Best League of Legends Nicknames [ Funniest, Cool, Summoner ]

League of Legends is a pretty competitive game where everyone is after gold or bonus points. It is a tough game where you have to use smart techniques to have an upper hand on other players. One such way is to use a name that creates an epic impression of your gaming style and personality. If you use a common or dull name then your opponent will just take you as an easy target and he will try to eliminate your first. Obviously you would never want that, right? So, get creative and think out of the box to create epic nicknames.

Best League of Legends Nicknames

Here’s a list of best Lol nicknames suggestions:

1- Red Summer.

2- Hell King.

3- Slayer.

4- Nobody.

5- Psychosocial.

6- Hawt Dawg.

7- Hyperbolic.

8- Jerry Cruise.

9- Reincarnated.

10- Lord Zeus.

11- Swagger.

12- Robot.

13- Shooter.

14- Happy Pal.

15- Mad Racer.

16- Ariana Grenade.

17- Twisted Wings.

18- Glossy.

19- Cotton Candy.

20- Sneaky.

21- Diverse.

22- Noble.

23- Pink Tale.

24- Super Chick.

25- Cloaked.

26- Phantom.

27- Super.

28- Perfecto.

29- Bad Nanny.

30- Ultra Pro Max.

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31- Crowned.

32- Blobman.

33- Error 404.

34- Gummy Bear.

35- Survivalist.

36- Sexy Shooter.

37- Machoman.

38- Mannequin.

39- Monstrous.

40- Raged Baby.

41- Bad Beast.

42- Crazy Gamer.

43- Pro Hunter.

44- LOL Lord.

45- Conqueror.

46- Capturer.

47- Shadow Hunter.

48- Slaughterer.

49- Original Gangster.

50- Real Deal.

51- The Decapitator.

52- Big Mac.

53- The Coolest.

54- Ice Queen.

55- Lone Wolf.

56- The Legend.

57- Sky Lord.

58- Thunderstorm.

59- Doctor Strange.

60- Chill Guy.

61- The Perfectionist.

62- Crazy Clown.

63- The Protector.

64- Aphrodite.

65- Antagonist.

66- Dark Lord.

67- Viper.

68- Cookie Monster.

69- Fortune Teller.

70- Killer Bee.

71- Captain Ginyu.

72- Pendragon.

73- Eraser.

74- Minnie Gangster.

75- Wild John.   

List of Best, Cool, Clever, LOL Summoner League of Legends Names For Your Squad

Whether you want an intimidating nickname to make your opponent nervous or a funny nickname to give other players a good laugh, this list got everything. We have listed 100+ cool, funny and best league of legends names. All these names are unique and not taken. This list also includes league of legends couple nicknames and pro league of legends nicknames so you have countless possibilities to choose from. You can use any name from this list or read the tips below to give any name a creative twist and create your own unique nickname. So, let’s get started.

76- Luck Lady.

77- Señorita.

78- Top Lane Banter.

79- Wild Ninja.

80- Keyboard Killer.

81- Lazy Penguin.

82- Always Ten.

83- Fat Chick.

84- Hairy Cat.

85- AtoZ.

86- Wild Octopus.

87- Immortal.

88- Pure Genius.

89- Evil Planner.

90- Magical Unicorn.

91- Points Collector.

92- Dimple Kid.

93- Star Kid.

94- Victorious.

95- The Best.

96- Wittypedia.

97- Power Aura.

98- Righteous Winner.

99- Mystery Box.

100- Soul Taker.

101- Supersane.

102- Damage Resistant.

103- Missing Priest.

104- Crazy Queen.

105- Mocking Bird.

106- Not A Faker.

107- Scorekeeper.

108- The Charmer.

109- Silent Monk.

110- Destruction Goddess.

111- Smasher.

112- Starry-Eyed.

113- Spirit Walker.

114- Silverwings.

115- Mad King.

Guidelines to Create Your Own Best League of Legends Nicknames

These guidelines will help you to create the best Lol nickname:

1- Use Random Words That You Like:

Any random word that you like can be used to create the best Lol name. You can take inspiration from your ga route movies, books, characters, comics or even the elements in LOL. Just get creative and think out of the box.

2- Use Your Interests:

Everyone has different interests. You can consider your interests and take inspiration from them to create your game name. For example, if you are a pro player than choose a name then describes your gaming skills, if you love music then take inspiration from your favourite lyrics and choose a strong name.

3- Be A Badass:

Your nicknames plays an important role in generating a solid impression. Make sure that your nicknames is badass enough to invoke fear in other players’ mind. You can also use puzzling words to stay distinctive in the game.

4- Use Synonyms:

If you like a certain name but it not perfect for your game name then search for its synonyms. Synonyms are the best way to reflect your desired meaning in a unique style.

5- Use Lol Generator:

You can also use lol generator to get your creative juices flowing. Though most of the names on the generators are common but they will really help you to get creative and create the best nickname.

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Whether you want a strong name to intimidate your opponents or a cool name to show your fun side, this list has everything you are looking for. Pick any nickname from this list and look the best in the game. Honestly, it will be very difficult for other players to ignore you after using these names.

Best League of Legends Nicknames

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