100+ New K Pop Girl Group Names [ 2020,2021,2022]

K-pop has literally taken the world by storm. You might have seen many popular K-pop boy groups who are always in the headlines like BTS, 2am or EXO. The reason behind their fame is their music and their extraordinary group names. If you also have a girl group that is super talented and you want to create a good impression in the music world then the first thing you need is a good group name. There are many K-pop girl groups but you can stand out among them and steal the limelight by choosing a good name.

New KPOP Girl Group Names | List of New KPOP Groups, Girl Group Big hit Entertainment 

After taking inspiration from k-pop bands and k-pop group name generator, we have listed 100+ unique k-pop girl group names, aesthetic k-pop and badass girl group names kpop that will help you to take your group to new heights and create a lasting impact. We have also listed kpop group name ideas with meanings for your ease so it will be easy for you to find a name that you can relate your girl group with.

Hopefully these k-pop group names will help you to get everyone’s attention. So let’s get started because it is high time that you girls take over the K-pop world. Below is a list of epic and unique Kpop girl group names:

1- Dreamchasers.

2- Tiara Girls.

3- 5 Minutes.

4- Gen Z.

5- Dirty Little Secrets.

6- Backstreet Girls.

7- 12 O’clock.

8- Pentagram.

9- Lady Bosses.

10- Sweet Touch.

11- Obsession.

12- Good Vibes.

13- Lasting Glow.

14- Girlfriends.

15- Cherry Girls.

16- Sweet Bubbles.

17- Lovelies.

18- Lullabies.

19- Miss Worlds.

20- 4 Muses.

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21- Teddy Bears.

22- Love Punch.

23- A Trip To Spring.

24- Tren.D Setters.

25- 17 & Lovely.

26- C-real Chillers.

27- Tsunami.

28- K Kraze.

29- Hot Berries.

30- Sw33T Love.

31- Hashtag Love.

32- Chick Clique.

33- Expensive Girls.

34- Angelic Choirs.

35- SeeYa Again.

36- Straight To Heart.

37- Country Ladies.

38- Sweet Notes.

39- Not Basic.

40- Alive.

41- Old School Girls.

42- Tune In For Love.

43- The Hosts.

44- The Handmaidens.

45- Paradise.

46- Clean Sweepers.

47- The Call.

48- Steel Hearts.

49- See The Demons.

50- The Parasites.

51- Sweet & Sour.

52- Sound Of Love.

53- Girls From Nowhere.

54- Part Time Idols.

55- Music Thirst.

56- 21st Century Girls.

57- A Tale Of Sisters.

58- High Maintenances.

59- Sassy Girls.

60- The Wanderers.

61- Lips At Service.

62- Girls’ Code.

63- XoXo.

64- Love Bullets.

65- The Rebels.

66- 5 Dolls.

67- Girls Revolution.

68- Best Xpress.

69- Flower Girls.

70- High Society.

71- Ten Eyes.

72- P.O.P Surprise.

73- Heart To Heart.

74- Nonrefundable.

75- Alwayz EXtraordinary.

76- Melody Goddesses.

77- Magic Touch.

78- Orange Pink.

79- Pink Bunnies.

80- Lost Girls.

81- We Are One.

82- One Way.

83- Black Swans.

84- Brown Eyed Beauties.

85- Five Rockstars.

86- Dream Notes.

87- K-Kittens.

88- Popcorn.

89- Beat Lovers.

90- Black Velvet.

91- Sweet Sixteen.

92- Wondrous Girls.

93- Today & Tomorrow.

94- Icons.

95- Power House.

96- Oh My Gorg.

97- Pop & Rock.

98- The Vibe.

99- Lady Rockers.

100- Black Pink Magic.

101- Wanted.

102- Love Alarm.

103- Secret Obsession.

104- H2H: Here To Heart.

105- Into Beat.

106- Heart Stoppers.

107- Too Delicate.

108- Little Women.

109- The Call.

110- Cool Vibe.

111- Rhythm Flow.

112- Excuse Us.

113- Half Time.

114- Pink Magic.

115- Charlie’s Angels.

Guidelines to Create KPOP Girl Group Names

The following guidelines will help you to create unique Kpop girl group names:

1- Choose Your Concept:

You might have seen that every Kpop group has a different style like retro, supernatural, classic or futuristic. This concept helps them to get noticed and gain followers. So you need to decide a cool concept for your group and then choose a name that reflects your concept.

2- Brainstorm Ideas:

Kpop groups like BTS, GOT7, EXO or ITZY do not have random names. There is a deep logic behind these names. For example, BTS stands for Bulletproof Boy Scouts, GOT7 means seven lucky people come together. So all you need is some inspiration to create a deep and logical name. You can take inspiration from your surrounding. Think about your group members, their likes/dislikes or their interests to create a unique Kpop group name. This will help you to brainstorm many unique ideas.

3- Make Acronyms:

Most of the Kpop group names you see on internet are made with acronym because it is a good way to make your name interesting and attractive. An acronym with an outstanding meaning is surely going to make your group stand out among other groups. Just make sure your name is relevant and precise. For example, BTOB. It stands for Born to Beat.

4- Choose A Relevant Name:

Your name tells a lot about your group members’ personality. It helps you to connect with your fans deeply. So whatever you choose just make sure that your name aligns with your concept. Let’s take example of Kpop group called 2am. The concept behind this name is that 2am is consider as the time where people connect with themselves the most.

5- Show Your Girl Power:

Since you are choosing a name for your girl group, you should choose a name that shows your girl power. Choose words that show your strength and passion for music.

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Though majority Kpop groups have marketing teams that help them to choose a perfect name but now you have a place you can count on for best name suggestions. You do not have to choose a meaning with deep or complicated meaning-just be yourself and choose any name that sounds good to you. Hopefully the above listed suggestions will inspire you to find a perfect name for your Kpop girl gang.

New KPOP Girl Group Names

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