snipe The Hype.

39- Slaying Queen.

40- Furious Killer.

41- Scary Marksman.

42- Crazy Rider.

43- Demon Striker.

44- Dead Eye.

45- Noob Reaper.

46- Glorious Assassin.

47- Original Gangster.

48- Caged Spider.

49- Legendary Noob.

50- Scar Headed.

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51- The Guardian.

52- Empowered Shooter.

53- Insane Clown.

54- Sleepy Nanny.

55- Floating Angel.

56- Crime Boss.

57- Lazy Monk.

58- Straight Shooter.

59- Notorious Thug.

60- Busy Granny.

61- Fiery Wings.

62- Wise King.

63- Banished Soldier.

64- Mysterious Protector.

65- Brutal Vigilante.

66- Cursed Child.

67- The Hybrid.

68- Grim Reaper.

69- Pro Gunner.

70- Snake Charmer.

71- Bloody Mary.

72- Nightmare.

73- Walking Dead.

74- Snipe Queen.

75- Divine Angel.

76- Sweet Potato.

77- Chill Warrior.

78- Steel Nerves.

79- Acid Attacker.

80- Cutthroat Villain.

81- Dark Warrior.

82- Evil Basher.

83- Wild Thug.

84- Hottie Next Door.

85- Homeless Gunslinger.

86- Running Wild.

87- Something Fishy.

88- Gold Hearted.

89- Golden Warrior.

90- Furious Soul.

91- Evil Boss.

92- Shadow Hunter.

93- Lady Boss.

94- Lurking Evil.

95- Toxic Bubble.

96- Nasty Prince.

97- Invisible Killer.

98- Faulty Mommy.

99- Evil Unicorn.

100- The Phantom.

101- Sniper Show.

102- Little Misery.

103- Wild Monster.

104- Disastrous Pack.

105- Known Butcher.

106- Grumpy Doctor.

107- Wanted Criminal.

108- Shamelessly Arrogant.

109- Furious Turtle.

110- Immortal Soul.

111- Badass Granny.

112- Certified Baddie.

113- Not So Gentle.

114- On Fire.

115- Head Shooter.


Your game name is your identity in the gaming world. It tells others about your skills and interests. It is also a good way to attract fans towards your social media platforms. For your inspiration, we have listed these cool, sweaty and epic game name suggestions. Whether you want an action name that is focused on battles, a girly name to show you are the girl boss or a cool name to show off your creativity, this list is a complete package.

Epic Game Names Not Taken Before | List of Cool, Sweaty, Tryhard Fortnite Untaken Epic Names & Usernames For Your Squad 2022

The listed names will help you to stand out among other players. So, even if you are a newbie, you can still look experienced and scare your enemies using these names. You can inspiration from these names or get creative, read the tips written below and create your own mashup. So, lets get started.

Here are epic game name suggestions to create a solid impression in any game.

Guidelines to Create Your Own Epic Game Names For Your Squad

Create your own epic game name using the following guidelines:

1- Be Creative:

Be creative and think out of the box. One way to get creative is by searching for synonyms of the words that you like. If you want to add a personal touch then you can also add you favorite numbers or symbols.

2- Decide Tone:

Do you want a funny name or a strong one? Deciding a tone will help you to narrow down your list of options. Good thing is there are no rules so you can choose whatever name you like.

3- Use Words Related To Survival:

Ac action game is all about fighting and surviving. Make a list of words that come to your mind when you think about survival in the game-from techniques to weapons, anything you think is essential for your survival. This will give you great inspiration to create a unique name.

4- Take Inspiration From Your Favorite Characters:

You can also take inspiration from your favorite heroes, villains, movies, shows and comics to create epic game name. Use your favorite character’s name and merge it with descriptive words to create a new name.

5- Study The Game You Are Choosing Name For:

The game you are choosing for must be full of terms and phrases that would make epic names. Look for the words that are interesting. Once you find the word, use as it is or combine it with any descriptive word to form a new name.

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Choosing an epic game name is very important in any game to show off your skills and personality though it gets difficult to find a unique name that is fresh since all of the names on internet are taken. Hopefully this article will be of great help in choosing an epic name to create a lasting impression in the game.

Epic Game Names Not Taken

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