100+ Harry Potter Usernames [ Aesthetic, Clever, Catchy, Slytherin ]

Nowadays, Harry Potter has become a phenomenon in the world of literature. It is a constant source of entertainment for children as well as adults. If you want to create an account on social media then there is no better way to describe your love for harry potter than by choosing a cool harry potter inspired username. There are several communities who have dedicated their time to share harry potter series related information.

Harry Potter Usernames

1- Death Eater.

2- Granger In Danger.

3- Dark Wizard.

4- Auror.

5- Scar Boy.

6- Half-blood Prince.

7- Sneaky Goblin.

8- Anti-venomous.

9- Centaur.

10- Prisoner Of Azkaban.

11- Giant Serpent.

12- Dark Wizard Catcher.

13- Acromantula.

14- Sirius Black.

15- Evil Werewolf.

16- Half-Man, Half-Horse.

17- Dementor.

18- Phoenix.

19- House Elf.

20- Hairy Spider.

21- Night Owl.

22- Fat Lady.

23- Horned Serpent.

24- Red-Haired Lady.

25- Siriusly Ridikulous.

26- Hairy Potter.

27- Muggle.

28- Hogwarts Professor.

29- Parcel Tongue.

30- Mad-Eye Moody.

31- Pure Blood.

32- Lame Weasley.

33- Volt-demort.

34- Magic Minister.

35- Riddle Solver.

36- Harry Troller.

37- Wand Master.

38- Hogwarts Graduate.

39- Blind Wizard.

40- Gray Lady.

41- Snitch.

42- The Sorcerer.

43- Cursed Child.

44- Crazy Muggle.

45- Suspicious Muggle.

46- Draco Malfoy.

47- The Keeper.

48- The Seeker.

49- Mad Warlock.

50- Greatest Wizard.

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51- King Weasley.

52- Bellatrix.

53- Chocolate Frog.

54- Escaped From Azkaban.

55- Potterhead.

56- Ravenclaw.

57- House Cup Winner.

58- Straight Outta Prison.

59- Lovely Hermoine

60- Hairy Hagrid.

61- Flame keeper.

62- Vipertooth.

63- Getting Snitchy.

64- Professor Snape.

65- Dumblewhore.

66- Dumb Bull Door.

67- Mighty Sorcerer.

68- Broom Racer.

69- Picky Potter.

70- Little Dobby.

71- Dark Lord.

72- Queen Granger.

73- Slytherin Heir.

74- The Chosen One.

75- Red Ron.

76- Muggle Smuggle.

77- Pure Blood Magicians.

78- Hermione Ginger.

79- Funny Potter.

80- Fearless Hermione.

81- Bathroom Ghost.

82- Potions Expert.

83- Lamp Gennie.

84- Secret Keeper.

85- From hufflepuff.

86- Dobby Is Free.

87- Slytherin Snake.

88- Wise Hagrid.

89- The High Elf.

90- Tricky Potter.

91- My Bright Scar.

92- So Sirius.

93- Furious Ron.

94- Angry Gargoyles.

95- Anonymous Sorcerer.

96- Ravenclaw’s Queen.

97- Wands Protector.

98- Salazar Slytherin.

99- Dumbledork.

100- PotterArt.

101- Dark Marker.

102- Sleepy Patronus.

103- Blood Bond.

104- Deluminator.

105- Dumblecork.

106- Scorekeeper.

107- The Healer.

108- The Chaser.

109- Magical Historian.

110- Moaning Myrtle.

111- Snitch Journalist.

112- Wander Spirit.

113- Gryffindor Nerd.

114- Hufflepuff Smarties.

115- The Billywig.


There are various fan pages, forums, blogs and social media accounts. If you think that you are the biggest Harry Potter fan who belongs to this world of witchcraft and are looking for username suggestions for your account then this list of 100+ names is going to be of great help.

Harry Potter Username Ideas | Aesthetic, Catchy, Clever, Cute Harry Potter Names for 

In this list we have written Harry Potter username ideas for tumblr, tiktok, snapchat and Instagram. So, whether you are looking for an aesthetic, funny, clever, witty or cute name Harry Potter username suggestions then take a look at this list. These usernames are inspired by the characters, dialogues and favorite scenes from the series. These names will help your social media accounts to get attention. So, without further delay, lets take a look at these awesome username ideas.

Below are some amazing username suggestions for you:

Guidelines to Create Your Own Harry Potter Usernames

All you need is a little inspiration to create your own username. Read the following guidelines to get some inspiration:

1- Take Inspiration From The Series:

Harry Potter is not just one movie. It is a complete series where every volume is equally interesting. You will find so much inspiration in the series. Make a list of your favorite things about the series and then create a username.

2- Use Your Favorite Character:

Whether you love Harry’s braveness, Dumbledore’s leadership or Hermoine’s intelligence, there is a way to show your love for your favorite characters and that is by incorporating them in your username. Use your favorite character’s skills or dialogues and use them in your username creatively. For example, Red Ron, Dumbledore’s Army.

3- Avoid Using Digits:

Do not use digits or symbols in your username. It will just make your username look boring. People might not even bother to read your username. So keep it simple and unique.

4- Read Facts:

Check out Harry Potter facts on internet. Use interesting facts and story lines and merge them in your team name.

5- Merge Names:

You can also give your name a magical touch by combining your name with the fantastic creatures. For example if your name is Emma then you can be Emma Muggle or Emma with Scar. This will make your profile much more interesting.

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It’s always fun being a part of School of witchcraft and using a Harry Potter inspired username. The above listed names reflect leadership, wittiness, resourcefulness, strength and excitement. If they sound like your character then are yours to pick.

Harry Potter Usernames

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