Cleaning Company Names [ Funny, Rude, Headstone, Eco, Italian ]

On daily basis, how many companies do you pass because they fail to create an impression? Many companies try hard to create a good impression in the market but they do not pay attention to the fact that besides good services, they also need a good name. Choosing a good name for cleaning business is the most underestimated thing that people do not pay attention to. Your cleaning business is no different than a clothing brand or a food company. It needs an identity to grab attention of the people.

Cleaning Company Names | Cleaning Names Not Taken

Below are creative and unique cleaning name suggestions:

1- Dust Fighters.

2- Happy With Mops.

3- Revolutionary Cleaners.

4- Filth Haters.

5- Neatness Ultra Pro Max.

6- Clean Tables.

7- Star-shine Maids.

8- Girls With Broomsticks.

9- In Relationship With Brooms.

10- Pro Cleaners.

11- Fresh Vibes.

12- At Your Service.

13- Clean Sweep.

14- Cleaning Purpose.

15- Fresh Scent.

16- Top To Bottom Clean.

17- Fairy Dust.

18- Just Like New.

19- Neat Fairies.

20- We Mean To Clean.

21- Cleanliness On Point.

22- Make It Bright.

23- Shiny Surfaces.

24- Sweet Clean.

25- Crazy Mops.

26- Dirt No More.

27- Maid At Work.

28- Mop & Broom.

29- Clean Chicks.

30- Neat Details.

31- Cleaning Bees.

32- Busy Cleaning.

33- Dirt Busters.

34- Maid At Service.

35- Flowermaids.

36- Neatness Guaranteed.

37- Perfectly Neat.

38- Ever Shine.

39- Non-Stop Dusting.

40- Bye To Dust.

41- Dust Eliminators.

42- Maids In Action.

43- Ultimate Cleaners.

44- Dusty Bunnies.

45- Maid In Manhattan.

46- Magical Broomsticks.

47- Hygienic Dudes.

48- Cleaning Machines.

49- Clean Services.

50- Home Neat Home.

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51- Busy Brooms.

52- Hygienic Services.

53- Polish Boys.

54- The Perfectionists.

55- Mops At Work.

56- Passion For Cleaning.

57- Grooms With Brooms.

58- Organic Cleaners.

59- Happy Cleaning.

60- Maids Magic.

61- Hot Mops.

62- Tidy Troop.

63- We Clean.

64- Sweeping Dust Away.

65- Able Maids.

66- Dip & Dry.

67- Black Dirt Bags.

68- Freshmint.

69- Clean Sweep Services.

70- Cleaning Experts.

71- Bright Cleaners.

72- White Gloves At Work.

73- Cleaned To Perfection.

74- Extreme Clean.

75- No Spots Found.

76- The Neat Squad.

77- Cleanliness Heroes.

78- Maxbar Force.

79- We Shine.

80- No Harmful Chemicals.

81- Cleanliness Legends.

82- Sweeping Partners.

83- Mighty Cleaners.

84- Neat Detail.

85- Tidy Buddies.

86- Tiptop Cleanliness.

87- Clean Earth.

88- Clean Touch.

89- Magic Cleaners.

90- Sweep Time.

91- Cleaning Wizards.

92- Neat n Clean.

93- Heaven Scent Cleaners.

94- Neatness Knights.

95- Neat Vibes Only.

96- Mission Cleanliness.

97- Quality Guaranteed.

98- Cleanliness Freaks.

99- Friendly Clean.

100- Angelic Neatness.

101- Grease Eliminators.

102- Bliss Neatness.

103- Keeping Up With The Cleaners.

104- Maids From Heaven.

105- Pixie Dust Cleaners.

106- 50 Shades Of Cleanliness.

107- Cleanliness With Love.

108- No To Grease.

109- Clean n Clear.

110- Cleaned Thoroughly.

111- Mean To Dust.

112- Girls With Buckets.

113- Maids To Your Rescue.

114- Lust For Dust.

115- The Clean Club.

Cleaning Company Name Ideas | List of Creative, Funny, Bold, Italian, Eco Company Names not taken 

Nowadays, there is a lot of competition in the cleaning industry so if you want to look the best in this business then you need an outstanding name-a name that is unique and not a copy of other businesses. Your cleaning business name should be short, punchy and easy to remember. It should clearly tell the services that you are offering. 

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For your inspiration, we have listed 100+ unique names for cleaning products, eco cleaning names and cleaning service names. If you are thinking of starting a setup with your mother or daughter then you will also find unique mother daughter cleaning business names that will help you to create a good impression. If you love to do experiments and want to go for a humorous name then this list includes some funny cleaning names suggestions for you too. So let’s dive in.

Guidelines to Create Cleaning Company Names

Read the following guidelines to create a name no one has ever taken.

1- Choose Relevant Words:

Choose words that are relevant to products and the services you are offering. Don’t go out of the zone while creating a name otherwise your clients will get confused to figure out what are your actual services.

2- Experiment With Words:

Using puns is the best way to create a funny and creative cleaning name. In fact people like unique things and if your name is fun enough to make people smile then they will definitely trust you with the job.

3- Keep It Professional:

Your goal is to satisfy customers so choose a name that customers feel good about. Keep it professional to show people how good you are at your work. You are doing a good thing by keeping the environment clean so make sure that your name reflects that.

4- Use Descriptive Words:

Use words that briefly describe your products and services. Make a list of words that come to your mind when you think about word ‘cleaning’ like wash, tidy, neatness, polish and dusting. You can merge these words with other words like your specialty or location and create a creative name.

5- Easy To Pronounce:

Make sure that the name you are choosing is easy to remember. People usually remember easy things and don’t even bother to consider the companies with complicated names. Right now your aim should be to create a word that is easy to spell so that it gets easier for customers to search you on online search engines.


A good cleaning name is what clearly defines your products, services and your company values. Your name has the power to create a good impact in customers’ minds. We have tried to come up with best and creative suggestions that will attract customers and make your business a success. Hopefully you will find them perfect for your team. Feel free to finalize any name because all of them are new and creative.

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