100+ Aesthetic Harry Potter Usernames [ Cute, Rare, Ravenclaw ]

An aesthetic username means anything that you like. It can be your favorite food or your favorite movie too. Choosing a username is very important. It is your first impression on people who visit your profile. Therefore, it is important that you choose a name that represents you or your interests. Now if you are into fictional novels especially Harry Potter then you can never go wrong with an aesthetic Harry Potter username.

Aesthetic Harry Potter Usernames

For your inspiration, we have listed 100+ aesthetic harry potter usernames that are perfect for Titktok, tumblr, Instagram and Roblox. These are unique and rare harry potter usernames so you do not have to worry about the thing that they might be taken. Feel free to use any magical word that you like. However, if you like to create your own aesthetic username then checkout the guidelines below this list for some creative ideas. 

Below are aesthetic Harry Potter username suggestions:

1- Real Potter.

2- Harry Art.

3- Decent Draco.

4- Wand Maker.

5- Magic In Air.

6- Hogwarts Topper.

7- Slytherin’s Pride.

8- Straight From Platform 9.75.

9- Harry’s Owl.

10- Harry’s Life.

11- Leaky Cauldron.

12- Dementor’s Revenge.

13- Ruler Of Magical Worlds.

14- Tom Bidder.

15- Choco Frog.

16- Pure Blood Prince.

17- Fat Lady Cravings.

18- Wild Bellatrix.

19- Potter Coaster.

20- Tom Cuddle.

21- Hufflepuff’s Princess.

22- Bitchy Malfoy.

23- Magic Born.

24- Deadly Scars.

25- Slytherin’s Serpent.

26- Elves’ Leader.

27- Expecto Sexum.

28- Mommy Weasley.

29- I’m A Snitch.

30- Azkaban Guard.

31- Rise Of Phoenix.

32- House Elf At Service.

33- Dark Hallow.

34- Sneaky Ron.

35- Slytherin’s Bright Student.

36- Lucky Charm.

37- Magic Seeker.

38- Winged Horse.

39- The Speedy Crabs.

40- Heir Of Slytherin.

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41- Winner Of Housecup.

42- Longhorn.

43- Magic Seeker.

44- Goblet Of Fire.

45- Wand Keeper.

46- Cursed Child.

47- Potter Charm.

48- Mean Potter.

49- Lord Harry.

50- Golden Wizard.

51- Scarred Boy.

52- Nose Surgeon.

53- Witty Gut.

54- For Fawke’s Sake.

55- Dumberdork.

56- The Grey Lady.

57- Wise Brother.

58- Mackled Goblin.

59- Lord Of All Evil.

60- Headless Nick.

61- Harry’s Tale.

62- My Scar Story.

63- Granger Knock.

64- From House Gryffindor.

65- Azkaban Prisoner.

66- Mad Eye.

67- Lord Of Serpents.

68- Hogwart’s Healer.

69- Scary Granger.

70- Mighty Magician.

71- Snuffle Harry.

72- Harry’s Wheezy.

73- Golden Snitch Seeker.

74- Sneaky Snape.

75- Parselmouth.

76- Thundergod.

77- Half Blood.

78- Leviosa Charm.

79- Bellatrix Lestrange.

80- Pride Of Hogwarts.

81- Solid Magician.

82- GWOAT: Greatest Wizard Of All Times.

83- Hermione Ranger.

84- Ghost Of Hogwarts.

85- The Healer.

86- Potter World.

87- Dark Magic Professor.

88- Pretty Muggle.

89- Banished Wizard.

90- Fantastic Beast.

91- Minister Of Magic.

92- Hagrid On Diet.

93- Dumblewhore.

94- Hunting Gargoyles.

95- Slim Hagrid.

96- Restless Dementor.

97- Fire Monster.

98- Charming Wizard.

99- Mad Warlock.

100- The Imperius.

101- Master Of Magic.

102- Smart Ginny.

103- The Chosen One.

104- Furry Potter.

105- Lame Weasley.

106- Hogwart’s Nerd.

107- Harry’s Owl.

108- Slytherin Snake.

109- Long-Haired Pillock.

110- Alohomora.

111- Snuffles.

112- Honeyduke.

113- Moonstruck.

114- Hogwarts Alumni.

115- Padfoot.

Guidelines to Create Aesthetic Harry Potter Usernames

It is the best way to show your love for the series and bring some magic on your profile. You might not get an acceptance letter from Hogwarts but choosing an aesthetic username will definitely make your profile stand out among others. It will also make your profile attractive and appealing. After all who would not like to follow a profile with a name Potterhead or Hermione Danger? Create an aesthetic Harry Potter name using the following guidelines:

1- Choose A Name After Your Favorite Character:

Take your favorite character’s name and merge it with an aesthetic or cool descriptive word. For example, Malfoy’s Manners, Dumbledore’s Favorite Student etc.

2- Turn Your Favorite Harry Potter Character’s Name Into Acronym:

Take your favorite character’s first name and assign a unique word to each letter. For example, RON could be Rise Of Nerd. This is just an example. You can be as creative as you want.

3- Use Harry Potter Facts:

You can also use interesting facts about Harry Potter and use them to create your name. You can take inspiration from Harry Potter itself or it’s characters or famous movie quotes. If the phrase you like is too long then get creative a find a unique way to narrow the phrase down to a simple and small name.

4- Use Words That Come To Your Mind When You Think About Harry Potter:

All of us have known Harry Potter since childhood. Try to use terms that encompass everything you like about Harry Potter like wizards or magic. Start with a few and then search for their synonyms too. This will help you to get plenty of unique ideas.

5- Think About Your Favorite Scenes:

Use can also create an aesthetic name using terms that describe what happened in your favorite scenes. It can be any iconic scene, quote, phrase or even locations. Try to narrow it down to a single word so that your name stays cool.

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If you love Harry Potter as much as we do then you are definitely going to love the names listed above. These names are a good way to show your love for the series. So what are you waiting for? Just finalize the name and make an epic impression in the world of witchcraft.

Aesthetic harry potter usernames

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