77+ Mercenary Group Names [ Badass, Sci Fi, dnd, Medieval ]

For centuries, people have preferred to hire private soldiers to fight their battles. It is the oldest profession known to man. If you are a mercenary shooter then you definitely understand how big of a deal it is. There are different groups of mercenaries. Some fight for justice while some fight for money. Whatever your group’s motive is, you cannot make an impact on others if you do not have a group name. Your name is your first impression on clients. They will never hire you if you fail to create a strong impression.

Mercenary Group Names | List of Cool, Battletech, Historical, Badass Mercenary Squad Names

After taking inspiration from medieval, battletech and historical mercenary group names, we have listed 77 badass mercenary group names for you. So feel free to pick any name that you like or take inspiration to create a cool mercenary group name. Here is the list of fierce and unique mercenary group name suggestions:

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Mercenary Group Names

1- Wanted.

2- Blacklisted.

3- Justice Bringers.

4- Black Sword Brotherhood.

5- The Resistant Forces.

6- Blood Bros.

7- Adamant.

8- Elite Forces.

9- Motive Of Justice.

10- Army Of Undead.

11- Violence Freelancers.

12- The Lawbreakers.

13- Crazy Matrix.

14- Jackal Tribe.

15- We Always Slay.

BattleTech Mercenary Group Names

16- Rebels Nation.

17- Highly Reputable.

18- Power Rush.

19- Sword Soldiers.

20- Steel Shadows.

21- Iron Fists.

22- Black Mountain Gang.

23- Daredevils.

24- Money Grabbers.

25- Spear Lords.

26- Black Belts.

27- Undead Tribe.

28- Mad Kings.

29- Kills With Bills.

30- Eyes On Target.

31- Killing Spree.

32- Money Makers.

Medieval Historical Mercenary Company Names

33- Head Shooters.

34- Worthy Opponents.

35- Levelled Up.

36- Backstreet Criminals.

37- Money Lust.

38- No Mercy.

39- Gunslingers United.

40- Criminal Minds.

41- Murder Planners.

42- Serving Justice.

43- One Shot Wonders.

44- We Never Forget.

45- No Remorse.

46- Always In Action.

47- One Bullet Magic.

48- Head Hunters.

49- Unforgiving Soldiers.

50- For Justice.

51- The Professors.

Cool Sci Mercenary Group Names

52- Skilled At Killing.

53- We Never Miss.

54- Armed 24/7.

55- Soldiers At Service.

56- The Survivalists.

57- Trained Shooters.

58- Eyes On Money.

59- Masters Of Guns.

60- Wanted Gang.

61- Wild Tribe.

62- Murderous Instincts.

63- Blood Money.

64- Wolves On Hunt.

65- Killing Masterminds.

66- Sharp Blades.

67- No One Gets Out Alive.

68- Silent Hunt.

69- Unforgiving Warriors.

70- Lone Rangers.

71- Law Enforcing Squad.

72- Alpha Tribe.

73- Dime Forces.

74- Undying Heroes.

75- Battlestars.

76- Uprising Knights.

77- The Loyal Forces.

Guidelines to Create Mercenary Group Names

Your group name should reflect your skills, experience and personality. Your client should feel comfortable hiring your team. No one is going to notice your group if you do not have an extraordinary name. Our list includes names based on all these factors so there are so many options for you to choose from regardless of whether you want a slaying name or a chaotic name. The following guidelines will help you to create strong and fearless mercenary group names:

1- Take Inspiration From Movies:

If you are a fan of action movies and comics then you must be aware of the term ‘mercenary’. You must have seen a lot of mercenary shooters in movies too so, for starters, taking inspiration from action movies, books and comics is the best way to get plenty of unique ideas.

2- Search For Synonyms:

Doing a search about about mercenary shooters will give you so many unique ideas. Also, if you search for the synonyms of mercenary, you will see a lot of options that you can use and give a unique spin to your group name.

3- Make A List Of Words You Have In Your Mind:

Make a list of words that come to your mind when your think about mercenary shooters and mercenary training. For example, when we think about mercenary shooters, words like strength, money, merciless, influential and intimidation come to our mind. If you also have some phrases in mind then make a list of those words. Once you make a list, it will get easy for you to find a right fit for your team.

4- Create Acronyms:

You can also create something unique and new by creating acronyms. All you have to do is use the initials of your team members and keep arranging the letters until you create an ideal acronym for your mercenary group.

5- Take Feedback:

Once you are deciding, ask your group members to give feedback. Sometimes the name that looks good does not sound good when said aloud. So make sure to take feedback from your team members since your name is your impression and you cannot rake risk.


Mercenaries are professional soldiers so choosing a name for your mercenary group is a big deal. You cannot just just go with anything that comes to your mind. We believe our list includes everything that you want in you ideal mercenary group name. These names will surely help to convey your skills, personality and experiences.

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