100+ Slytherin Usernames & Nicknames Listed-2023

Slytherin is one of the four houses of Hogwarts. Slytherins are known for being ambitious, self-aware, cunning and resourceful. Though Slytherins have a bad reputation in the series because of their evilness but honestly, we believe they are not as evil as people think. If you also consider Slytherins as the strongest beings and take pride in Slytherin house then this list is for you.

Slytherin Usernames | Slytherin Nickname Ideas for Your Squad

For your inspiration, we have listed 100+ Slytherin aesthetic usernames, Harry Potter Slytherin usernames and creative Slytherin names that will help you to stand out among other HP fans. So, if you feel like a true Slytherin then this list is the best way to show off your fandom on social media. These names will also help you to connect with other Harry Potter fans and share your fan theories. Without any delay, let’s get started and show everyone who is the the heir of Slytherin.

Here are unique and best Slytherin username suggestions:

1- Slytherin Soul.

2- Bella Tricks.

3- Malfoy’s Twin.

4- Free Dobby.

5- Dark Cloud.

6- Riddle Princess.

7- Bella Slips.

8- Voldemort Moldy.

9- Potterhead.

10- Slytherin Prince.

11- Dark Arts Professor.

12- Wild Sorcerer.

13- Winner Of House Cup.

14- Dark Lord.

15- Key Keeper.

16- Deathly Hallow.

17- Wand Wizard.

18- Happy Harry.

19- Dolores Umbridge.

20- Lazy Gargoyle.

21- Snitch Seeker.

22- Gymphadora.

23- Ariana Granger m.

24- House Elf.

25- Muggle Snitch.

26- Moody Filch.

27- Wizard Harry.

28- Slytherin’s Heir.

29- Severus Snake.

30- Salazar Slytherin.

31- Dumble Score.

32- Singing Fat Lady.

33- Lock In My Hart.

34- Pureblood.

35- Dancing Spider.

36- Azkaban Prisoner.

37- Blood Prince.

38- A Keeper.

39- Lonely Dementor.

40- Helgapuff.

41- Underrated Ron.

42- Hogwarts Pride.

43- Siriusly Black.

44- Harry For Life.

45- Chill Muggle.

46- Queen Lily.

47- Choco Frog Lover.

48- Getting Snitchy.

49- Buckbeak.

50- Voldy Gone Goldy.

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51- Soul Collector.

52- Dumberdork.

53- Busy Snape.

54- Hogwarts Topper.

55- Wizard Catcher.

56- For Fawke’s Sake.

57- Hermione Pringle.

58- Severe Snape.

59- Potter World.

60- Sneaky Malfoy.

61- Wand Seeker.

62- Dark Wizard.

63- Crazy Tom.

64- Ginny In A Bottle.

65- Dumblebee.

66- Furious Potter.

67- Dead Sirius.

68- Magic Master.

69- Certified Wizard.

70- Pretty Percy.

71- Harry Looter.

72- Deadly Dursley.

73- Salazar Reincarnation.

74- Badass Bellatrix.

75- Silver Fawkes.

76- Dumbledope.

77- Hogwart’s Headmaster.

78- Rumbledore.

79- Strongest Wizard.

80- Little Phoenix.

81- Dementors Chaser.

82- Deluminator.

83- Teacher Of Dark Arts.

84- Dungbomb.

85- Trophy Seeker.

86- Scary Boggart.

87- Alchemy Professor.

88- Centaur.

89- Professor Sprout.

90- Lame Poltergeist.

91- Parslemouth.

92- The Keeper.

93- One Eyed Witch.

94- Obliviator.

95- High Inquisitor.

96- True Salazar Descendant.

97- Hogwart’s Healer.

98- Nearly Headless Nick.

99- Headboy.

100- Firebolt.

101- Holyhead Harpie.

102- Giant Slayer.

103- Granger Danger.

104- Fire-Eater.

105- Dragonblood.

106- Chief Warlock.

107- Time Turner.

108- Score Snatcher.

109- Lovegood.

110- Daydream Charmer.

111- Witty Beyond Measure.

112- Mighty Magician.

113- Sleeping Dragon.

114- Griff Pride.

115- Scar Headed.

Guidelines to Create Slytherin Usernames

Slytherin is most underrated and misunderstood house in Harry Potter but you can change this concept by choosing a cool and best username. Choosing a Slytherin username is the best way to create a strong impression on others. It shows that you are a hardworking person who desires success. The following guidelines will help you to create a Slytherin username:

1- Take Inspiration From Harry Potter Universe:

Harry Potter includes so many iconic scenes, dialogues, characters and spells that you do not need inspiration from any other place. Make a list of words that come to your mind when you reminisce your favorite scenes. This will give so many unique ideas to create your Slytherin name.

2- Choose Strong Words:

The Slytherins are sometimes known to be evil because of the fact that sinister wizards have been associated with this house. So if you are choosing a Slytherin username then your name should be cunning, ambitious and resourceful. It should represent the traits associated with the Slytherin house.

3- Think About Slytherin Members:

If you notice you will see that all the strongest wizards like Severus Snape, Salazar Slytherin, Albus Severus Potter, Merlin belonged to Slytherin house. You can take inspiration from these characters to create a Slytherin username. Use their spells, dialogues, traits and merge them in your username creatively.

4- Facts About Slytherin House:

Search about the facts, colors, history and motto of Slytherin house. Read how it was formed and who formed it. Read interesting facts about Slytherin house history. This will give many unique and creative ideas to create a Slytherin username.

5- Try Name Generator:

If you are still out of ideas then you can check online Slytherin name generator. It will give you so many options to take inspiration from. You can also choose names from above list and give them your own spin.

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Slytherin’s are known for being ambitious, cunning, resourceful, powerful. So choosing a Slytherin username is a good way to create a strong and lasting impression. If you also prize Slytherin’s values then you will surely love the name listed above. So finalize a name now and show everyone that you are a true Potterhead.

Slytherin Username Ideas

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