100+ Badass Military Squad Names [ Cool & Funny Military Units ]

Choosing a badass name is not a bad thing. A badass names shows that your group does what needs to be done and knows how to accomplish their goals. So, choosing a badass military squad name is a good way to show your strength and attitude. It shows that your squad is aware of their responsibilities and they are not afraid to fight for what is right. Our list includes plenty of badass name suggestions that will inspire your squad to achieved the desired objectives.

Badass Military Squad Names | List of Cool, Funny, Creative, Badass Military Squad, Units, Platoon Names

For your inspiration, we have listed 100+ badass squad names and badass army platoon names that are full of attitude and they kick butt in every sense. We have also listed cool military unit names to create a strong and badass impression on your opponents. However if you think that the best trait of your squad is their humor and want to show it in your name then do consider the funny military squad names too in this list. 

All these names are badass in every term and they will help you to create fear in your enemies’ mind. So take a look and give your squad a badass name to create a strong impact on everyone. Below is a list of badass military squad name suggestions:

1- Deadly Stalkers.

2- Unforgiving Soldiers.

3- Blood-slayers.

4- Veteran Gladiators.

5- The Punishers.

6- Explosive Shots.

7- Flaming Shadows.

8- War Boys.

9- Compound Savages.

10- Chaos Makers.

11- Battle Masterminds.

12- Head-Knockers.

13- Iron Heart.

14- Worst Nightmare.

15- The Butchers.

16- Battlefield Immortals.

17- Black Shadows.

18- Scarred Heroes.

19- Mad Kings.

20- No Mercy.

21- Jungle Giants.

22- Aggressive Forces.

23- Explosive Bullets.

24- Always Armed.

25- Deadly Fires.

26- Furious Fists.

27- Twisted Killers.

28- Bullet Proof Forces.

29- Sniper Experts.

30- Cold-blooded Troopers.

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31- Unforgiving Terminators.

32- Homocidal Soldiers.

33- Straight Shooters.

34- Evil Shots.

35- Sniper Legends.

36- Daredevils.

37- Venomous Shots.

38- Slayers.

39- Daring & Diving.

40- Outlaw Kings.

41- The Secret Soldiers.

42- Unbroken.

43- Inglorious Basterds.

44- Fighting Beasts.

45- The Expendables.

46- Wonderful Men.

47- Braveheart.

48- Metal Jackets.

49- Military Brothers.

50- Legends Of Fall.

51- Sniper Lords.

52- The Survivors.

53- Great Escapers.

54- Daring Eagles.

55- Men With Iron Heart.

56- Company Of Heroes.

57- Unbeatable.

58- Shadow Hunters.

59- Head Shooters.

60- Nation Heroes.

61- Power Of One.

62- Top Shooters.

63- One Unit.

64- Bone Breakers.

65- Obstacle Crushers.

66- Path Makers.

67- Raging Bullets.

68- Defensive Unit.

69- The Wreckers.

70- Promising Goals.

71- Full Proof Security.

72- The Protectors.

73- Merciless Shooters.

74- Life Savers.

75- Hitmen.

76- Law Enforcers.

77- Spice Factory.

78- Rising Warriors.

79- Military Legends.

80- Always In Action.

81- Military Eagles.

82- Team Alpha.

83- Killer Bees.

84- Hot Shots.

85- Super Beings.

86- Pro Shooters.

87- Terrorisers.

88- Beard Battalion.

89- Fire Crackers.

90- Hyped Up.

91- Battle Warriors.

92- Killing Spree.

93- Bounty Hunters.

94- Shoot On Sight.

95- Dead Shots.

96- Black Force.

97- Brute Forces.

98- Shooting Waves.

99- Your Safety, Our Priority.

100- Wise Soldiers.

101- Battle Men.

102- Fire Born.

103- Overtakers.

104- Justice Defenders.

105- We Don’t Forgive.

106- Death Stalkers.

107- Noble Protectors.

108- Wicked Warriors.

109- Spears Of Strength.

110- Annihilators.

111- Nation Guards.

112- Psychotic Killers.

113- Victorious Shadows.

114- Dangerous Shots.

115- Death Angels.

Guidelines to Create Badass Military Squad Names

The following guidelines will help you to create a badass squad name:

1- Use Words That Convey Strength:

Your military squad name should be badass and strong enough to intimidate your opponents. Make a list of words that convert strength and courage. For example, The Victorious, Vanquishers or Dominators.

2- Think About The Uncommon Facts Of Military:

Read about military history or interesting information related to battles and military operations. This is the best way to create a unique name. You can either use a single term or combine various terms. You can also add your favourite number, weapon or style to give a more personal touch to your name.

3- Take Inspiration From Military Branches & Operations:

Take inspiration from general military terms that you know. You must know a lot of military terms and operations that you have experienced. Use that terminology to create a unique name.

4- Think About Your Squad’s Purpose:

Think about your squad. For example, How they fight? Are they aggressive or cunning? Are they best strategists? Think about your squad’s fighting style and then generate a name that reflects that.

5- Take Suggestions From Your Squad:

Strong teamwork is very important in military groups. If you want to enhance unity and bonding in your squad then make sure to include your team members in this process too. Ask each individual to submit a name and then finalize the one that gets maximum votes.

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If your opponents do not fear you that means your squad name is not right. A badass military squad name reflects the strength and course of your squad or military unit. It helps you to intimidate your opponents. Hopefully the above listed suggestions will inspire you to choose a badass name to create fear your enemies’ hearts.

Badass Military Squad Names

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