100+ Cool Roblox Names [ Funny, Rare, Cute, Aesthetic ]

Roblox is the only popular and epic game that allows players to create their own games and bring imaginations to life. It has such an easy interface that even kids can easily understand. Its epic features are creative enough to keep kids as well as adults engaged. Considering the popularity of Roblox, it is obvious that you must be having difficult in finding a cool name since all the unique names are already taken. That is why, we have written this article to help you in choosing the coolest name. We have written lots of techniques in this article that will help you in brainstorming coolest ideas.

Cool Roblox Names

We have added something for every age group so whatever your preference is, you will find it here. You will find cool roblox names for baddies, cool girl roblox names, cool emo roblox names and cool japanese name here. If you want a short 3 or 4 letter roblox name then you find those too. So, without any delay, let’s get started because this list is full of creative options.

Here is a list of coolest Roblox name suggestions:

1- Night Rider.

2- Robo Cop.

3- Lord Zeus.

4- Anonymous Warrior.

5- Couch Potato.

6- School Dropout.

7- Wacky Winner.

8- Hopeless Romantic.

9- Lone Ranger.

10- Precious Pearl.

11- Cotton Candy.

12- Little Kitty.

13- Happy Jock.

14- Charming Guy.

15- Hot Dog.

16- Wild Stallion.

17- Sweet Tooth.

18- Peachy Pumpkin.

19- Summer Queen.

20- Killer Frost.

21- Moonlight Dancer.

22- Lego Lord.

23- Geeky Girl.

24- Nerdy Chick.

25- Crimson Lover.

26- Pink Posse.

27- Not An Average Chick.

28- Cheer Queen.

29- Marshmallow.

30- Red Bug.

31- Blooming Angel.

32- Popsicle Queen.

33- Alice In Wonderland.

34- Angel Of Death.

35- Finding Burrito.

36- Sugar Mommy.

37- Fancy Petal.

38- Sweet Beaver.

39- Exotic Cherry.

40- Indecent Granny.

41- Little Bunny.

42- Candy Cane.

43- Clumsy Cupid.

44- Battle Queen.

45- Hyperenergetic.

46- Clever Chick.

47- Honey Blossom.

48- Sweet Pea.

49- Rhinoserious.

50- Sweet Piglet.

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51- Icy Lolly.

52- Peace Dove.

53- Noisy Chick.

54- Rose Petal.

55- Rainbow Girl.

56- Space Walker.

57- Bag Of Disaster.

58- Fast n Furious.

59- Rebellious Nick.

60- Super Chick.

61- Sun Born.

62- Grumpy Granny.

63- Girl With Balls.

64- Moon Child.

65- Charming Chick.

66- Bubblegum.

67- Dead Pool.

68- Demon In Disguise.

69- Lost Baby Girl.

70- Complex Slayer.

71- Mighty Goblin.

72- Prison Escape.

73- Backbencher.

74- Rude Chick.

75- Hairy Poppins.

List of Cool Roblox Names | Good, Funny, Untaken, Aesthetic, Cute Roblox Names for Boys & Girls 2022

Your game name is the first thing that can make your break your gaming experience. A cool-sounding name is very important especially if you want to make your presence noticeable. It helps you to grab attention of other players and start friendship with new people.
For your inspiration, we have listed 100+ cute, funny, girl preppy, and aesthetic roblox usernames that will help you to show your personality in a creative manner.

76- Living Nightmare.

77- Epic Joker.

78- Super Saviour.

79- Beat Master.

80- Always Cool.

81- Fearless Queen.

82- Cool Breeze.

83- Angry Monk.

84- Dangerous Samurai.

85- Danger Woman.

86- Badass Blondie.

87- Blondie Babe.

88- Brave Ninja.

89- Little Elf.

90- Roblox Champ.

91- The Godfather.

92- Not A Noob.

93- Game Master.

94- Massive Effect.

95- Winter Queen.

96- Sarcasm Queen.

97- Gentleman.

98- Dark Matter.

99- Spicy Fairy.

100- Little Bee.

101- Cuddly Bear.

102- I Love Hugs.

103- Wandering Monster.

104- Watchman.

105- Habitual Winner.

106- Slaying Goddess.

107- Crazy Killer.

108- Mr. Hugsy.

109- Headhunter.

110- Awesome Blossom.

111- Cooler Than You.

112- Couch King.

113- Desperate Winner.

114- Valiant Force.

115- Alpha Queen.

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Guidelines to Create Your Own Cool Roblox Names

The following guidelines will help you to create a cool Roblox name:

1- Decide How You Want To Look As A Player:

Firstly you need to decide how you want to look as a player. Do you want to look like a casual gamer who just needs to chill and have fun or do you want to look like a strong player who just wants big win? This will help you to narrow down your choices.

2- Choose A Relevant Name:

You name should be unique, memorable and easy to pronounce. It should also fit well with the Roblox theme. Do not go for words that has nothing to do with your gaming style or game theme.

3- Choose Descriptive Words:

Good thing about Roblox is that it allows you to choose a name at least 50 characters long so you have the chance to choose a name that describe your gaming style or interests. For example, choosing a name like ‘fighter’ will help you to attract players interested in this group.

4- Be Creative:

Be as creative as you can. Take inspiration from the above listed names and create your own. You can merge epic words or changes spellings to create your own unique name.

5- Check Your List Again:

Once you are done writing all the options, look at them individually. Remove the ones that you dislike and mark the ones that you like the most. After that, pick the one that stands out among other names.


Your Roblox name is the most important thing that reflects how good you are in the game. It is something that other players will remember for a long time so make sure that your name stays the coolest among others. Hopefully now you have some great ideas to choose your Roblox name.

Cool Roblox Names

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